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Grace used to be an average girl who had no cares in the world. She used to spend her time with her friend Francis, who knew her better than anyone.

Time passed, things changed and now Grace lives her life with one regret hanging on her shoulders. Suddenly she isn't that girl with no cares in the world. She understands better than anyone she knows on how the world can turn upside down in an instant.

Old memories of kind people and beautiful places is all she has left. How could someone's life change so dramatically?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - flowers.

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012




Chapter One

Morning came and I looked outside of my bedroom window. It wasn’t the nicest of days. Clouds covered the blue sky so it was just a plain sheet of grey. At least it was dry outside. It wasn’t very busy either. Some cars came and went while people hurried along the street. It didn’t look windy either so generally a nice day that wasn’t the best.

I hopped out of my bed and went to my wardrobe. There was a full length mirror on one door and as I looked in my bright, emerald green eyes that were surrounded by freckles, I tied my brown hair into its usual messy bun. I smiled at myself. “Be strong, Grace.” I told myself. It actually made me feel a little bit better.

It didn’t take long to choose and outfit. I took a few moments to search through my collection of dresses to find the one I wanted to wear. A dark blue floral dress with green and white flowers. I loved this dress but I only wore it for special occasions. This dress wasn’t something I could wear for an everyday outfit. I finished it off with some blue pumps.

Once I was happy with that, I headed out the stairs, grabbing my small handbag as I went. I headed for the front door but my mum stopped me from leaving. “Grace, where are you going?” I knew she was just playing stupid. She knew as well as I did what day it was today.

“Out.” I answered and very unlike me, I pushed past her and headed out into the chilly morning.


I heard Francis’s voice through the door. “Knock, knock!” He called and it instantly made me smile. I skipped to the door and opened it up to see Francis with his goofy smile looking back. I loved that goofy smile of his. It always made him look like an idiot. His dark brown hair was flopping all over the place. Just the way I liked it.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, opening the door wider to let him in. Of course I was happy to see Francis there, it was just surprising. He always asked whether he could come around. My parents had never been the fondest of him and he knew that. He never wanted to intrude.

Francis held out a plastic bag. It was a dark green colour, a shade that I could sometimes see in his eyes. “I brought you a present.”

I loved presents, especially when I didn’t know I was going to get one. Surprises were always the best. I took the bag from his hand and peeked inside. A little squeal came out as I pulled out the beautiful piece of garment inside.

It was a beautiful dark blue dress with a green and white floral pattern. It was definitely my type of thing to wear; I was wearing a blouse like it at that very moment. Really, I wanted to throw it on at that very moment.

Francis seemed to be happy with my reaction because his goofy smile turned into a big, teethy grin. “Oh, Francis, I love it! Thank you!” I put the dress down on the table and threw my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. He returned the hug happily.

Life was never better.

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