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Sixteen years before Noah was born a group, including his parents went to a planet to search for signs of live only to encounter a monster in which kills two people.
Noah was born and he knows everything about the planet but nobody knows he knows. Noah, years later, begins to act strange and, with his inability to speak, he begins to grow frustrated with people because they do not understand him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I.C.E.

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Before the story




“Will we be landing soon, Dr. Zahari?” a female with long brown hair and brown eyes asked as she looked at a man with short light brown hair and blue eyes.

“Yes, can you see it from here Divna?” Dr. Zahari, the man with light brown hair and blue eyes answered, then he pointed out the small window of the ship.

“Is that it?” the woman asked.

“That little blue thing?” a male with platinum blond hair and ice blue eyes asked as he crammed his face to the window.

“Yes, that’s it,” Dr. Zahari answered then he turned to face the other two who had joined his expedition.  “Lolek, do you have the camera ready?  I need you to film us real quick,” Dr. Zahari said to a man with black hair and dark brown eyes.

“Yes,” the man replied as he lifted up a small shoulder camera, then turned it on.

“It’s been six months since we left Earth to reach our unnamed planet.  Supplies are still a plus and fuel is more than plentiful.  We should return home sooner than planned if things keep going as smoothly as planned.  Everyone has been getting along nicely as well,” Dr. Zahari smiled.  He then told Lolek to cut the camera, so Lolek shut it off.

“We’re just going to land, look for life, take some samples, then leave, right?” a woman with brown hair and black eyes asked.

“That’s the plan,” Dr. Zahari answered, then a man with black hair and brown eyes sat up in the small hamper bed he slept in.

“What are we going to do if there is life?” the man who’d woken up asked.

“That, Alex, is a very good question.  I was giving it thought, and if there is life, we’ll just leave them alone, providing they leave us alone,” Dr. Zahari answered.

A few more days had passed, and the crew reached the planet, nearly crashed into the ring of ice and rock that surrounded it, and landed smoothly on a surface nobody would have guessed.  “Hey, Dr. Zahari,” the platinum haired man muttered as he put on his space suit.

“Yes Liev?”  Dr. Zahari asked as he too put on his suit.

“Do you still think there might have been life here?”  Liev asked, then the woman with brown hair and black eyes shoved Liev aside.

“Liev Ivan, why are you trying to down Yasen?” the woman asked.

“Damn Roza, you know why?” Liev growled as he zipped up his suit then began to strap it up.

“Why?”  Roza asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I don’t want to have come all the way out here for no reason, you know.  I just proposed to my girlfriend.  I’m worried she’s already decided to ditch me because of this trip we’re taking,” Liev sighed as he glanced over at Dr. Zahari.

“Don’t worry kid.  You’re only twenty-six.  You’ve got plenty of time before your life is wasted,” Dr. Zahari laughed as he fixed up his suit while Divna watched Liev while Alex helped her put on her suit.

“Then why do I feel like I don’t have much more time?”  Liev asked as he lifted up his helmet and strapped it on.

“Why are you so worried, Liev?” Alex asked as he finished helping Divna into her suit.

“I had a bad dream before I woke up,” Liev shuddered as if in a queasy fear.

“What was it about?” Divna asked.

“My death,” Liev answered.

“Is everyone suited up and ready to go out?”  Dr. Zahari asked as everyone entered the air-lock chamber.

“Yes,” everyone said in harmony, then Dr. Zahari opened the door and was the first to step down onto the planet.  A layer of thin snow and ice crunched under his steps as the others followed him.

“Lolek, is the camera rolling?”  Dr. Zahari asked and Lolek gave him a thumbs up.  “As you can see, the planet appears to be completely frozen.  I had studied it for a few years to find it had weather patterns, but I didn’t think the weather was frozen,” Dr. Zahari said as he glanced around at the mountains that hung like jagged teeth above the frozen land.

“Damn it, Doc, I’m pissed at you right now,” Liev growled angrily, then Lolek slipped slightly.

“That was close,” Lolek laughed then everyone became silent when the color of the ground shifted as if something moved below a layer of ice.

“Are we standing on a lake?”  Divna gasped as she quickly crouched down and began to brush away the snow to see they stood on a thin layer of ice.

“Trend lightly,” Dr. Zahari muttered quickly then Divna yelped when a mass of white swam by her uncovered patch of snow.

“Dr. Zahari, there’s something down there,” Divna gasped then the ice gave under Lolek’s feet.

“God!”  Lolek yelled as the camera slipped from his shoulder and plunged into the water.

“Lolek,” everyone gasped then Liev dove after Lolek and gripped his arms.

“I got you!”  Liev yelled as he began to pull Lolek up.  Lolek managed to grab the camera then he tossed it up to safety just before he yelled in sudden agony before blood spurted from his mouth.

Liev flew backwards still holding Lolek.  Liev then yelled in fear as he tossed aside Lolek’s torso and arms when he realized Lolek was now missing his lower body.  “Lolek!”  Liev yelled as he gripped Lolek’s hands in which shivered and reached out.

“Leave him!  He’s dead,” Roza screamed as they began to run for the ship.

