The Last Feather from Fallen Wings: The story of Angel

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This is the story of Angel Sheffon, a young man that has a secret life, and hiding in the real world. Angel hopes to find love while working at the Hunter's Hollow, a tavern just on the outskirts of town. Will he find someone to accept him for who he is, all of who he is, or will he just stay as empty as the mugs he cleans at night?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Last Feather from Fallen Wings: The story of Angel

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Angel sighed as he picked up more empty beer bottles. He crinkled his nose at the way they left a sticky residue on his hands, but what bothered him most was the attention. The girls at the table he was busing wouldn't stop staring drunkenly at him; he gave a shy smile before quickly retreating into the back, putting the bottles to recycle and the glasses to be washed. He rested his back against the wall a moment, peering out the window of the door that separated the back room from the vultures in the bar section.

Sola pat him on the head lightly, "Don't worry about them, they're just here for the drink..."

He muttered, "And to touch my ass."

She blinked at him, he never acted so enclosed to people like this, even if they were man-hungry girls, "I'll go take care of it then."

Angel tried to stop her but his sister had already left the door, swinging mockingly at his attempt. He watched as his heart pounded, he didn't like when she stepped in but these girls wouldn't take no for an answer, not this evening or the five nights before.

He hid there until she returned, "All better."

Angel whined, "I don't need your protection ya know...they're just girls."

Sola just smiled fixing her barmaid uniform, "I told them you were taken and that you were too shy to say anything on the subject."

Angel gave her a look, "Seriously?"

She nodded, "I didn't tell them anything else, and in case you didn't notice, you 'do' need my protection. You'll never understand why and I won't tell you until you've reached the age to return."

Angel just nodded, he had heard it before; however, he did understand, even when he was little that she had given up something if not everything to raise him like her own, and protected him from the world for as long as he could remember. He knew her sadness, the longing in her eyes when she saw a couple walk in, Angel knew she had left someone dear behind for him; he was grateful, but in a sense he felt guilty, but she wouldn't tell him why...for now anyway.

Angel walked on along the walk as Sola locked up the tavern, the owner of the establishment was on vacation and had left the tavern in Sola's hands, she had worked hard to gain people's trust around here, and now she had the responsibility of not just Angel, but Hunter's Hollow as well. As Angel kept walking he heard foot steps that didn't belong to Sola, who was still fumbling with all the keys. He turned to see the group of girls that he had run into at the tavern.

One of the girls shoved him a little, "What's the matter? Not into somebody like us?"

He stumbled for words, but was interrupted with a hard slap across the face, "You pretty boy JERK!"

He tried to back away, not wanting to fight. Another of the girls stepped forward, he closed his eyes waiting for another hard whack, only to see Sola, gripping the girls wrist and bending it as the girl whimpered and got to her knees, "Ow, ow, ow , ow."

Sola sneered, "You girls lost? Taverns closed, scram," she said, knocking the girl away with her foot.

One of the girls tried to be smart as she went to help the other girl up, "Or what?"

Sola turned on the group, her eyes glaring and growling, "Try me."

They stepped away, fear lingering on their skin, "Fine...crazy bitch.." walking away from the scene.

Sola brushed herself off watching them start to scurry, "Look at them go with their tails between their legs...pathetic."

She turned her attention to Angel, "Are you alright?" He nodded, still looking to the ground, he felt useless but he was glad he didn't have to fight, "...Thanks.." Sola smiled lightly, placing her hand against his back as they walked home, "Come on. Tomorrow's another day." Angel nodded and followed Sola to the apartment.

Angel sat on the couch, his lilac bangs dangling in his misty green eyes. He just let them hang as he continued to be lost in thought. Sola sat by his side as he hadn't said anything the entire way home, "You were really bothered by them weren't you.."

He nodded, thinking a moment, "Sola..."

She tilted her head, looking at him, "Yes?"

He shrugged, "Am I...Am I really a jerk?"

Sola shook her head, "Why would you let 'that' get to you? They were drunk and furthermore not a waste of your time, let alone thinking about them...come on know better than that."

He smiled at that, though she had a gruff way of putting things sometimes, she always had the right thing to say, "Right." He laid back, running his fingers through his hair, pulling his bangs away from his eyes.

Sola patted his lap and ruffled his hair, "Night squirt."

He crinkled his nose and fixed his hair yet again, "Night sis."

He stretched out and laid on the couch as Sola got up to her room, stopping at the hallway to see him fall asleep; she walked back and turned off all the lights, giving him a close look over. He was a pretty boy, she thought, even more he was a handsome man. He was tall for his age, and there wasn't any sign of fat on him. His hair accentuated his high cheek bones and sharp chin, with his elf-like pointed ears peeking from the dark brown mess. Sola walked to her room, still thinking of Angel, his captivating eyes and the name that fit his personality so well.

She sat by the window looking up at the stars, "You would be so proud of him mama, it should be you here with him instead of me..." her eyes turned to the floor as they misted over, though she blinked them away as a hand rested to her back.

She looked up to see Angel, smiling down at her with those comforting eyes, "I miss her too."

He wrapped his arms around her as he crouched down to hug her. Her tears came even though she tried hard to hide them, resting her head on his shoulder as she trembled and let out two decades of silence, keeping her emotions to herself, and Angel knew this, he watched her breaking inside and he was prepared for this moment.

She whipped the tears away as she smiled back at him and nodded, "You have the right to know.." and told him about his past.

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