A Ninja's Tale

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Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012




Chapter 1

Frustration welled up inside of Gale as his face met the ground. Again. This was the third time that he’d been knocked down, but Gale didn’t want to give up just yet. He placed his hands onto the ground and tried to push himself up, but a heavy boot slammed into his back and stomped him back onto the ground.

“Watch your back kid.” The large figure standing with one foot on Gale’s back chuckled in response to a grunt from Gale. A small crowd of people forming a circle around the two jeered at Gale, taunting him about how weak he was. All they succeeded in doing was making him more and more frustrated.

Summoning all of his fury, Gale rolled onto his side and kicked his attacker’s foot out from under him, causing the large man to fall backwards. The crowd burst into a fit of laughter.

“SILENCE! Or do you want me to have all of you in chains for this?” roared the fallen man.  It suddenly became so quite that a strong gust of wind could be heard blowing through the town. Gale stood up and leered at his attacker.

Gale’s opponent was a large, bulky man twice his size. The man’s head was boulder shaped and his face was very broad. Several of the man’s teeth were either crooked or broken, which gave him a nasty grin. His nose was crooked, which meant that it had been broken in a previous scuffle. Even his scruffy buzz cut hairstyle made him look intimidating.

“What’s wrong Mace, feeling down?” Gale couldn’t resist throwing a jibe at Mace. Gale’s fury began to simmer down and was replaced with relish. Every little bit of revenge was as sweet as icing on a cake.

Gale took a moment to steal a glance at his surroundings, looking for a possible escape route. He was trapped. The crowd pressed around them wouldn’t let him run either way down the dirt road. The wood and paper houses around him would be difficult to climb, and he’d never get up onto one of the triangular rooftops one before he was pulled back down again.

“Believe me; you’re going to pay for this. This town needs to make an example out of someone, and I think a little street rat like you fits the bill perfectly.” Mace raised his hand up and two stocky men emerged from the crowd. Draco noted that all three of the men wore similar black clothes, with red lining. A black patch showing red fire on it was emblazoned onto the back of their shirts.

“Hold him down for me. We’ll make this monkey suffer a bit before throwing him into a dark cell.” The two men began walking towards Gale; however he wasn’t going to let them take him easily. Gale dashed forward and sidestepped the first man, brought his knee to his chest, then lashed out with a vicious kick which knocked the man down. Seconds later, the other attacker caught Gale in a bear hug from behind. Try as he might, Gale was too small to break free from this giant’s grasp. Once it became hard for Gale to breathe he shot his hands forward and locked his arms out, crossing them. A second later he pulled his arms back and smashed both of his elbows directly behind him into his attacker’s chest.

The man that Gale had previously knocked down came up with a start and threw a punch which caught Gale across the jaw. Gale retaliated with his own punch to the man’s face, however his opponent easily swiped Gale’s jab aside. Gale continued to throw a variety of punches, hooks, and uppercuts at his opponent, however his foe simply batted the punches away. The few blows that did land didn’t do much damage against this conditioned fighter either.

Eventually, Gale raised his left hand into the air and was ready to throw all of the strength he could muster into the next punch. Just seconds before he threw the punch, a large hand shot out from behind and caught his hand. Gale whipped his head around, shocked.

Mace yanked Gale’s arm back, causing him to stumble. When he hit the ground, Mace whirled around three times and threw Gale at one of his two lackeys who kicked him in mid air.

“Sto…stop…en…enough.” said Gale when he hit the ground. It was hard enough for him to breathe, let alone talk.

“Oh no. No, no ,no. We’re just getting started. Bosh, Lee, pick him up. I have to give this monkey a lecture.” Mace’s two goons each grabbed an arm and held Gale up in front of Mace.

“I’ll make you pay one day.” Gale said through gritted teeth. Mace merely laughed at the threat.

“Look at yourself you miserable street rat. Your nose is bleeding and is probably broken, you have a black eye, and you’re covered in bruises, dust, and blood. I’ve got news for you buddy. I bet that you were only born sixteen years ago, and you think you’re strong enough to just take on anyone. Guess what? This is only me. Imagine what would happen if you incurred the wrath of my whole clan.” An evil grin crept along Mace’s face.

“I’ll take down your whole clan down alone if I have too. I’m sick of you oppressing everyone here. It makes me sick.” Mace’s smile turned into a hideous frown. Suddenly, Mace threw a punch right toward Gale’s stomach, who was defenseless while being held on both arms. Mace began viciously throwing punches and kicks into Gale’s stomach, muttering curses in between attacks.

“Do you think you’re tough, punk? I won’t let the likes of you spread dissent among the common folk.” Gale simply grunted as he took the force of another punch.

“Once I finish with you, hopefully we won’t have any other fools trying to play hero like you did.” Gale was close to blacking out. His vision started to blur. The pain was so intense that it numbed out any other feeling. He looked up and looked at Mace in the eye one last time before lowering his head again in defeat. Mace raised his hand for one last punch to end it, when a thundering blast of wind shot down the street and knocked everyone off balance. Suddenly, an old man wearing thick white woolen clothes and a rice hat stood in behind Mace.



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