A fluttering soul: part 1

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Follow Patrick as he follows a girl to a new destiny but also a deep dark secret

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A fluttering soul: part 1

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Chapter 1 - New Girl In Town

For me, Patrick, it was a usual trip to school, in Ireland. Go in, almost fall asleep in Mr O Sullivan's class, go out. Easy. Oh no not today. Today had to be one of those \"special days\". Today there was a new student and that was when my life had an unexpected turn.

\"Today class\" announced Mr O Sullivan in his loud and booming voice \"Our new student has arrived. Miss Rebecca Tueuses Marin\" and that is when the boys finally stopped talking. She was perfect, in every way, not a imperfection in sight. Her long blonde hair cascaded onto her smooth shoulders, and her blue eyes, god her blue eyes. They were like the Atlantic ocean, dark and rich. Perfect. \"Now who shall guide you around the school?\" \"How about that boy other there?\" pointing directly at me, maybe not understanding the concept of a rhetorical question, but still pointing at me. But why me? What so special about Patrick O' Malley. I have brown hair, brown eyes, normal irish skin, no tan, about 5 foot 11, not tall, not small either for a fourteen year old boy. I looked at myself in confusion, I was never the most athletic or the fattest. I wasn't the smartest or the dumbest. I wasn't popular or unpopular. I was just me. Nothing changed. \"Really?\" she gave him a bitchy stare \"fine then, Patrick show her around and leave your animal tendencies behind\" he straightened his brown waist coat, not trying to hide his disdain feelings towards me. Just like the teacher all the other boys fell in suit, stares galore. After a agonising couple of seconds of stares and murmurs we decided to go look around.

Later on that day in the middle of the tour. But I had to ask, I knew curiosity killed the cat but in this case any chance of a relationship between Rebecca but I couldn't help it \"Why me?\" \"sorry what?\" \"why did you choose me?\" \"because you've go a kind soul- I mean you look nice\" I blushed \"what type of nice?\" killing the cat again what are you doing Pat I thought. She walked up to me, my heart was racing, went to my ear and whispered \"whatever you want it to be\" booyah!

Chapter 2- Le Roche Chantant/The Singing Rock

We arrived back laughing, I was still looking into her magnificent blue eyes, knowing that their is a flame which could ignite into a blaze of passion. Suddenly we realised that they were bombarded by hateful and resentful stares. Then Mr O Sullivan broke the awkward silence \"I thought that I told you to leave your revolting animal behaviour behind not double it, you disgusting little urchin!\" ouch \"what did he do?\" answered back Rebecca wow the girls got power \"This is none of your business miss Rebecca!\" signalling towards a empty chair \"And if you please, sit down, your making a scene\" \"You've already made a scene when you called my friend, and going to be my only friend, a urchin, so if you don't want my father to sue for child abuse you can go bugger off\" I love a girl who can fight for me. \"Well then I think an apology is in order\" looking at me with contempt in his eyes \"I'm sorry for my actions\" having the essence of a scowl on his brow

And after that day we were like a hand in a glove we walked around all day with each other, talking and laughing until I said \"So what is your family like Becca\" that is when Rebecca stopped laughing and into a grim face and I noticed \"I'm sorry if I-\" \"No it's fine\" sniffing, trying hard not to cry \"it's just that I realised that after all this time I've spent with you I have never introduced you to my parents\" bursting into a laugh. \"Really?...So where do you live? Because I have never seen you enter a house\" Rebecca look troubled \"what is it?\" \"I live on a island called Le Roche Chantant. It's a island which is not on the map and was abandoned by the French. My family are the only occupants\" I didn't ask why the French left and I regret it to this very day. And that was it we set off from the Limerick docks and headed to Le Roche Chantant but something was wrong they were surrounded by a ship graveyard. Rebecca came to his side with reassurance \"It's okay. Sleep\" her whisper was like a angel of desire and suddenly I was shaking hands.

