Rose Bite

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1: Night Bite

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



Chapter 1~Thirst

You know that creepy eerie feeling you get when your by yourself and no one is physically around you. Yeah, that's what I was feeling at the moment. You see, I work at this place called "Pickle Inn". Here we basically serve you like any other restraunt. Nothing too special. Come in and order. Then leave and go home. Simple as that. One night though I was cleaning up my tables and overheard some of the waitresses talking about something that was lurking around the restraunt at night. My head was lowered so I could look as if it didn't intrigue me as much as it really did.

"So Marge says goodbye to me and walks to her car as I'm locking up the door for the restraunt. Then I hear a scream. Turning I see Marge on the ground shaking like a leaf next to her car door. She says she saw a monster."

Debbie leaned closer to hear more. I really like Debbie. She was somewhat like me in a few ways. Always eager to hear a haunting story or hear anything that could be like a fairy tale. Her eyes sparkled with hearing the frighting news.

"So do you really think it's a monster then? Maybe it was just some wild animal."

A loud bang was heard in the kitchen. Looks like Ted dropped his cooking pot.


Oh yeah. Forgot that he was scared of things that should be in story books. Debbie looked at him with a teasing smile. Her white teeth gleaming. She liked picking on Ted. Then again he made it quite easy to be picked on when it came to the unknown.

"Yeah! Isn't that just the coolest!"

Ted looked elsewhere with a red heat creeping his cheeks.

"Monsters should stay in books from which they were thought up as."

Debbie turned to her head back at Celine. Apparently she didn't like Ted's lack of fantasy.

"I heard though from another person tonight that they've seen an angel here. And get was in the same area Marge had parked her car."

So this monster or angel has been lurking more than it should have. A chill rang through my body at just the thought of it. Debbie squelled with joy. Figures. You tell her a monster is outside she wants to see it. You tell her it's an angel and the curiousity meter takes off.


Celine shook her head at Debbie's words.

"I don't want anyone walking out of here without a partner. That's the new rule."

That lower lip on Debbie was out into a pout. Looks like I might get a chance to walk Debbie to her car. I've always wanted to talk to her instead of just talking about work and orders. This could be my chance. As I turned around Celine's eyes stared at me.

"Dex, I want you to leave before it gets too late. I don't need you to be tired tomorrow for when you work."

Slowly I just nodded my head. Nothing to do, but do as the boss commands.

"Yes, Celine. I'll get going then."

Damn this sucked. My eyes looked back over at Debbie. Her eyes were fixated at Ted. He just folded his arms and shook his head at her.

"I can't believe you get so excited over things like fairy tale stories."

Debbie's lower lip pouted and her eyes glared.

"You don't know if they're real fairy tales or if it's non-fiction that is being covered with lies."

A sigh came out of him as he looked at her some more. My heart ached as I left the restraunt. Not even a word of goodbye from any of them. Am I some lackey who can be bossed around so easily?

"I don't care if that monster or angel whatever takes me away. I don't have a family to go home to. Nor anyone who cares if I go missing."

Leaves rattled around me. Must be the wind. Winter was coming soon, and that cold breeze sure was brisk. I squeezed my jacket closer as my other hand tried to pull out the right key on my keychain. Should've just left it unlocked. Not like I have anything in there to steal. Just a few old mix CD's.

"I can't even afford a better car with the salary I'm making, nor even real CD's. It would be better if I didn't exsist."

Another rattle. Where was that coming from? I turned slightly, but was pushed against my car quite forcefully. WHAT THE!? My eyes stared at the hand that held my hands above my head in front of me. So I was going to get killed by some unknown stranger afterall. Hot air blew past my ear making me twitch with surprise. HUH!?

"Your the scent that I've been tracing. Here I thought it was a woman in full ripe, but for you to actually be a man. It seems that my tastes have changed without me knowing."


"Get off of me you bastard! Since you see that I'm not a woman just let me go! I have to go home and sleep since I have work here again tomorrow!"

A thrust, no more like a sharp pull and I was staring eye to eye with what would be considered an Adonis to women everywhere. Clear blue eyes stared at me as if they were ice themselves. Hair as blonde as the sun, that went down past his shoulders a tiny bit. Now I understand why those people called him an angel. His face had high cheekbones and a sharp masculine nose. Lips that seemed to scream out danger. Wait! Why was I looking at his lips!? My eyes focused on his to make eye contact.

"And here I was doubting my tastes. Your actually pretty cute if you clean your look up a little. A clean shave and a trim should fix that."

His other hand went to grab my chin. Turning my head forcefully the other way.

"Bastard! Just let me go! I haven't done anything to deserve this!"

A dark chuckle was tickling my neck. That hot air once more.

"No, you've done plenty to deserve this little reward that I shall bestow upon you."

Reward? Hot pain blossomed on my neck where his mouth had just been. He bit me. So what was this guy? Slowly he moved his head back showing blood on his lips. His tongue licked the corner of his mouth and stared at me rather oddly.

"Sleep my bride, for I shall claim you under the blue crescent moon very soon."

My entire body went limp as my eyes closed after hearing those words. What was happening to me? I dreamt of a night with the ground covered in snow. Before me lay bodies of people I had once served food to. When I looked down more in my arms was Debbie. Eyes wide opened with her red lips agaped. NO! How did this happen to her? Her head turned a little baring teeth marks. She was bitten? By who? In her small fragile hands rested a mirror. Quickly I picked it up to see myself. I had blood in the corner of my lips. I did this to her. I had become a monster.

"Not a monster, just a far more valueable and precious being."

I turned my head but saw no one around me. My eyes went back to the mirror showing me the bastard who had bitten me before I fell asleep.

"When you wake up from this little dream you shall be quite different. Your senses will be heightened and so will other features about you."

His eyes slanted a little making feel the full intense of his gaze. Why was he staring at me like that? How was I going to face everyone in the morning!? A noise awoke me from my slumber. Beside me with a smile was some woman I had never met before. Clothes laid beside me on a nightstand. Where was I? The girl stirred and looked at me with a smile.

"Oh you were just so intense last night. I thought I was going to be eaten between you and your friend."

My friend? What friend? That bastard! He took me here last night. My eyes glanced around. Where was here exactly?

"Oh don't worry sweetie. Your friend said that he'll be picking you up by tonight. He did say though to end things with others. Whatever that means. But if you want to end things how about you end my lust for your body. Just taking a look at you and I want another go."

Huh? I've never recieved that kind of attention from women. Quickly I ignored her begging to see myself in a mirror. I was going to kill that bastard. He trimmed my hair back but gave me bangs. My face had been shaved and well groomed. But what pissed me off more was that I was toned as a rock. As if I had been lifting weights or was part of some sport. My face had changed just a little from his cleaning, but the fact my body was well toned scared me. Maybe the woman remembers what I looked like last night. Swiftly I raced back in there to see her lighting up a smoke.

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