Taste of Ireland

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Sean Mullan is a notorious playboy. His parents are well known around the country, causing him to be well known. Maeve(May-Ve) Smith is a culinary student in a local college. Maeve needed to start working to pay off her college funds, so she ends up in the Mullan manor working as a live-in chef/student. Sean believes that he can use Maeve any way he wishes to, despite his mother's words. Will Maeve fall for his charm? Or will they end up hating each other?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Taste of Ireland

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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All you can see is dark brown, tousled hair from under the satin sheets as the twenty-one-old still slept. The elder woman who stood at the foot of the bed looked at the clock which hung on the far side of the room. The hands were both pointing to the one. "That's it! Sean Darragh Mullan, you will get your lazy ass out of bed this instant!" Claire's, the nanny to Sean, hollered in her thick Irish accent as she tore the sheets from the sleeping body.

The sheets dropped from Claire's hands as she had to witness that Sean had once again slept in the nude. "Dear merciful God boy! Do you not have enough self respect to sleep with some clothes on?" Claire asked as she adverted her eyes from the full moon which stared her in the face.

"Well, there was a girl in bed with me at one point... But I guess she left. Plus, Claire, you're my nanny, you should be used to seeing my buttox by now," Sean said as he pushed himself out of bed, no caring that he was completely naked and just sauntering around his room with the window wide open.

Claire just shook her head in disapproval as Sean walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. "What in God's name will I do with that boy?" Claire asked herself, unaware that Sean was still listening.

The bathroom door swung open and this time Sean actually wore a pair of briefs. "You're going to love me and pamper me forever!" Sean exclaimed with a grin as he watched Claire taking the sheets off of Sean's bed. Simple detergent won't get rid of street girl bacteria, Claire always feels like she needs to burn the sheets, but never does.

The fifty-five year old woman looked up at the grinning man. "I'm not going to be around forever, I'm getting rather old, you know," Claire said causing Sean's grin to drop.

He couldn't believe the things she's saying. "No, Claire! You will not speak like that. You've raised me. You've been a better guardian than my own mother. Hell, you've been my mother and my father. You taught me how to act like a normal American when we moved here 11 years ago," Sean said listing off reasons as the why Claire shouldn't be talking about things like that.

Claire still looks relatively well for her age, and she feels just as great, but neither of them know how long that can really last. Claire looked at Sean with a sigh. "I'll be here with you to the day I die," Claire said as she took the sheets to go be washed.

"You'll live long enough to raise my kids!" Sean hollered after her. The only response Claire had, was flipping him the bird. Sean scoffed.

Twenty-one and still being pampered by his nanny. Sometimes, Sean thought about growing up. But other times, he liked being the party animal he is. Sean still just stood there in the bathroom doorway.

It takes him a moment to think if he wants to shower first, or eat. "There's no one here I need to impress," Sean finally decided as he walked out of the doorway and out his room. The only people that Sean lives with are both parents and Claire.

"You stink son," Mark said as he walked out of the room just down the hall.

Sean chuckled and turned to his father. "Embrace the escence of real man and stop being such a pansy." What a response! Mark laughed at this response. Sean has always had a perfect life.

Parents together his entire life, a nanny who literally nannies him to no end and a beautiful house. With one parent being a defence attourney and the other a music producer, life came easily for Sean.

Both males walked downstairs calmly before breaking out into a run as they could smell freshly baked waffles. But who was making them? Last time everyone in the house checked, Arianne doesn't cook and Claire's in the laundry room.

A young girl stood in the kitchen, baking waffles. "Good morning you two," Arianne called from the table. Mark seemed to be unfased by what was happening.

"Uhm, good morning..." Sean said slowly, still trying to process what was going on. The girl was still facing away from Sean so he pointed at her, looking to her mother.

Arianne rolled her eyes with a sigh. Of course Sean would be completely oblivious to this girl, he's never home. "Sean, this is Maeve, she's a student at the college your cousin Luke teaches at. A culinary student of course. So she was looking for a job to keep herself going, so here she is, for the past two weeks" Arianne explained.

Sean blinked a few times. "Oh," Sean said plainly before walking to the table, just grabbed a waffle without a plate. Arianne scoffed at the lack of manners. Sean just shrugged it off and bit into it. "Whoa! Know I now why dinner's been good lately!" Sean exclaimed.

Maeve looked over at the table with a grin. "Thank you?" She said with a slight laugh. Sean finally looked over his shoulder to get a good look at Maeve. His entire face fell and he began choking on the piece of waffle he took a bit of.

The brunette's eyes widened and she quickly poured a glass of orange juice, taking it over to Sean. "Here," Maeve said with a worried tone. Sean grabbed the juice and gulped it down, getting the waffle piece down.

"Thanks," Sean said when he caught his breath. Arianne and Mark were staring at their son with baffled expressions. "You're hot," Sean said looking Maeve up and down, causing her jaw to drop.

Was he being serious? "Sean! How dare you! She's our guest," Arianne said and Sean shrugged. He didn't care because he was serious.

Maeve just ignored the comment, standing up right going to clean up after the waffle mess. Arianne and Mark were just watching Sean still. "How long will you be here?" Sean asked with a smirk.

"End of the school year," Maeve replied in a bitter tone. She wanted to quit already, but she felt great doing what she wants.

Arianne smacked her arms son causing him to look at her. "She's our live-in guest, okay? Not some piece of ass like you've been bringing home," Arianne said sternly.

Sean just stood up from the chair, looking Maeve up and down again. He ignored his mothers every word and began heading upstairs again. Now there was someone here he was going to try and impress.

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