Chapter 3- Meeting The Parents The first of the hands he shook was Rebecca's big brother, Dimitri, he was six foot four, Wow, And was the same toned skin as her sister \"Hi I'm Dimitri. You look charming,\" staring at Rebecca \"almost good enough to eat\" I laughed at his joke but Rebecca looked concerned. Then came the parents, the father came first with a triumphant look on his face \"Hello I'm jacque\" It's a bloody frenchy \"nice to meet you, you look like a strapping young lad\" looking again at Rebecca, which was still looking concerned. Am I missing a joke I thought. A very sick and twisted joke. Then came the mother. Not like Rebecca, her hair was short and brown but equally as luscious and perfect. She was slim and petite and look to fair to be real. Her accent was slightly American and if she read my mind and replied \"hello I'm Stacey. I'm from Canada\" WTF. What is this the United Nations? She giggled to a private joke of some sorts but nobody was speaking. Jaque held her by the shoulders and shook his head in disapproval.

The next couple of awkward hours past very slowly until Rebecca entered the room, finally. As if Dimitri could hear my heart race he entered the room behind her with a disbelieving look on his face. But Rebecca interrupted my trail of thinking and whispered in my ear. \"Can I talk to you?\" She stared at Dimitri with hateful eyes \"Alone!\".

We entered the dining room which was immaculately clean, with red banners surrounding the table, \"What do you want to talk about?\" I asked. \"I want to talk about us,\" oh crap \"And how fast this is going,\" she took a deep breath \"and I think I like it,\" jackpot \"so I've been thinking,\" now biting her nails from nerves \"do you umm...\" yes \"want to be my...boyfriend?\" Hallelujah! Yes! Yes! Yes!

That night was the best night of my life, the girl I love and will probably be my only love asked me out. Until I re-entered the lounge, in the lounge their was a debate going on, I overheard Dimitri making his enquiry \"But I heard his soul flut-\" there was a dead silence that filled the room. Until Stacey started to speak \"I think it is time for the boy's initiation to the family now that they are in a relationship\" her grin was from ear to ear. A sinister grin. \"Mother no!\" Rebecca was bursting into tears \"Choose!\" \"I choose life!\" becoming snotty, now miming the words I'm so sorry over and over again \"Good girl\" turning towards me \"now Patrick sleep!\" it was that angel voice again...who's was that.

Chapter 4- A Life Spared Is a Life Cursed

I woke up tied to the dining room table unable to hear. I looked around seeing that I was not the only occupant on the long mahogany table. Rebecca was tied on the other side of the table with a red symbol on her head. Her eyes red with tears looked at me with sadness but interrupted by three people, in red cloaks, circling the table, like a pack of wolves ready to pounce. They took off their hoods and saw grey, decaying, fleshy heads with dark blue eyes and jagged teeth. One of them put their disgusting grey hands over my nose and squeezed until the nasal tubes were fully blocked and I took this time to depressurise my ears and if by magic their peeling grey skin repaired itself and grew colour which I was too familiar with. Rebecca's family. I was brought into a world with sound and I heard Jaques voice chanting. \"What's going on?!\" I demanded \"All in good time my darling\" replied Stacey with a witches voice \"Just tell him mother, to put his mind at rest\" Dimitri demanded \"Fine\" she turned his gaze towards me \"Rebecca didn't tell you why your really here did she,\" no of cause not but I stayed silent \"no of course not. We. Are. Sirens. We feast on souls to maintain our voices which we constantly use to masquerade are real appearance. And unfortunately for you, you were are snack, but unfortunately for us, you and Rebecca's souls fluttered\" I looked baffled. She turn towards Dimitri and laughed \"Somebody hasn't been reading any mythological books lately\" they both dissolved into laughter. Now it was Dimitri's turn \"A soul fluttering is when, what do you humans say these days, its like finding your soul mate and yours happens to be with Rebecca. She is a siren but she is also a female pureblood and the siren inside her lays dormant. The only way to awaken it would to be to intertwine the fluttering souls, that's yours and Rebecca's, to make the pureblood blood, pardon the pun, less concentrated.\" Jacque stopped chanting and a dark ruby blade materialised in front of me and he grabbed it firmly by the handle. \"It is time\" he walked up to me and ripped my shirt open leaving me with my bear chest. He brought the blade to my heart and said in a loud and boomy voice \"He is willing!\" and sliced a X on my right peck and then he moved to Rebecca. I closed my eyes to give her a bit of modesty and I heard the rip and he shouted again \"she is willing!\". I opened my eyes once again to the dining room. Then I felt cold as if I had been plunged into a bath full of ice and the room darkened, but I don't think it was because of a dimmer, then I heard Jacque one last time. \"They are ready\" then I felt as if I was stabbed in the heart, a blue stream came out of my cut and the same came from Rebecca, but it was a dazzling crimson. Then the streams touched and started to intertwine themselves around each other and it turned into a dazzling purple thread. Both streams tried to go into their original bodies. I tried to struggle but my restraints stopped me. The stream found it's mark and I blacked out. \"That's it then. I'm one of them now\" \"your not the only one\" A familiar voice replied. WTF

