Summer Glory

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Jackie and her two friends, Liz and Tara are three friends that are spending there last summer before college at a beach house. Nothing can be wrong with that right?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Summer Glory

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Submitted: January 21, 2010



 Jackie's Story

“Summer is finally here!” shouted Tara.

Today was the first day of summer. I will be heading of to University of Florida without my best friends. It will be the first time we have been seperated since 4th grade. We have decided that this summer will be the summer that none of us forget.

 “I know this summer is going to be about boys, the sun, boys and more boys “said Liz

“Liz your impossible" I said “remember this summer is going to be about change and us.”

 “But we can fit in boys right? “Liz said tossing her beautiful curly hair.

Everyone knows the jokes about the blonde, brunette, and the redhead. Well this fits us perfectly. Liz has shoulder length red curly hair with deep green eyes. She is the most outgoing, and the most expeirnece with boys. Then there is Tara beautiful, sweet Tara. She has lovely long blonde hair and big brown eyes. People say she is the defiantly the prettiest one of all of us, but she is so quiet when it comes to boys. Then there is me Jackie Harris, your normal American teenager. I have brown hair cut and layered at my shoulders. I have blue eyes which people say is my best feature. The three of us our usually called 3 kinds of trouble. One of us is defiantly trouble.

“Tara, help me out here, I want this summer to be about boys, sneaking out and wild parties and no parents” shouted Liz excitedly.

“This summer will be fun with each other.” answered Tara.

“I know we are renting a house….”

 “On the beach" squeaked Liz.

 “Getting a job as summer lifeguards” I added.

”giving boys mouth to mouth” joked Liz

“Your a women with a one track mind “Tara joked back.

Woman I liked the sound of that. Like all stories go we will all be departing after summer. We have all been friends since 4th grade I connected with Tara first as most people do. Then Liz came along a little later. We have been inseparable ever since. Today we decided to start summer of by hitting the beach. We grabbed our towel and hopped into Liz convertiable bug. After getting there, putting on sun block, we lay there lost in our on thought. Until Liz broke the silence.

”when can we move in”

 “One week” I said.

“I can’t wait that long” she cried.

 “Maybe the week will go by really fast” assured Tara.

”ahhhh” sulked Liz. Just as she laid her head on the towel as Frisbee zoomed by where her head used to be. Liz shoots up” do you mind?”

 Two boys ran up both average nothing that will make you think twice

”sorry ladies” said one looking us all up and down and like always his gazed stayed longer on Tara.

Tara peeped in “at least her head was not there”

As the other one stood there eyeing Liz. Invisible again. He smirked “maybe I can get your number for insurance”

 “Dream on” Liz said

They boys took the hint and left. After they left us, we were all talking about our plans for summer. We all had things different on our list we all had one thing in common. Boys.

“I am going to date as many boys as possible” informed Liz.

“I want one boy I could just have a fling with the whole summer” said Tara  

My past with boys has not been good. I have had one good boyfriend who left for collage and never returned any of my messages after he left. All the others I date just got worst. A lot worst. I actually dated a guy who insisted on calling me mama. I had to dump him after I brought him to have dinner with my parents and stilled called me mama.

“I want a good guy” I chimed” I am tired of dating the wrong guys.”

 “This summer you don’t need a Mr. right, upi need a Mr. right now” explained Liz.

She was right, I knew she was. Then there was silence again. We were all thinking about our perfect man for the summer. Three girls, all single, paradise and a summer none of us will forget.

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