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A young man, used to being an outcast and being bullied, finds out he is in fact the last of an ancient race, and is being hunted down by creatures which exterminated his kind thousands of years ago.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Remnant By Solsgon

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



Chapter 1

Sol had always been different. He had always had a way of thinking that most people could not understand: Highly logical, yet capable of incredible mental chaos. At ten years of age, he hit a growth spurt which did not stop until he reached six feet at sixteen, while still remaining frighteningly skinny. He had very strong emotions when it came to friends and relationships, often appearing to come on too strong for both. Displaying adaptability, he molded his personality to his surroundings, making it difficult for people to really get to know him.

All of these characteristics led to bullying, social isolation, teasing and serious conflicts with other children. But Sol evolved as these things went on, hardening himself internally, to protect himself from these “people” which he learned to think of as his inferiors. The fact that his skin was as pale as ivory and his hair put blazing fires to shame, Ginger, redhead… That too was used against him, but he turned it around, turning it into a strength. He was proud of what and who he was, sometimes to the point of arrogance. In any typical novel, movie or TV series, he would be the ideal choice for a villain-to-be; however Sol has always had a good heart, figuratively speaking. He would go to great lengths for those few people he valued, and would perform random acts of generosity in spite of his cynical attitude.

It was a special day for Sol. Sol loved to participate in his school’s Model United Nations activity, and today was the day they finally travelled to the conference itself and represented their given countries with all the other attending schools. The forty five minute ride by bus was uneventful. He sat by himself, listening to music on his phone. The few friends he had found in the past years had either moved away or did not enjoy MUN like he did, but that did not bother him. He enjoyed solitude once in a while, and he liked to be able to daydream in sync with his music. They arrived at the conference’s location: A four star hotel where the different schools would meet for the next four days.

After the usual procedures of speeches, badges and figuring out which committee he was on, Sol was seated at his desk and was reviewing his notes. He usually felt quite comfortable in this kind of situation, formal, yet open to creativity. You needed to improvise whilst still sticking to facts. But at that particular moment he had a strange feeling. It was like he needed to explode, to exert himself, to just release energy. He looked around. He didn’t feel safe.

Over the next few days this feeling fluctuated: some days he felt it to a point at which it was necessary for him to leave the room, and on others he only felt mildly uncomfortable. He attributed it to nerves, as MUN was a big deal to him, and getting up to speak in front of fifty or so people wasn’t easy for anybody. On the fourth day, every student taking part in MUN was gathered in the main conference hall for the last debate. This was usually the time when the hosts would organize a fictional world crisis and each member would have to improvise to the scenario, working towards a solution. Sol loved this part. It was always interesting to see what would happen.

When all the students had quieted down, the committee president decided it was time to put things in motion. However he did not get very far; as the double doors on each side of the room burst open and men dressed in black came through. A few students shrieked in surprise, but most of them assumed this was a normal part of the improvisation.

“Nobody move and no one gets hurt!” shouted one of the intruders.

The committee president, obviously unaware of who these people were, began to protest. Unfortunately for him, he was interrupted once again as the closest man summoned a three foot blade out of thin air and sliced him in half from his left shoulder to his right flank.

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