Chapter 5- The Transition

I woke up having a smiling Dimitri over my head \"Hello sleeping beauty you gave us a fright.\" \"Why?\" \"Your body was rejecting the change, your new soul was being expelled from your body. You would have died.\" I grew a grim face and he noticed \"Your probably wondering what we are?\" I slowly nodded \"In Greek mythology sirens are creatures which lure sailors into their trap and eat them. That is not entirely true. We only eat their souls in which can feed and to be able to sustain our voices so we can sing to maintain our appearance\" he must of seen disgust on my face because he laughed out loud. \"When I said you almost died. You were actually in a coma for a month\" he giggled again knowing what I thought and left without another word.

After a couple of hours I got my balance back and I felt the thirst. The thirst to die for. The thirst to kill for. The craving for a soul. I forced myself to think of something else like where I actually am, a red coloured room with the bed being red and the drapes also being red. \"What's up with the colour red in this place\" I thought \" It's to match their pureblood souls.\" said that voice again. I looked around the room to see where the voice was coming from but nobody was there. \"it's me Patrick. It's Rebecca\"

\"where are you, so I can kill you, you ugly cow! You ruined my life!\" I screamed. \"you didn't love me did you? You've just taken my life away, so you can be like your sick twisted parents and your deranged brother.\" \"I did love you but our mother gave u-\" \"our mother? Our mother? What am I, adopted or something.\" \"Well yeah. She took a boy orphan in which had the same name as you and age and killed him and you replaced him as her adopted sibling. So it would be like you are my stepbrother.\" she giggled \"how can you laugh at a time like this? My parents must be worrying sick about me?\" I was worrying my ass off. She remained silent though. \"what's happened to my parents Rebecca, what's going on?\" \"Your ppp-parents are ddd-down stairs talking to my parents\" in a quiet and almost mouse like voice \"what?!\" I rushed to the door trying to open it but it was locked I was trying to barge it but it stayed the same, then I heard the screams. The deathly screams of my parents as their souls were extracted and eaten, \"my family are dead thanks to them\" I thought as I slumped to the ground. \"I'm so sorry I wish I cou-\" \"you should have just killed me! My parents would be alive then.\" I interrupted \"No they wouldn't. They were blaming my family and trying to convince the police as well. But it wouldn't help that there are sirens in the police force. The police which are sirens told my family. That's why there here. Not to make you hopeless but make sure the siren community remains a secret. But on other things how are your eyes?\" I was left speechless as I walk up to the reflection in the wall mirror. It was me no doubt about it but something was different. Something was wrong. My eyes. The colour of chocolate in my eyes have been stolen and replaced by a dark emotionless blue, the blue which I admired so much. I'm one of them. I'm a monster.

