Snyder's The Battle

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Just trying my hand at a short story hope you enjoy. May put out more if I get good reviews.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Snyder's The Battle

Submitted: November 01, 2008

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Submitted: November 01, 2008



The Battle

Luke and Simar made their way down the hill toward the village. Night was closing upon them and they needed a place to stay so they could recover from the days travels. Once their horses were stabled, they made their way toward the inn hoping that they would not be recognized by any of the townsfolk who may have heard of the price on their heads.

“Guards will not notice us as long as we use the cover of night to protect us,” Luke thought to himself.

Just as they were about to enter the in a man put his hand on Simar and halted his progress.

The drunkenness overpowering his next words mumbled out “Hey you have familiar face, what is yer name traveler?” the man asked.

Simar glanced furtively up at Luke while his hand toyed with the butt of his sword hilt hidden beneath his cloak. Simar replied to the man, “We are farm hands looking for work traveling to Dartonia.

The man scoffed at him well that be yer purpose, but what be yer name.

Simar replied my name is Heltiar and this is my companion Swek. With that the man turned and started to walk away and stopped mid stride five yards from a poster that held Simar’s face with a bearded impression of Luke along side it. The man pointed to other men around him muttering quietly while Luke and Simar proceeded inside. Once inside they took a table where look could quietly overlook the activity of the inn, while keeping an eye out for drunken guards drowning in their mead.

“Any other time this inn would seem like such a merry place,” thought Luke. The dread of the war lingered in Luke, but he did not fear it as when he had first begun his journey from Helms Lake. All of the sudden the drunken man burst in the inn and glancing menacingly at Simar, pointed and bellowed there’s the bastard’s get’em. Two soldiers got up and started moving towards Luke’s table.

“Great Luke thought, “Just what I wanted after three days of traveling”.

The men drew their swords and started to charge. Simar blocked the first soldier’s sword while kicking the other guard across a nearby table. With a quick flick of his wrist Simar had the other guard bleeding and without a weapon. The drunken men started moving towards them and Luke found his sword hilt where it always was waiting for him, almost as if eager to be used again. Drawing his sword Luke could felt the magic that Trek had imbued into the blade. Knowing that his sword could not break made Luke more assured this battle than in the previous one at Shall’noir. Luke side stepped the first drunkard and swatted him with the side of his blade.

“I don’t want to kill them if I don’t have to”, Luke thought to himself. Luke’s blade danced through the next three men each disarming them with precise skill and dispatching them to the floor. Simar cut down another soldier and turned and looked at Luke and said, “I think it would be a good idea to leave.” They ran through the back door Simar leading. As soon as he cleared the door Simar froze and fell to the ground with an expression of puzzlement on his face. Luke glanced around to see what had knocked Simar to the ground and came face to face with a sorcerer.

His face pale with scars from countless battles, the sorcerer taunted Luke, “I see the Cruzan’s are sending boys to do men’s work now. As the words rang through the night like a scream Luke saw a ball of orange flying at him as fast as an arrow. Rolling left Luke dodged it, and the fire struck a building and exploded. The fire started to work its way up the building like Ivy choking the life from a tree.

Cackling the sorcerer said,” How unfortunate, obviously your reflexes are improving.

Guards moved in around the sorcerer protecting him from Luke and the sorcerer focused his gaze on Samir. Luke wasted no time in grabbing Samir and dragging him toward the stables as they slowly retreated. Soldiers started to rush Luke and gained ground quickly. Luke pulled Samir and put him on his horse and patted it hoping that Samir would stay on during the flight. The horse took off like a bolt of lightning. “Stay on Samir, please stay on,”. Luke turned and parried the first blow of the rush of soldiers. Side stepping he sliced the man across his chest and the man was dead before he hit the ground. The next two soldiers he knocked down quickly moved to his horse. Luke cut one more man down, before getting on his horse and starting to flee.

Before he broke on the road he heard a voice call, “Run away just like your family did while I burned down your town. Luke stopped.

The sorcerer called again “Your brother begged for his wife’s life before I killed her in front of him.” “She begged that she would do anything for her family’s safety so I told her she could burn.”

Luke thought of the charred bodies he had found of his brother and his family when he had returned from training. A tide of rage Luke had never known surged through his veins and he turned his horse around charging the soldiers. His blade pulsed in his hand. Dismounting he charged the soldiers on foot meeting the first one sword first through the man’s chest, then moving on through them as if they were nothing more than blades of grass. His blade danced from sword to sword and man to man as each strike he found his mark and slowly the men seemed to fall off. “The sorcerer cast fire balls at him occasionally, but Luke used the other soldiers to absorb the balls and he worked his way towards the sorcerer with one thing on his mind. Revenge. Luke ducked under on mans swing and caught him in the chest with the point of his sword. As he neared the sorcerer he began to see panic cross over the mans face.

“I’m coming,” Luke thought, “and when I get there I will tear your heart out.”

The last two men blocking Luke’s way turned and ran leaving him with the sorcerer.

The man sneered, “Time to end this, and Luke felt himself frozen unable to move.

Panicking Luke franticly tried to move but he couldn’t. Watching the fireball coming straight for him made Luke scream inside.

I will not die like this Luke thought I will not die.

Luke let the memories of all the people he had lost in this war flow through his mind. The thought made him tranquilly calm and in doing so he felt a surge of energy and then he could move! He rolled right to avoid the fireball coming straight for his head and then in four bounds was upon the sorcerer and as he struck he saw the fear in the mans eyes as they went wide with panic and then dull with the knowledge that death had come to him. Panting Luke fell over exhaustion pouring out of every crevace of his body and the world went black…

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