“Damn it!”  Liev sobbed as he stood to his feet and went to run when a long clawed hand reached up out of the water and gripped Liev’s leg causing him to trip forward.

The arm was dripping with wet white fur as the ice was forced wider by a white beast that looked much like a human with dog like features and two black horns on its head.  The beast let out a deep growl as it stared at Liev with its blue eyes.  It then jumped out of the water and bit Liev in the shoulder.  It shook its head in attempt to rip off his arm.

A gun was shot into the beast’s back causing it to limp then another shot was fires and the beast fell, its teeth continuing to clench against Liev’s shoulder.  Alex then gripped Liev and quickly carried him to the ship.


Everyone sat around Liev as Dr. Zahari began to set them on a course to home.  Alex and Roza fought the dead beast off of Liev’s shoulder as Divna held his hand.  Liev yelled in searing agony then nearly passed out when the beast was finally pulled off his body.  “Oh my god!”  Divna screamed as she jumped to her feet when the actual wound was shown.

The skin around the bite held black vein like markings around it while a white gooey substance gushed out.  “It’s some kind of poison,” Roza shouted as she quickly grabbed a suction gun from her medical bag and began to suck out the white goo.  Liev moaned in pain as Roza worked as fast as she could to save him from any kind of infection.

Hours of tension filled the ship as Roza struggled to fight against the infection in Liev’s body.  “Damn it,” Roza screamed as she threw her suction gun aside then leaned over Liev’s body with defeat.

“Roza?”  Alex asked worriedly.

“Whatever it is, it’s spreading too fast for me to get it out,” Roza said then she looked at Liev’s face which held heavy beads of sweat and tears.

“What do you mean?”  Alex gasped.

“I can’t save him,” Roza said then she began to cry.

“I saw that thing,” Liev groaned startling everyone into looking at his paling features.  “It was in my dream,” he shivered the black veins creeping up on the left side of his chest.  “It came from the darkness and swallowed me,” Liev muttered then he fell silent and stiff as if to die.

“Liev?”  Divna asked then Roza quickly pressed her fingers against his neck.

“No, stay with us Liev,” Roza screamed as she quickly began to try and bring him back manually.

Liev then gasped in pain and gripped the bite wound before he screamed in unbearable agony.  “Inject some tranquilizer into him,” Dr. Zahari yelled so Roza shoved a large syringe into the bite and injected the liquid tranquilizer.

Many hours later, everyone began to settle down and fall asleep while Divna took this chance to shower long after everyone else had.  Liev silently stood up from his resting area.  He approached the bathroom where Divna stood while she bathed, unaware he was there.  Liev stepped into the light of the bathroom then glanced into the small mirror to see his skin was nearly covered in black now and white fur was beginning to grow on the right side of his body.

He moved as if possessed towards Divna who began to feel a presence other than hers.  Liev jumped into the shower causing Divna to yelp in surprise then he forced his body onto her.  Divna tried to scream but Liev grabbed her neck.  She struggled around for something to help her become free of Liev’s hand but nothing was within reach of her fingers.  She began to hit Liev, but he showed no signs of hurt so she had no choice but to give up.

She was pinned to the wall of the shower, her body being assaulted silently by Liev’s.  Divna didn’t know what to do as she gripped his shoulders disgustfully.  Divna then glared at Liev for a brief moment before she saw nothing but a monster now staring back.  The monster released her suddenly and she let out a shrill shriek for help and no slower than a flash of lightning Alex appeared behind Liev, grabbed him, and threw him across the room.  “What the hell?”  Alex yelled as he tossed Divna a towel then turned to look at Liev expecting to see his friend only to see a beast consuming the body of his friend.  “Liev?”  Alex gasped as more white fur began to cover Liev’s body.

Liev began to stand to his feet.  “I-I had a dream,” a deep voice growled from Liev.  “I-it was about my death.  I saw that thing before.  It was in my dream,” Liev continued then Liev pulled a gun out of Divna’s clothes.

“Liev, what are you doing?”  Alex gasped as he began to lift up his arms.

“I just proposed to my girlfriend.  I don’t feel like I have much time left,” Liev muttered as he pointed the gun at Alex.  “I don’t have time left,” Liev muttered as his eyes began to turn black with golden yellow irises.  “My regrets,” Liev muttered then he turned the gun to him and pulled the trigger.




Chapter One




I jumped awake with sweat all over my body.  I quickly rubbed a hand through my platinum blond hair while my ice blue eyes were held wide open.  I quickly stood up from my bed and walked out of my bedroom and to my parents’ room.  I stared at them silently before my mother, a woman with long brown hair and brown eyes, woke up and jumped up in her bed.  “Jesus, Noah,” my mother gasped startling my father, a man with black hair and brown eyes awake.

“Noah, are you okay?” my father asked me and I only continued to stare at them.

“Noah?” my mother asked me then they both glanced at each other.

“What do you have to say?” my dad asked me then, in sign language, I spoke.

I had a dream.

“What kind of dream?” my mom asked me.

I don’t want to say.

“Why not?” my mom asked me.

It was about a man with hair like mine.  He died.

“What did this man do?” my mother asked me with worry.