Chapter 6- The Traveller

When I am set free I am going to knock out the first person who let's me out. Unfortunately after a eternity of waiting, still with the screams fresh in my mind, the door was unlocked. Jacque came through and dodged the punch and he twisted my arm behind my back, like the police do, and my shoulder clicked in a sound which is not meant to be heard. He came up to my ear, the smell of his breath was making my mouth water, he whispered \"Do you know how many people I turned? And how many did that same approach? Do you?\" I was silent \"hundreds, now move. We need to find out if you have a power or not.\"

I went downstairs onto the ground floor which I am already used to. But cut short of the dining room by a tall man with a huge trench coat, \"A mask! Is that a mask on his face?\" I thought \"Nobody knows who he really is, he is just called The Traveller. The traveller activates your powers apart from this telepathy, every couple gets it once intwined.\" Rebecca replies Out of nowhere he grabs me by the shoulders and he stares me in the eyes and I stare back looking at his furious brown eyes. He started to laugh and spoke in a familiar booming voice \"He has powers but the strange thing is I can't detect it\" wait I know that voice. He put his fingers to his mouth obviously knowing what I found out \"So the only way to find out is to activate it but lets leave the best for last\" now moving to Rebecca which appeared out of nowhere. \"Do you accept your gifts?\" in the loud booming voice I know so well. \"I do\" she replied and The Traveller pressed his hand to her slim neck. \"Great powers I release you!\" Suddenly green smoke started to escape from her mouth as she breathed and engulf her, she was out of sight. Whilst she was in there we could hear animal noises and her laughter, I loved her laughter, they're more like giggles than laughter. Then the smoke cleared and The Traveler look on her arm which had a tattoo of a horse and boomed \"She has become an animalist, a person which can speak and become animals!\" the parents looked happy and grinned as if they had something to do with it. He looked at me with absolute pleasure and said \"well we will have to choose the mystery box now\" and gripped my neck as firm as Rebecca's was held and spoke the same words but nothing happened. He said it again but still nothing. But in the corner of my eye I saw something dart across the room. Then another and another until I realise shadows were going into my own shadow and that's not even the weirdest part. The weirdest part was that my shadow opened his red eyes and started to grow to my Height and went inside me and screamed. I felt agonising pain on my chest and then black smoke escaped not only from my mouth but anywhere it could and not only engulfed me but also engulfed the entire room and it's occupants. I heard nothing but screams and once it died down everybody was scared to hell. Then The Traveller burst out loud laughing then he spoke, \"Ladies and gentlemen I present to you!\" ripping open my shirt \"Patrick the shadow stealer!\" everybody stared at my chest. I looked down at my chest seeing a giant pentagon on my chest and then Rebecca fainted and I fell suit. \"Why do I keep on fainting and why did Rebecca faint\" \"Stop talking to yourself and plus you scared me so much that I fainted and you fainted because of exhaustion!\" \"Rebecca!\"

Chapter 7- The Shadow Realm

I open my eyes into a room covered with candles and a banner not red like in the house but black. The thing which shocked me was that the banners had a red pentagon on it. \"Welcome my brother!\" a young voice spoke.

I woke up in a hot sweat gasping for breath clinging to the sheets of my bed for comfort, going threw the check list of my surroundings. This is the first time I'm glad to be here. I look at the clock 7 o'clock that's when I would usually get dressed for school and heard a shout from downstairs. \"get dressed everybody!\" I walk to the wardrobe which supposedly belongs to me and open it. No way. no way. I get turned into a siren and I still have to go to school? There was a knock on the door and it opened. Rebecca was there looking as amazed as I am but about something else \"How did you do it?\" she asked \"do what?\" \"escape of course you were gone for a couple hours then you were back in bed, now how did you do it?\" she asked again \"I don't know how, okay because I have to go to school even through the ordeal of becoming a siren. Now if you excuse me.\" as I passed her I entered a shadow and found I was already in school, in the main hall looking back only seeing a shadow. Then I realised I could enter places through the shadows, move from one place to another in a blink of a eye. what could make me weirder? Then Mr O' Sullivan came through the corridor looking shocked and I fitted the pieces together. I was in school. But in my pants, what a nightmare. Now I wish I was back at Le Roche Chantant and walked backwards slamming into Jacque's back at the house \"how did you leave?!\" he demanded \"I am able to teleport through shadows?\" he looked stunned then turned into a evil grin and slapped me on the back \"good. Very good. Walk with me and I'll tell the teacher your ill, and for gods sake gets some clothes on.\" I got changed and we walked across the beach in silence until he broke the tension \"Did you know Gavrilo Prichet, the assassin which killed France Ferdinand that started WW1 was a shadow stealer. Also John Wilks Booth the assassin which killed Abraham Lincoln was also a shadow stealer. Do you know what the similarity is?\" I nodded \"They were both assassin and they were both shadow stealers, so what i'm trying to say is that you are a natural born assassin and I am not letting you go to school\" Thank you \"You shall be home schooled by me but it shall be on Shadow Stealing\" oh well it's better than Mr O' Sullivan \"and we shall call that teleportation thing you do, going to the Shadow Realm\" Neat. That was when that part of my life started to go to hell.

