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"Anna! Get up!" Ugh...

"No..." I pulled my pillow over my head, only to have it ripped away from me.

“Yes! You have to go to school!” My mom stood over me holding my pillow.

“School?” Now my blanket went over my head. Again it was taken away.

“Yes, summer is over, darling, now you have to go to school.”

Then, she walked away, I figured she had gone, so I got up, turned on the light, and went back to bed...

“WAKE UP!!!” Cold water splashed in my face. 

“What was that for!?”I screeched. Well I was wide awake now, and soaking wet.

“You had to get up somehow. Now get dressed.” She had that ‘You have to listen to me because I’m your mother’ look, so I decided I should get up.

When I had finished getting dressed I went downstairs for breakfast, I saw that my best friend, Chad, was sitting on my couch, watching T.V. “Hey, Chad…why aren’t you at your house?” I was interested to hear this. Chad was always coming over, and always seemed to have a crazy story to explain why.

“My dad threw our T.V. out the window,” He said following me into the kitchen, “I figured you wouldn’t mind me using yours?”

“Does my mom know you’re here?”I laughed and he nodded, “She let you in, huh?” My mom though Chad was great, even though he ate everything (and I do mean everything). He was kind of like a second son to her. I guess he replaced my brother when he moved out. So Chad moved in…(yay...)

“Yeah, so when are we leaving?” He said as he handed me a bowl and a spoon. “To walk to school.” He continued when all he got from me was a blank expression.

“Oh, well it’s the first day of school so my mom was gonna drop me off,” I went to get the Lucky Charms from the cupboard. “Tomorrow though.” He nodded and went back to the couch.

I started to pour the Lucky Charms into my bowl, but something wasn’t quite right… “CHAD!!!” I screamed in horror.

“What?!” My mom and Chad ran in.

I pointed an accusing at him. “He ate all the marshmallows.” I sniffed.

“Well the other stuff tastes like crap. What am I supposed to do? Ow.” I had slapped him.

“Eat your own freakin’ cereal!”  He knew that the marshmallows were my favorite part of the cereal, and he had eaten every last one of them.

“Geez, chill, its just marshmallows.” Oh, he did not just say that. I went for his face again but his hand stopped me. We stared at each other. He had to blink first.

“Ok, kids that’s quite enough, time to get to school.”

I blinked. “Loser.” I stuck my tongue out at him but he just grinned.

“This isn’t over,” I told him as I made my way to the car.



As soon as I got to first hour, I searched for Anna. I spotted her and started to make my way to that desk, but someone beat me there.

“Is this seat taken?”

“No,” Anna said quickly moving her things to the side. He sat down so I decided to sit behind her instead. I tried to get her attention, but she didn’t seem to know that I even existed.

“Hi, my name is Zach, and you must be Anna.”

Her mouth fell open. “How did you know?”

“You’re wearing a nametag.”

“Oh.” All she seemed to be able to do was giggle like an idiot. The only thing I could think about was what I was going to do with this giant box of Lucky Charms.

Submitted: August 18, 2010

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Its sucks but its my first story... so yeah...

Wed, August 18th, 2010 5:41pm


"Dude" is being a moron, I thought it was a great start, I love the marshmallows in Lucky Charms too :) I'm curious about this Zach guy, though! Keep me updated? :]

Wed, August 18th, 2010 6:51pm


mmmm i love marshmellows ;P hahahahaha update me?

Wed, August 18th, 2010 10:02pm

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