Devil Slave

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Zachary Hall thought he had his life planned out. Being an artist was one of his plans. Being a master of a wish granting devil was not.
High school drama, teenage love and wish granting devils in leather. Zachary Hall now has to watch his heart and his life with the new Wish-Devil.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wish 0: Prelude

Submitted: November 05, 2009

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Submitted: November 05, 2009



Wish 0: Prelude

Wishing wells were now a rare sight in the Twentieth Century, even within Old Willington. A society that established itself in America on December 16th, 1465. There had once been many of these wells when families needed bring home buckets of water or anything they needed. Bathing, cooking, or washing clothes all the water came from the wells as it was cleaner and easier to bring home than from Lake Red.

Now there are very few of these wells. One however, by some miracle, was not filled in or built over with some house or apartment complex. It sat innocently between the Catholic Church and a black iron bar fence separating it from the grave yard beside the church.

Ironic it was set beside a Catholic Church, because it was named 'The Devils Wishing Well'. A local legend as far as anyone in Old Willington was concerned.

The legend begins with a Catholic priest from the same Church the well sat next to. He was a kind man who gave advice when asked to, who gave food to the hungry and housed those without homes in his own home. When one day he came to the well to get some water for a thirsty child. When he peered over into the well, there was a glowing light coming from the depths of the well.

He was curious of that glowing light. After giving the child water, the child in turn gave in a wooden star and left the church. Before doing so he said 'Keep the star close Father. It was given to me by a man in black and said it was given to him by God himself. Pray a wish into it and cast it into a wishing well and should the lord love you he shall grant it. But beware of those who appear as angels for they are the true slaves of Hell.'

The Catholic priest laughed at the childish idea of throwing a wish into a well. He held the wood into the light, 'Such a small thing as this?' he said out loud, 'Then I wish to meet one of those so called Wishing Devils!'.

Then he cast the wooden star into the well, watching as it disappeared into the glow at the bottom. It wasn't a moment later when human arms erupted from the glow and pulled him into a chamber, deep within the well.

There he stood in wonder where a devil hung from the wall in iron chains, glowing from the heat. 'I have granted your wish, Catholic priest. To meet a Wishing Devil.' said the she-devil in her chains. 'you are free to ask as many questions as you want but be warned that if you leave I will never see you again nor will you be able to see the glow of these chains.'

The priest could not believe his eyes! A true devil! One of the unholy!And one so close to his church!

'Why are you chained up in this well so close to my church she-devil?' the priest asked as his first question.

'I am chained here because I fell in love with my first human master, his grave resides within your grounds. Where he is I cannot fallow, for I have already been graced with death.' the she-devil answered.

'Why did you fall in love with a human where devils are to be burned at the stake she-devil?' the priest asked as his second question.

'He was my first human master, and I as a devil am dead. When Wish Devils grant wishes for our master our heart beats but once. But in that one beat we are alive, and so I fell in love with him for he made me live. He did not burn me because Wish Devils are already dead. One cannot die twice Catholic priest.' the she-devil answered.

'Why do you not free yourself and join your lover in Hell? Surely he has committed to sin to side with such a lowly creature such as yourself she-devil.' the priest asked as his third question.

'Because the human I loved has done no wrong. You cannot blame man when they take the opportunity to be granted their desires. You cannot blame man when they use Wish Devils for the good will of others.

He loved another woman, and wished me to give her happiness. I did and I gave her a lavish home, money and food.

He loved another woman that was not I, and wished me to give her joy. I did and I have her a herd of white horses for horse riding was her passion.

He loved another woman that was not I and wished for her to love him. I did and killed the man she loved.

My master saw that I loved him and wished that I be a witness of their marriage. I did and showed them this very church where they were wed but as he spoke his vows I was over come with the feeling of greed and treachery from the woman he loved.

She did not love him. He was a lowly farmer before I gave him everything and here she though he came from riches and royalty. I spoke out of turn in their union and this is my punishment. As long as I love the man that did not love me these chains will hold me and burn me. Oh how my heart troubles me with its tears of his death.

Oh how it trembles Catholic priest. I spoke out of turn to protect my beloved master. Is it really so wrong for a devil to love? Oh my trembling heart Catholic priest. Was it truly so wrong to deny something my beloved master wanted, even if it were to kill him and give him false hopes?'

Speechless, the Catholic priest said nothing as he watched for the first and last time as the devil morned for her love. As tear fell from the devils eyes, landing on the stone only to turn into mist. The Catholic priest left the Wish Devil to drown in her tears.

The Devils Wishing Well was still between the graveyard and the Church in Old Willington. Zachary Hall passed by it everyday on his way to Don White High School. He memorized every stone that jutted out from its sides and the color of the cement that kept it standing. At its base was a stone slab that had once sealed it off, but it was pushed off by other teenagers. The water inside had vanished, leaving cracked dirt in its wake. During the summer it was common for police to bring home adolescents from the well.

It was believed that if you spent the night in the well, that maybe you would see the Wish Devil and she would grant you a wish. Then it turned into a dare to see who had the biggest set of balls.

Zachary never spent a night in the well. It was dark, deep, the walls worn down by weathering and his claustrophobia would never allow him to do something like that. Instead he would use the well to practice perspectives and depth in his art. He would use the well in several of his paintings in his school.

He painted many things, he was more into creature painting from myths and legends. So far, this so called 'Wish Devil' legend was the latest of his never ending projects.

Zachary was always into the supernatural, even at a young age it fascinated him.

He didn't know what brought him to the Devils Wishing Well on a raining Sunday morning. He held a small paper origami star between his fingertips. A quarter inch by eleven inch piece of paper that had a written wish on the inside and was then folded into a cute fluffy star.

He tossed it into the well, not hearing it drop or seeing the green eyes at the bottom of the well.

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