Chapter 8- Shiftiest Class Ever I woke up by the same nightmare from the night before in the same hot burning sweat. I looked around into my room hoping that everything was there and the same, wishing the nightmare wasn't real. That morning Rebecca was leaving for there her homeschooling with that evil witch known as Stacey. \"Goodbye\" I said to Rebecca she stepped back more in fear than anger. She spoke in a shaky breath \"Don't\" she looked at me in the eyes as if she saw her nightmare in the pool of blue then to my shadow and whimpered. She left without another word or glance to me. She went to her training area to practise being a Animalist and did not see her leave as I was to absorbed by Jaques chanting.

I felt drawn to it craving it like a pure soul but different. This wasn't a hunger for food, this was a hunger for power, a power so great that my nails were digging into my hand with anticipation. He made what jacque called a shadow eye. A shadow eye is a rift between the shadow realm and the real world and a shadow stealer is a manipulator of the shadow realm and it's occupants, the shadows. Jacque said their were three type of shadows: a Shifter- a shadow which is the easiest to control which can be be manipulated into any object you see fit. A Fear Monger- to turn shadows into the targets worst fears, if created perfectly the fear can turn real and eliminate the target and it would look like natural causes. The last one is the trickiest of all and the most dangerous, the Brute- the Brute is a shadow soldier which if used correctly can kill many with only one and can multiply as it see fits, but if wrong the shadow can turn on you and kill you. Today we were learning the Shifters, the first time I used them I tried to make a dagger and it went floppy the second time I tried to make it, it turned into a ballistic knife and destroyed a lamp, whoops. After hours of practise I finally made a dagger and Jacque told me how to use a dagger and soon began to make small flips with the blades without cutting myself. But I felt exhausted. Jacque said at the end of the day \"Every shadow has a price the Shifters take the energy from the user, the Fear Mongers has a price of blood and the Brutes has the price of pieces of the soul.\" I almost choked on my own spit when he mentioned the word soul. \"That was entertaining, how was your day Rebecca?\" opening the channels of our connection. \"My day was okay...we learned how to speak to animals\" \"What was this morning about?\" there was a pause \"Becks are you-\" \"You scared me\" \"Great even my girlfriend fears me\" but know one answered

Chapter 9- Nightmares Walking I was in the room again with the black banners and the shadow was there but said something that sent my blood cold \"Where's are parents brother?\". I woke up screaming being held by hands which were not my own. My eyes readjusted to the light and saw Rebecca's eyes staring into mine \"it's okay, your alright, it's me.\" I saw our love in her eyes mixed with terror but that did not mater because our love is still there and is strong. \"Why are you here?\" I asked \"I wanted to go with you when you teleported...and I did, who was he?\" \"who was who?\" I was mystified Her eyes opened as if she won a million euros \"That's it, when you lost your parents, god rest their souls, you miss them so much your brain goes to the only person for comfort, your brother\" \"one problem though\" she looked eager \"I don't have a brother\" her grin turned into thought. \"Then why did he call you brother?\" putting her fingers to her chin in thought. \"well I thought it was a brotherhood of some sort and think I am a member\" giggling at the thought. \"then why did he say are parents than your parents then?\" now stroking her chin even more, in deep thought. She was about to leave when she turned and asked a question that for the second time in my life turned my blood into ice \"why do you stay here?\" because your here! I wanted to scream at her.

