Frozen in Time-the novel

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Magnolia makes a discovery as she notes that every single mirror in the Kruger home is shattered.

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Shattered Mirrors

Submitted: February 12, 2019

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Submitted: February 12, 2019



Brandon meanwhile was in his grandparents' home enjoying a popcicle and drawing on his drawing tablet.  His eyes glanced absentmindedly to the left where he had set down the old book he had taken from the box in the basement.

"Out of the Past"- he read.

He opened the book and quickly found himself immersed in it's colorful pictures and tales that took place in all types of historical settings, from ancient Egypt all the way to Civil War era America.  The drawings were so beautiful and realistic that Brandon loved the book immediately.


Back at the Kruger house, we had split up to search the home thouroughly.  Back where I couldn't see, Jesse found an object inside a closet that made his breath stop.  

It was a teddy bear- a brown bear, the kind you see at toy stores and can win at carnivals.  Jesse touched his fingers to the bear's fading once colorful bow, which hung around its neck.  

Could it be?  Could this bear possibly be the one Dominik won at the carnival the day he was abducted?

He knew it was a far off possibility.  But something about it gave Jesse chills.

Meanwhile I stood in front of a shattered mirror set in what appeared to be a parlor.  I was confused.

Why were all the mirrors inside the Kruger home shattered?  

I was getting exhasperated with this puzzle.  This anger made me lay my fingers on the broken frame.

I felt jolted by the sudden images of the past:

I saw Otto Kruger's reflection from what was the original mirror.

I knew I was seeing through his eyes.

He seemed to be seething as he touched his face.

To my surprise I saw horrible scars begin to appear all over

his face.  Otto roared then in rage-

"You promised!  You promised me!  Why then am I ugly and old?

Why?  Didn't I do everything like you did? "

Otto turned to look at a book that lay atop a mantle

-this book was old and in tatters. He ran up a flight of stairs and

ran past empty cells.  He then came upon the last occupied cell-

that of Dominik.  Otto saw Dominik lay crumpled in a heap.

He was dirty, bloody and ragged.

His face was covered by his arms.

Otto kicked him angrily and cried-

"Wake up!  Wake up!"

Seeing that Dominik did not stir, Kruger lifted Dominik's lifeless

arm and felt his coldness.  He suddenly realized what had 

happened.  Otto stood up, mumbling -


He then revealed a syringe and attempted to take blood

from Dominik's arm but nothing came out.

"Damn you fool!"- Otto growled as he realized that his 

last captive was now dead.  

Otto turned around, his eyes wild and he pounded the walls.

"Now what?" - Kruger asked himself in a truly frightened voice.

What I saw next explained the broken mirrors in the home.

Otto ran around the house screaming wildly and smashing

the mirrors in every room of the large house.  

I then saw him grip the tattered book off the mantle and fling it

across the room.  The book landed behind the metal 

furnace- the old fashioned type of furnaces you'll seldom see

now in homes.  The last thing I saw was Otto carrying

someone in his arms across the grass lawn of his estate.

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