My little bad boy: Chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Please,” I whispered into the darkness. “Don’t do this, Jace.”

I heard his footsteps halt and turned around, looking down with tears filling my eyes. I choked them back and looked up, meeting his dark brown eyes.

“Don’t leave me.”

Chapter 1 (v.1) - cool-as-a-cucumber boy.

Submitted: September 26, 2010

Reads: 409

Comments: 2

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Submitted: September 26, 2010



“He’s looking at you, Evan.” Ronnie whispered.

“He’s looking at you Evan!” I chewed harder on the lid in my mouth.

“Evan! He’s looking. At. You!” I looked up from my copy of Les Miserables and raised an eyebrow. Raleigh happily nodded in front of her, behind me, her choppy pink hair bouncing excitedly on her head. I sighed slowly and placed my book down, still open, and turned around to where she was looking. The insanely hot new boy, Jace Cunningham, I think, was staring back at me with very dark brown eyes. A slow grin spread on his face before he looked back down at the book he was reading. I, of course, turned bright red and swivelled around quickly to read again.

“I know that look!” Luke, my other best friend said. I hadn’t even noticed his arrival.

“You like him!” Raleigh and Luke nearly screamed.

“Guys! I only looked at him. I can’t say if I like him or not…” which earned a crappy impression of me with a too-high voice from Luke. I spat my lid out at him and it hit him on the forehead.

“Eww!” He screeched, cringing away from the mangled mess of a sports-cap lid. I stuck my tongue out at him and Raleigh laughed.

“C’mon. We better get to class,” Ronnie breathed after she had calmed down. Raleigh and I had physics, while Luke had drama, so we came to outside the library before parting our ways. Raleigh filled the walk to the science corridor with chatter.

“That new boy is so-o-o-o smoking’ hot! What was his name again?”


“Jace! Jace Cunningham wasn’t it? Yeah, I like his hair, the way the fringe flicks to the side? So sexy. I bet he uses a straight iron. I have to ask him what brand he uses. It must take him forever to get right! Oh I love the way he dresses to! The red plaid shirt over the black t-shirt and the blue skinny jeans? Oh yes. I bet he’s talented! Maybe he plays guitar-” I tuned out then.

"Hey look, Physics!” I said quickly after just about enough of Raleigh-Rambling . I bolted for the classroom and opened the door too quickly. Without looking I walked right in and mashed into sexy-new-boy-with-dark-handsome-stare. I fell on my ass while he stood standing, but the contents of his bag were spilt all over the floor.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, intimidated by the feel of his stare. I rushed around and picked up my things. My books, by journal, my iPod, my Phone, my pencil case, my homework and a small pack of gum. He stood and stared until I was done and then scooped up his things and shoved them into his bag, cool as a cucumber. There was no way you could look so effortlessly cool while someone had just rammed into you, but he had managed to pull it off, and his arrogance enraged me.

“That’s your ‘damn, he’s a real dick’ stare.” Raleigh mumbled from the desk in front of me and my jaw dropped.

“Honey, close your mouth, your catching flies.” She said so smug I could hear the smile in her voice. I flicked her in the back of the head. She smiled wider.

Physics dragged on forever, and it felt even worse with cool-as-a-cucumber-Jace giving me a stare from the back of the class. God, he made me easy to piss off. Thankfully, we had art next. I was good at art, and my art teacher was always nice to me. Raleigh and I had to part as well, because she had music. I didn’t mind not having my friends in my class, it made it easier to concentrate, especially when I could put in myearbuds and get lost in the art. I walked into my class and discovered, to my shock and despair, that I had a class with the oh-so-lovely Jace. I growled in my head and went to my easel. The one at the back next to the empty one, which was more than likely soon to be occupied by Jace. I lifted the cover from my painting, grabbed my paintbrush and began to get lost again. I loved painting. The intricate flow of paint on a canvas, the chill of freshly squeezed paint splattering onto my hand and face. I always got messy in art, that was the best bit about it. Too soon, I had finished my project. An intricate drawing of a broken mirror, with shocking red roses in a pure white vase, splattered with red all over the mirror and flower and vase. I stood back and admired my work before looking to my right to see Jace working on a perfect drawing of a girl. The girl had dark brown hair, with a side swept fringe. She wore a white oversized top with a black Lady GaGa “Haus of Gaga” picture on the front. She had black tights and red heels on with a black hat and her nerdy glasses perched on her nose. Just then, I realized he had drawn me. I shoved my glasses further up my nose and looked at him.

“What the hell!” I nearly shouted. “You drew me!? What kind of creepy stalker kid are you!?” He just looked at me, a small smirk on his face.

“You have no idea why I felt like doing this.” He said. Damn, he had a sexy voice. Crap! Focus Evan, stop thinking about him like that! I slapped him. The class went ‘ooo’

“Evangeline Ulliel!” Miss McGhie, our art teacher,stunned by my outburst said. “That was uncalled for. Take off your apron and go stand outside!” I looked down, cheeks red from embarrassment and lifted my apron over my head. I hung it on one of the pegs by the door and started out the door. My eyes locked with Jace’s for a second and, even with a red hand mark on his face, that grin still looked so inviting. I walked out the classroom, growling under my breath.

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