It was another day at siren boot camp and first we began with a blood transfusion. Whilst this was going on Jacque explained \"You will have this transfusion because we are learning today about Fear Mongers and how to use them and their price is blood\" Same as the day before, another few hard hours of the ways to respect a Fear Monger because not Like a Shifters, Fear Mongers are living creatures. I also learned rumours that say that once you tame a Fear Monger that one is with you for life. Cool. Then we got to the tricky part to summon a Fear Monger and to tame it. He first told me how to summon one by cutting your hand with a dagger made from a Shifter. I did as commanded and created a dagger and sliced my hand as shown and felt the burning, it felt as if a flamethrower had been sprayed into my hand, then it felt ice cold as if I was holding an icicle and black smoke poured from my cut and enveloped me. In this thick black fog I saw eyes, big red eyes staring at me if it could see my very soul. It spoke a familiar voice \"She will never love you\" wait that's my voice \"she will love another\" now I knew who he was talking about, Rebecca and I felt cold \"and your brother will be disgusted with you\" this time I felt alone and sad that I never met my own brother \"and Rebecca's family will see you are weak and cast you out\" now I felt done for. Then he materialised it was me but had a scar on his right eye \"and your family never loved you\" well he got one of them wrong and that was a costly mistake. Now I'm pissed. I started to walk to him \"what are you doing?!\" he demanded. I grew into a jog \"no please\" he seemed desperate but shadows don't have mercy, rule 1 \"stop\" he screamed. Rule 2 never let your guard down on a shadow. I leaped into him and a shining light began to glow. I did it I faced fear itself and I won. I was back in the living room for a couple of seconds until I fainted. \"why oh why do I keep on fainting\" I thought \"maybe because your a big girl's blouse?\" replied Rebecca with a rhetorical question \"same old Rebecca. I forgot to ask what did you do today?\" \"I'll show you when you wake up\"

Chapter 10- Brothers at arms

The same dream but again something was different. I was in the room again and the shadow asked the same question but I was able to answer and I finally spoke to him. \"If you are my brother then I need to tell you that are parents are dead\" that will tell if he's my brother or not. \"What?\" the shadow finally came to the light and saw a exact copy of me but different. He was blonde and a bit older, but he looked just like me. \"how?!\" he demanded. He must be my brother. \"They were murdered by sirens for trying to tell the truth about them.\" I gave him a straight answer. No more lies. \"now I have told you, how did you come to be?\" he stared at me. \"Dad went away for a night out when he was 20 he had fun and the mistake happened.\" gesturing to himself \"But unfortunately for dad, my mum was a siren and then he met your mother and settled down and a year later, had you.\" he gestured to me to come towards him \"If you want to know, my name is William, William Scart and you and I are both Shadow Stealers, probably got it from the father.\" WTF. I heard a gasp behind me and knew who it was. \"Rebecca what are you doing here?\" turning around seeing her in her nighty. Hesitating for a couple of seconds just to admire her in that tight but beautiful nighty \"or do I have to scare you away?\" \"I can't leave. Only shadows can enter and that includes you two\" she giggled. We looked at each other in utter amazement the Will spoke \"how did you know that?\" \"I interrogated a squirrel which lived next to a Shadow Stealer and I know this is a shadow box, a place between the normal realm and the shadow realm, which is used for a place to meet securely\" she giggled again and we looked at her in shock \"what?! The guy always talked to the squirrel about his problems, like he was his therapist or something\" now are look turned into confusion. She shrugged then a shadow appeared next to me, the shadow which I tamed, the shadow in which had the red scar on his right eye. As I was taught I went into a defensive position rule 2, never turn your back on a shadow. \"Now what should I call you?\" I spoke to the shadow. He put a fist over his heart and bowed \"what ever you want my lord\" he went into a standing position. That's it! Rebecca picked her head up obviously hearing my thoughts. I looked at my shadow and said in a calm voice \"your name shall be Anubis.\" The shadow stared at me with his red eyes and said \"if you wish my lord, and a tip, don't repeat the ritual which summoned me with. Just say my name, I will answer and for my services I will extract your blood, seem fair?\" then he disappeared into the realm of the unknown. The Realm of darkness. My brother turned to me with a grin and said \"Now, how will you escape?\" and then, the room went suddenly black.

