Freaks Cum Out: Knight in Shining Camaro

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Freaks Cum Out: Knight in Shining Camaro

Submitted: January 05, 2011

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Submitted: January 05, 2011



I knew he was going to cross the street and jump right in front of the my car. You know how as a driver you just anticipate some stupid shit.

As soon as I saw him move towards the street I slammed on the brakes. I know I got damn close but I didn’t hit him.

I threw the car in park and jumped out.


He was shaking like a leaf. Probably thinking he was about to die. I shouldn’t have yelled but damn he scared the fuck out of me. I could have hit him.

“Hey, you ok?” I said kneeling down on one knee so we were eye level.

He was a short little dude. Probably not even a teenager yet. What the hell was he doing out this late anyway.

“Hey man, are you ok” I said again putting my hand on his shoulder. He jumped a little when I touched him.
“Hey hey hey…I’m not gonna hurt you little dude. What’s going on.. why are you out here so late?”

I said trying to sound soothing and caring. He paused for a while and started looking around. Then he looked in the direction of Hawthorne.

That was the busy intersection up ahead and that’s when I figured out why he was running. He was trying to catch the bus that just flew by.

He looked at the bus speeding by and looked back at me. Instantly he started crying.

“I..I..I I just wanna go home. I was…trying to get the bus” He said. He covered his face with his hands.

“Awww man come on. Don’t cry I can take you home. Do you know your address?” I asked him as I stood up and looked around.

I still couldn’t believe he was out here walking around by himself.

“4922 Crawford Street” He said sniffling and wiping his face.

“Aww man that’s not too far. Come one. Jump in” I said.

He hesitated. He looked at me then looked back down the street in the direction he ran from. He looked down there for a long time. I wonder what the hell he was running from. I just watched him and let him take his time. Didn’t wanna force him to come with me. Hell, I was a stranger and wasn’t that the rule not to get in the car with strangers.

Finally, he walked around to the passenger side and got in.

I put the address in my GPS and we started to roll. He looked like a good kid. Nice hair cut and decent clothes let me know he was being taken care of. But why was he out here? This was where the crack heads and prostitutes hung out.

“MAKE A LEFT ON HAWTHORNE STREET” The voice of my GPS filled the car. I did what she told me.

I didn’t say anything for a little while just sat quietly with the radio off and followed the GPS directions. He stared down at his hands and didn’t say a word.

“You wanna call your Mom or somebody” I asked him.

His head turned so fast I thought he got whip lash. With an angry look on his face he said.

“My Momma don’t care bout me”

“Well, where am I taking you. Do you live with your Mom? I know somebody wants to know where you are. Your Dad maybe?”

He shook his head.

“MERGE ONTO HIGHWAY 45 WEST” I loved this damn GPS

“I live with my sister Sabrina” he said turning his head to look out the window.

“Do you wanna call her. You can use my cell phone”

“No” he said not turning his head from the window.


Damn, I guess it was closer than I thought. I knew it wasn’t far.

I turned on Rooter Ave and made little small talk with him. He told me his name was Corey and what school he went to.


He seemed to be calming down now. When I turned on the street I saw a group of people and a police car outside a house. I already knew that must be where he lived.

“Is that your house?” I asked him.

He nodded yes.

I pulled up and parked behind the police car.  He got out before I could shut the car off. There was a woman there crying, and talking to the police. When she saw Corey she stopped and ran to him. They hugged and I could tell she must have really been worried about him.

I got out the car and walked up real slow. Didn’t want to be all in their moment.

“What did she do to you? Are you ok? Did you eat?” A million questions flew out of her mouth before he could answer one.

He just squeezed her and started crying some more.

Damn. I wonder what really happened to him.

Before I could say a word to her to try and explain an officer came over.

I explained to him that I almost hit him over on Hawthorne and 39th ST. He looked out of place so I brought him home.

“Well you did a good thing Sir. Apparently he has a drug addicted mother and he left a note saying he was going to go with her some where. The sister is the guardian and was really worried.”

Ahhhh, so that’s why he was over there. He must have seen some shit and left. That’s why he was running like that.

While I talked to the cop the crowd seemed to drift away and I saw Corey and his sister, I think he said her name was Sabrina, walk into the house.

I was about to leave and maybe come back another time but I saw her emerge from the house coming right for me.

I got kind of nervous. I wanted to speak to her and explain for myself I just was taken by her beauty. She walked over to me which couldn’t have taken more than a second or two from their front door but I swear it seemed like a lifetime.

“I can’t thank you enough for saving my brother and bringing him home” she said. The voice of an angel.

I had to calm down.

“He was running and jumped in the street. I almost hit him. I had to bring him home. He seemed scared of something”

She took a deep breath and began to tell me a little bit about their Mother and how Corey didn’t understand her problem.

“Something happened today while she was with him. I can just feel it. I’m gonna kill that Bitch if she hurt him” She said. I saw fire in her eyes. Even though she was mad as hell and this was a serious moment, I couldn’t help but get aroused listening to her.

This shit had never happened to me before.

“I’m sorry I’m being rude, I haven’t even asked you your name.”

“Brandon Phillips and your Sabrina right?”

“Yep, Sabrina Montgomery. Look I want to give you something for gas and your time” she said. I was expecting her to try and give me ten dollars but she dug in her pocket and pulled out a hundred dollar bill.

I didn’t need it and refused, but that shit turned me on more than her beauty. I hadn’t seen a beautiful, responsible woman that had money in…well… I don’t think I ever met one.

“Naw, I can’t accept that but what you could do is let me help you and Corey out. I’m a volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and maybe me and Corey could get together sometime and talk and do some things.” I said as I went into my pocket and got a card out of my wallet.

She took my card and looked at it for a moment. She did something I didn’t expect and gave me hug. She smelled like fresh fruit and roses. She didn’t hug me for long as long as I wanted , but it did something to me.

We talked for a little while longer until she said she had to go and get Corey situated.

“Please call me so I can set up a time to come get Corey.” I told her as I walked her to her door.

She smiled, thanked me again as she disappeared inside the house.

I walked back to my car still in disbelief. This had to have been the craziest night ever. I almost kill a child and found my soul mate in the same night.

She was just perfect and I couldn’t believe it. I never got like this. I never felt this way before.

Love at first site. Me, Brandon. I was a player I guess. I just never cared that much.

I got in my Camaro and sat for a minute thinking about it all. I couldn’t get her face, her voice out of my head.

OF course my cell phone had to break into my fantasy.

I looked at the screen and saw it was some thirsty bitch that I used to fuck wit. I immediately pressed ignore on the call and threw it in my passenger seat.

I had just met my wife. No more time for the bullshit hoes.

Sabrina Montgomery was going to be Sabrina Phillips.

I just knew it.

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