Riding Nine and Three-quarters

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I've never done a fan-fiction before but for the longest time this is what I wanted to do. This is the story of Harry Potter, through the eyes of Severus Snape. I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Riding Nine and Three-quarters

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



The trip to Nine and Three-quarters didn't change for Severus Snape.  A lonely walk in his thoughts as parents and their children bustling around him; owls and suitcases packed and ready to board.  A woman with orange hair and shabby dress seemlessly slid past him with her children, but there was a boy that seemed out of place among the group of red-heads.  Snape caught himself turning around, could it really be ten years past?  All he caught glimpse was the end of a cloak slip on board the train to Hogwarts as a couple of children bumped into him as they hurried with their things.  He scowled at them a moment, losing track of his thoughts before hearing the conductor's call, "All Aboard."  Snape gave a quick grab to the side rail and pulled himself into the cab as the train made its way forward.

Snape sat in his cab quietly, arms crossed over his chest as he so commonly found himself.  He sighed as he watched the stars pass by his window, the memories of his past plain as the day played in his head; his mind wanted to shut them off, but his heart dared not let go...how he wished he could let go.  He could hear a couple cabs around him and the old woman pushing the candy trolly.  A voice behind him caught his attention, "So...is it true then...about the...well, you know..."  There was silence for a second, Snape figured the person in question was either confused or uninterested until the one speaking finished his sentence, "scar."  Snape's expression turned even more grim as he realized that this would be the day he would once again meet Harry Potter.

Sitting at the table with all the other Professors and the Head-Master, Snape found himself pondering; he usually never found himself this busy in thought, but today he would come a few feet from "The boy who lived" and he knew that great terrors would soon play out, he knew too well that his return would mean that the Dark Lord would once again return, and try to finish what he started.

The moment Snape laid eyes on Harry Potter he felt his blood start to boil, he looked so much like his father, but his heart seemed to miss a beat when their eyes met; Snape had to make some sort of movement to keep his expression to the sullen, casual manner he was known.  he turned his head away as Potter reached at his scar; Dumbledore hadn't lied, the boy had his mother's eyes, Lily's eyes.  Snape flicked his hair a moment to keep his emotions, though little difference could be seen, at bay for the time being while Dumbledore clapped his hands and the grande feast appeared.  Getting up and slipping away from the table out the side-corridor, Snape hid away; the speed of his step making his cloak ruffle in the wind, his mind was too fumbled for sleep; he was certain to make a potion to ease his mind and enter a dreamless sleep, though unsure of how well his hopes would serve him.

It was dark.  The street lamps had seemed to all but go out as the air was filled with something dreadful.  Snape found himself in front of a house, the sound of broken glass and a woman screaming, he didn't understand what was going on; he pushed through the door, finding himself in a room, unaware how he got there.  A child was crying in a crib and Snape felt his heart shatter to the floor as his gaze seemed to follow it and see the woman he loved lying there, dead.  He bit his lip a moment as he seemed to crash to his knees, curling his arms around her cold form.  Severus felt so much emotions all at once he didn't know how to contain himself; he pulled her to his chest and held her, doing the only thing he could possibly do, and cried.  There was so much he felt in that one moment; angry at himself that he couldn't save her, even more angered at himself for not mustering the courage to tell her how much he truely loved her, the deepest sorrow that he would never see her face bright with her smile and gleam of those caring eyes, and jealousy of James Potter, who couldn't protect her either.  His sobbing was only masked by the saddened cries of the baby in his crib; watching as this stranger craddled his mother, he would be unaware that there would forever be no memory of just how much of a wonderful person she had been.  Slowly, everything began to fade, except the crying of the babe.

Shooting up from his sleep, Snape caught the few tears that trickled down the side of his rather large nose, whipping them away quickly as he sensed eyes were upon him.  Professor Qurriell stood in the door frame, "D-D-Didn't rest w-well?"  Snape huffed an unamused sigh, "What, do you want?"  Quirrell shrugged a moment, "I was merely p-p-paying a visit."  Snape gave a slight glare in reply, "To what hour do I owe the pleasure..."  Quirrell stammered on, "M-m-my you are a rather r-r-rude one aren't you...w-well then..." slipping away a moment, but stopped.  He gazed over his shoulder, "I must ask you though P-p-professor...what was it that D-d-dumbledore needed to see everyone about...I fear I was abscent t-t-to hear it."  Snape shook his head, "No idea."  The other professor just nodded and walked out of the room.  Severus let his head hit the pillow as he fell back, rubbing his fingers along his eyes; tomorrow night he would have to tell Dumbledore his suspicions, and what might become reality.

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