Chapter 1Of Once Apon A time

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First chapter of my story once apon a time! About a mither and daughter who gets stuck in war when everyone else who lived in the village got evacuated!!! (even though it says it is it is not a true story so do not have nightmares of this happening to you!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1Of Once Apon A time

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Once apon a time! It sounds like a phrase that will mean you will hear at the start if a happy story where everything turns out in the end but this story's opening doesn't have a the end where the Prince Charming and Repunzel got marred and lived in a purple castle. This is a true story of misery and fear!

One day in the late spring the Josephs family were walking down the streets of the south of London when a extremely loud siren started going off. No-one knew what was going on! The alarm increased in volume and started flashing blue and red lights around the village. They ran. And ran. Until they found themselves at a gate! On the other side of this rusty grey gate there was a man. But this man, without even knowing much about him, was clearly evil!!! Screams echoed as the man slautered the youngest child in the family. He then stabbed his cold bloddy sword into the guts of the childs father. Mother and the oldest child Isabel just maneged to escape intime before the bloodcurdling terror could manage to kill them.

Meanwhile everyone was being evacuated, well everyone apart from the people who were left of the Josephs family!!!!

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Chapter 1Of Once Apon A time

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