He hurt you.  I said then my mother was silent before she gave Father a startled look.

“What did he say?” Father asked Mother who then looked at me.

“Is this the first time you saw this man in your dreams?” Mother asked then I glanced at the time.

I’m late for school.  I said then I quickly walked out of the room and changed out of my pajamas and into a pair of old jeans, a white shirt, and a pair of high-top converses.

“Noah, can you answer my question?” Mother asked.

I don’t want to.  The dream made me sad.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I gave my mom a sad look then she hugged me.

“I didn’t understand half of what you just told me,” she sighed sadly then I pushed her off of me as I gave her an even sadder expression.  “When are you going to start to talk?  You’re sixteen now Noah,” my mother said then she frowned when I rushed by her and out the front door just as the bus pulled up.

I climbed on the bus then sat down in an empty seat only to be grabbed by my hair and tossed into a different seat.  The boy who had done it, his name is Brad.  Brad is one of the biggest jerks at my school.  I stared at him for a long moment then he smiled at me.  “What?  Are you painting a portrait?” he asked me then we both glanced at the front of the bus when it stopped to pick up a new person.

A girl with shoulder length light brown hair got on the bus then rushed to set down in a seat.  She stopped hesitantly when she came to my and Brad’s half empty and nearly only available seats.  She sat down in mine.  “Hey,” she muttered, shyly then I stared at her dully.  “I’m sorry.  Do you want me to move?” she asked as she turned red.

“He doesn’t understand English,” Brad laughed.

“Is that true?” she gasped as she looked at me.

“No, he can’t talk,” a girl with spikey black hair and green eyes said as she turned around in her seat to look at the new girl and I.

“Really?” the new girl gasped.

“I’m Jade,” the black haired girl smiled.  “His name is Noah, er, or at least that’s what I think,” Jade muttered so they both looked at me.  I nodded, knowing neither of them knew how to speak sign language.

“My name is Lisa,” Lisa smiled to me then she held out her hand.  I briefly gripped it then she grew suddenly silent when she drew in the color of my hair and my eyes.  “You look like someone I’ve seen in a picture before,” Lisa said then I quickly drew my hand away and glanced out the window, startling Lisa.

“He does that to everyone.  He’s a really strange guy.  I heard he can talk but he doesn’t and the doctors don’t know why.  Might be something mentally,” Jade said and I went to say something in sign language only to stop myself then glare back out the window.  “I also heard he can hold his ground too.  According to a few people, Noah can take a good punch and appear to not have been seriously affected by it,” Jade laughed then Brad frowned.

“He’s a wash-over,” Brad laughed as the bus came to a stop outside the school.  I rushed off the bus followed closely by Brad.

My feet settled on the ground, then I was shoved from behind.  I fell forward against the sidewalk as Brad laughed and passed by me.  I sat up, holding my hands together in pain as Jade and Lisa quickly aided my side.  “Are you okay?” Jade asked then I revealed my bleeding palms.

“Hey, you made him bleed,” Lisa yelled at Brad who turned to look at her.

“Oh?  Why should I care?  He can’t tell anybody,” Brad laughed then Lisa walked up to him and slapped him.  Brad then punched her in the chest.  I rushed up to my feet then bulleted at Brad who yelled with the collision of my fist and his face.  He flew to his back then held his nose in pain as he sobbed.  I then helped Lisa up as she held her chest and sobbed as well.  I let Lisa go, then lifted Brad up to his feet causing him to yelp, then I forced him to bow down to Lisa.

Lisa turned red, then Jade caught on.  “Oh, Brad, he’s making you apologize to Lisa,” Jade sang out with warning.

“Bloody hell I should,” Brad growled then I made him bow lower.  “I’m sorry Lisa.  Please forgive me,” Brad screamed then I let him go.  He quickly rushed away then I held my hands together again as I rushed away.

“Hey, wait, who’s your dad?” Lisa yelled after me as I vanished into the school building.

“Lisa, unless you understand sign language, give up,” Jade muttered as I rushed into the men’s restroom and put my hands into the cold water of the hand sink.  I then glanced at my reflection in the mirror only to recall the dream of the man again.  I gasped out in sudden fear and punched the mirror causing the glass to shatter and cut my fists.

“Are you okay?” the principal, a short, nearly hairless man, asked as he entered the bathroom.

I’m sorry; I must have been seeing things.  I motioned then he frowned.

“Sorry, I don’t understand,” he said then I pulled out the phone I had and typed what I said plus more.  “Um, so you thought you saw a monster in the mirror?” he asked and I slapped my forehead.

The bell rang so I rushed out of the bathroom and to my first class of the day.  I sat down in my seat then grew rather disappointed when Lisa sat down next to me.  “Hey,” she muttered to me with a friendly smile.

I looked at her.

“Thank you for earlier,” Lisa muttered shyly.  “You really didn’t have to do that,” Lisa sighed then I glanced away from her and out the window.  “You know, you can write down what you want to say.”

I continued to look out the window creating an atmosphere of sudden awkwardness.


I looked at her.

“Can you tell me who your parents are?” Lisa asked then I looked away not wanting to communicate with her.


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