Azure's Renegade

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Being chosen for war at birth is a hard thing to face, unless you are the one facing it. Not knowing anything else of life, Aleya Garofalo and the rest of Unit 24-5-3014 are forced into this strange way of life.

With the Earth in ruins and the human race on the brink of a terrible fate, Aleya and her friends are given information that they were never meant to know. With this bit of information, they have a thirst for freedom and soon the Unit is split in two.

But as they fight to have an average life, secrets are told and traitors are found. Time for Aleya to reveal the truth...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Azure's Renegade

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012





The crying of a new born child was normally the sign of life to most parents. It told them that it was breathing perfectly. It told them that their child was fine for the most part. It would live. It reasured the parents that they had given life and that they would have something to love dearly. The crying of a new born child was normally the sound of hope for the human race.

For Loce and Arabella Garofalo, the sound of their new born baby crying made them cry. Not out of joy that their child was alive and well. They cried for the simple reason that since their darling baby girl had been born inside that hour, they had given her a death penalty. She would never meet her parents or grow up with them. She would never slowly grow to understand the world around her. She would not go to school or go clothes shopping or ask her parents for help. She would never find love before her life is destroyed. She had been born inside the hour and because of that, she was going to be sent of to war.

It had now been only half an hour since the little girl was born. She was asleep in her mothers arms as her parents gazed down at her, smiling to themselves. Before she had fallen asleep, Arabella had caught glimpse of her dazzling green eyes her daughter possessed. Even now, she couldn't get the image out of her head. One thing that had made Arabella drawn to her husband was his green eyes. It was the first thing she had noticed. She was so pleased her daughter had inherited her fathers eyes rather than her mothers. 

Even thought Arabella loved the precious time she had with her daughter but she thought it was cruel. They had said that it was time to say hello and goodbye but really it was a time to fall in love. Soon she would be taken away and they would never see her again. It might have been easier if they had juts taken her from the beginning. It would have saved the heartache to come.

As she had predicted, two soldiers came in to Arabella's small hospital room. They escorted the little family down hallways, past other happy mothers and even the occasional sad one. Arabella only saw two other mothers that were crying and she wondered if they were sad for the same reason she was. They were taken into a restricted area, for those only who were giving up their children for war. 

They were lead into a white room that matched the rest of the hospital. It was very clean, nothing dirty anywhere. It was completely empty apart from the incubators that lined one of the walls. Eight in total and a lot bigger than one needed for a baby. Three were already filled and one child was being put into another one. The parents were crying as a mid-wife took their child and set them down into the incubator. As the made sure it was inside, the parents gave their child a name. "Pockets." Said the father. "Pockets Labielis."

Loce and Arabella were taken to the next one along from where wee Pockets was sleeping. Arabella handed her daughter over sadly. She wanted to hold her child close and hide her from the world. Why did she have to go to war? She was just a baby, a poor baby that hadn't had a choice in the matter. The poor girl wouldn't know anything other than her life as a soldier. Didn't she deserve the chance to have a lovely life with her family? Obviously not, because as the mid-wife took the little girl from Arabella's shaking arms, nobody stopped her. The little girl was set into the incubator to sleep for the next sixteen years of her life. Until then, life would be taught to her. 

"Name?" Asked one of the soldiers. He held a touch screen in one hand, his hand at the ready to ype whatever it needed to above the screen. Arabella told him in a soft whisper. She and Loce had agreed on it earlier that day when they got to hold her and hug her and love her. The soldier type it in, followed up some other pieces of information, and set the touch screen into the wall, just above the incubator. 

Aleya Garofalo


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