Chasing Shadows in the Darkness of Night

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Undercover Crime Detective Rose Lawsone has always adored three things: Her Job, her family, and her Boss, Mr. Matthew Brooks. He never payed much interset in her, though. And the only time was when he said if he ever got the chance, he would make her go away. Rose always pressumed that he meant to fire her. But did he?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter one

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



"Rose!" Someone called. "Rose!"

"What?" I looked up from my computer. "Oh, God." I muttered as I watched Cammy race towards me.

"Robyn wants you. Something about a Murder enquiry or... I can't really remember. Bye," She chattered, walking away.

"Cammy, wait. A murder?" I asked, fumbling around with the items on my cluttered desk.

"Yeah, I think so, or something like that. Can I please go?" She replied.

"Yeah, sure. Don't push the boat out, now." I said sarcastically. Typical, just typical Cammy. I thought to myself, smiling.

"What did you say? Can I please go?" She begged.

"I didn't say anything, but yep, you can go." I dismissed her, gathering the papers that I had finally discovered amongst the mess that was my desk. I hurried down many hallways and corridors, laughing at the people in my head; they were in those cramped 'Boxes', their desks even smaller than mine. (And that's small.)

I got to Robyn's office and knocked on the hard wood door. "Robyn it's me. Can I come in?" I called.

No one answered, so I pushed the door open anyway. Thirty heads turned my way, excluding Robyn. "Sorry, am I, uh, late?" I smiled nervously.

"Take a seat, please Madam." A stiffly postured old man told me from the front of the room. I sat down on a chair at the back of the room. The woman next to scrunched up her nose at me and shuffled away, giving me a vicious glance like I was vermin in her kitchen. Old people, I thought to myself.

"As I was saying, there is a suspected murder. There are little possibilities left of how she could have been murdered. No wounds were visible, and there were no marks where she could have been strangled or where she would've fallen. This indicates that she was either lying down when she was murdered or died, or that she was placed there. No weapons were found in the scene or nearby. Any questions?"

A woman, maybe mid-thirties, raised her hand. "Are there any possibilities to who she might be?" She questioned. Robyn looked to the man next to her, exhaling deeply."There was a concerning matter about that, be we are not going to speak of it. In answer to your question, Stephanie Kaine." As soon as she said those last words, I raise my hand quicker than a bullet. "I know what you are going to ask, Rose. I'll talk to you after."Mentioned Robyn. "And the Head of the mission is Rose Lawsone and Assistant is Tyler Madison. Can those people stand up, please?" I rose, looking around. In front of me, a tall man stood up awkwardly. He looked around, just like me. His eyes met mine. I wanted to say 'Your hot', or 'You have nice eyes or something, but instead I mouthed "Hi." And waved. For some reasonI recognized him, but I wasn't sure where from, or even if I just made it up in my head. If he hadn't been watching, I would have smacked myself round the head. I embarrassed myself, yet again. Scanning the faces of the people, I could sense that they weren't happy about the decision. "She'll be late!" They all shouted. I sat back down, head in hands. "Shut up!" Robyn screamed, standing on a chair. Everyone fell into their seats. "There, thanks." She jumped down and landed perfectly on her flat shoes. "Rose is the best person for the job. She has the most knowledge about this person's identity, so therefore our decision is final. Rob was chosen at random from all the undercover detectives in the county." The other man finally got to speak again. "Please exit out of the back door. As always, this is private information, for your knowledge only. Thank you for attending this meeting in such short notice." As everyone made their to the back of the room, I made my way to the front. I received many glares as people passed, and one even swore, to whom I returned the favor. Robyn looked concerned, and squeezed my hand hard. "This is serious." She said meekly. "We need to find outwho did this to her. Otherwise they could be after you!" "I know, Robyn." I sighed. "I know."

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