A Lord's Secret

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Rogan was the normal guy who loved to read manga and escape into a fantasy at his home. Yet now he's somehow transported into a world where his fantasies actually come true. Demons roam the lands and his first meeting is with the Lord of Marrow. A man name Lucian Everbelt Frosten. What awaits for Rogan in this new world. Love? Bloodshed? New Sites? Come check it out and read on!

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lord Lucian Everbelt Frosten

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



You know when you want just a regular day to just go well. Apparently I wasn't going to be forunate to have such a thing. My name is Rogan and I'm what you can say an Anime weirdo. My favorite type is those historical ones with lords and knights. I've been reading such things since I was twelve and it's just increased ever since. Now at the healthy age of twenty I'm in college and working at a dead end job at an office. My eyes looked up at the noticed on the calendar. By the end of this day I would be on Vacation for an entire week. The company I worked for was a book company. Authors would try to come in here and pitch their stories, but it was up to the president if your story was good enough. A sigh left me as I turned my eyes back at the computer. Why couldn't today just end?

"Sighing only releases held in happiness, Rogan."

I didn't have to turn to see who that was. My co-worker Chris. He usually made his rounds to check up on all the workers, but his favorite place to just relax seemed to be my office.

"Chris I'm trying to hurry up and get this over with. Can't you go make your rounds somewhere else today?"

He smirked and let his fingers run through his gelled back hair.

"And this is another reason why women don't like to be near you."

Women just didn't like me period. Especially since I loved anime so much. It was pretty much a big rejection if they heard anything about it. Chris finally turned and left and off I went back to look at my calendar. Soon I would be gone and just be in my bed reading the latest manga that had come out. A beep noise bing near my computer.

"Mmm? What's this?"

My eyes look over at the screen where writing had appeared weirdly. By the letters it was in New Time Roman and the size maybe fourteen. The following message was wrote:

Hello, we've been waiting for you. Please touch the message and come to our side.

This was probably Chris playing at trick on me. Laughing I did as the screen said and looked around for someone to come out laughing at me. Once my fingers touched the screen I felt this tingling feeling and it began to spread up my arm. The sensation went through my entire body until my legs buckled and I fell to the floor next to the computer's screen completely. A faint voice started to become more vibrate and hearable. The vision in front of me also changed. A grassy meadow swayed below my feet. A few pair of boots circled around me it seemed as well. My body was clear then solid in a few minutes. Slowly I looked at my hand for now I wasn't feeling tingling by a warm embedded in my hand. Another hand was grasping it. Before I could even see the other person my body gave out and off I went into a sleep. Smell of hay and the felt of a such a soft blanket caught my attention. Wasn't I just in a field? But then again wasn't I just in my office? A voice low boomed beside me. Wait! Beside me!?

"Leave those clothes for him. He'll be here for a long time."

This voice sounded so gruff yet masculine to make any girl swoon. Why couldn't my voice sound rough? Of course this guy was probably someone who had a hard life than me. Usually people who have low voices like this have went through something in their life traumatic. Carefully I opened my eyes to see such a man near my beside with a black laced tunic around the collar, brown cloth looking pants, and sturdy boots that screamed authority. When his head turned towards me I actually blushed. Long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Stuble growing around his face as if he had shaved before and decided to let it grow back out again. Clear green eyes that shined in the sunlight making them like bright emeralds. High cheekbones. Lips not too thin, but tempting enough for anyone's taste. A wide chest and with that lace barely fixed of course his chest muscles were easily seen through it. His eyes softed and my left hand was grabbed. This warm familiarity. He was the one that had my hand earlier.

"I'm glad your awaken. I do hope that the travel wasn't hard on your body. We usually don't call for such things with warlocks, but at this time of war we needed to."

War? Why would they call me? I'm just a weak guy. As I tried to move to sit up pain shot across my body making me flinch and slip out a moan in pain. The hand that held mine tightened and his face twitched.

"Careful! The transport was said to me that you would need at least two days of rest."

A small chuckle came out of me. If that didn't show how weak I was I don't know what to say.

"My throat..."

Maybe he could get me a glass of water to ease this sudden dryness. He nodded and turned his head and what came out of the shadows scared me. A maid came out from the shadows with a tray with a pitcher and mugs. After she poured it her fingers gently passed it over to the guy who finally let of my hand. Yet his hand wasn't done touching me it seemed. With the same hand he let it behind my head to bed itself in my hair. Carefully picking it up so I could lean forward as he held my cup for me. My eyes looked at him, but the only thing he was consentrating on was me drinking this weird tasting water. He removed the mug and gently like a small babe set my head back down on the pillow.

"Who are you?"

The words that had been on my tongue was finally able to come out. Chuckling to himself he began to speak.

"My name is Lucian Everbelt Frosten. I be the lord of this keep here in Marrow."

Oh? So he was a lord okay. NOT! So he was a lord!? But we didn't have any lords where I was from. Unless...

"What day is it?"

Lucian smiled and stared at the window.

"It be the year of demons."

Demons? Please tell me I just read to much manga and this is all a dream. If he was stating the truth then I had traveled to a time with Demons and Lords and Knights and Queens and Kings and....my brian finally overworked itself and once more I fainted from shock.

"The fair lady blows her luck to the men of honor. Yet if you have no honor you shall be tugged to the father. The father's fist is mightier than the fair lady's charming words. Cutting your face like sharp swords. Bring honor to your home. Or you shall be discarded and forever alone."

My mind awoke to Lucian singing these words far off from me, but still in the same room. Such a beautiful singer.

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