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Raul, Olay, Gavin, Utherial and Ember are a group of Touched teenangers with incredible gifts. They each have their own separate abilities they use to protect those much like them, but Utherial has only half the heart of an Touched, and the world begins to wither slowly. Will Utherial be able to find the rest of her heart in order to save the world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - R.O.G.U.E

Submitted: June 03, 2007

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Submitted: June 03, 2007



Magic, the unbound gateway of life. Only so few can see its power. Magic is what life is made up of, it can be anything anything wishes it to be. Magic is whatmakes us who we are,our hearts and souls are all fueled by magic. But, not all of us can see its ability. Some of us are even blinded tomagic itself...Those blinded are called the "Darkened." Darkened beings are born heartless and they cannot see magic or feel its power burn through their veins. Those who can see magic are called the "Touched." Touched beings not only are gifted with being able to see magic, but they can even bend its abilities to its uses. The Touched beings are born with a special mark on the palm oftheir hand, each a different shape and each barring a different ability. Touched beings see magic for what it truly is and they can feel its embers burn through their hearts, souls and veins. All the while there are some called "Untouched" beings who bare the gift of the mark but have no use of the magic bestowed upon them. It is almost useless to be an "Untouched" for they can do nothing more than show off a small mark on their palm. There are some, despite the odds who are born as "Untouched" but they slowly begin to develop the usage of their abilities. They are called "Halfhearts"because they are half of what they should be. But Halfhearts in time, soon learn that they too can have a full-heart like the Touched....

Chapter 1

Utherial of the Sun

Utherial Adams was one of them, a Halfheart or Untouched. When Utherial was a baby, she was born with a very faint sign which could be made out to be the in the shape of a sun. As a child Utherial thought she was special and that there was no one else like her in the world. But as children we do not see much of what goes on around us. Just so, Utherial was a nieve child and she knew not any better. No one knew about the sign, not even Utherial's own parents. Utherialkept the mark a secret for a very long time. With each passing day, the sign grow less faint until it was certain that the mark was in fact the shape of a sun. Utherial had never heard of the Touched, Untouched, Halfhearts and the Darkened before. Most Darkened were adults who are less capable of being able to seemagic and of course less capable of using it at all. Utherial's parents were Darkened and even if she did tell them one day about her sign, they would notunderstand what it meant. Utherial grew older as the years passed. Her life seemed to be the boring same old, but the day she turned seventeen her life changed drastically.

It was raining hard when Utherial woke upin front of her computer with half of an essay typed. She sighed as she stared at the screen. The pixels stared back at her, coaxing her to continue typing. But Utherial didn't feel like doing her homework anymore. Thunder clapped loudly from outside of her window and it nearly made her jump. She slowly rose from her seat and walked over to her bed. It was a light blue with little bubbles on it. The walls of her room were a light gray withlittle tiny clouds splotchedeverywhere. Utherial fell back onto her bedand stared up at the ceiling. The rain outside poured frantically down her window and lightning flashed across the sky. Utherial wished she could be outside in the pouring rain, getting soaked to the tips of her toes. She feared nothing, not the dark, not high places, not small places, not water, not spiders, not dogs, not even her own death. Utherial was fearless, and she really had nothing to fear. She was safe, in her apartment with her father and her older brother Mike. But Utherial's life was about to change. She wouldfear life itself as she had never feared it before...

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