Chapter 11- The Great Escape

I woke up to the chanting of Jacque, hearing him sounded like a ancient language lost in time, probably lost for a reason. A dark aura clouded over him like a cloak and he lowered his hands and spoke \"what were you doing in a shadow box hmmm?\" when he was demanding for a explanation, I grew with anger, my rage was fuelling the fire of my resentment towards him, I realised then that this fire was doused by a emotion far greater than anger but love, towards Rebecca. He used my love as a shield for his protection and a anchor to make me stay a prisoner, that fiend, he will pay. He was still demanding a explanation and I finally answered him with the words in which gave him cold feet. \"I met my brother, you dipstick.\" I walked back a couple of paces and shouted into the air \"Anubis scare him please, a lot\" I felt sapped of energy, almost fainting if I didn't lean on the dresser. A figure appeared from Jaques shadow, a shadow in which I am very familiar, Anubis. A dark cloud enveloping all of us. Anubis tilted his head he giggled to himself and said \"do you know what Patrick did? Do you? I'll tell you, he gave me enough of his blood that I have enough power to kill you\". Jacques eyes turned to fear and then his mouth started to quiver as Anubis's form shifted and changed into a giant scorpion, the size of a car and started to encircle the cowardice man. But jacque's face turned from fear to anticipation, his body shape changed from cringing to bravery and he spoke \"I never told you what my power is did I? I am a Light Smith and in the name, I am able to control light which is the opposite and enemy of darkness\" signalling to Anubis \"And now I will show you my power\" light burst out of his hands, almost like fire which caressed his naked arms and materialised into a whip in which was entirely covered in spikes. He used the whip like a stream of water, he constantly surrounded himself in the whip, making the scorpion unable to even get close to the man. I used this to my advantage, using the shadow as a vehicle, I charged at Jacque whilst on the back of the scorpion and leaped from its back. I hit the opposite wall with a heavy thud and the last thing I saw was the scorpion getting whipped with the light whip and turned into a puff of black smoke. I closed my eyes giving into the dark world of slumber and was grabbed by a pair of hands, getting dragged into the pits of darkness.

I woke up in a hut with the smell of smoke filled my lungs and I coughed heavily. A figure appeared in front of me, it was blurred and unrecognisable until it came into full view. It was Will he had a big smirk on his face \"how long was I out?\" his grin soon dispersed after the question. He turned around, with his back facing me he then spoke \"a while\" \"But how long?!\" I demanded \"you were in a coma for a month\" A month! A month! \"you lost a lot of blood to control your shadow and you hit your head straight into the wall, your lucky to be alive\" he slowly turned and then giggled at the sight of my astonishment. He then told me what happened that night, whilst we strolled across the smooth untouched beach, he said whilst I was fighting Jacque he intercepted Rebecca from Stacey's training session and sent her to the beach. He then dragged me through the portal when Anubis was fighting. \"so\" he said putting his hands together \"what do we do now?\".

Chapter 12- ?????? ??????/Siren Killer I woke up in a small bamboo hut covered with a canopy of large branches. The walls were decorated with charms, luck charms and an elaborate range of paintings. I lifted my body expecting clothes but received none. I lifted the bedcovers hoping for any clothes there. Nope. I heard a noise coming from outside, I grabbed the sheets of the bed, materialised a sharp dagger and slowly creeped around the door preparing myself to pounce on my pray. I erased my breath, focused only on the target and it's sound. I grabbed the arm of my pray dragged it in and realised it was Rebecca. I embraced her in a friendly hug and not realising that I dropped the sheets which were my only protection from exposer of my privates. She turned away quickly and said \"il fetch you some clothes\" she tried to sprint off but was stopped by Will. He had a huge grin on his smug little face. \"don't bother,\" he said \"he can make his own clothes, not just weapons.\" I was confused in every possible way, how are you supposed to make clothes out of shadows, but he already knew what I was thinking \"just picture yourself in the clothes you want. I did what he told me to do and ribbons of darkness crawled over my shoulders and across my waist and in places I would not like to mention and ended up with a pair black jeans and a black hoodie. Cool.

After I admired myself for a whole half a hour until Will cleared his throat obviously wanting some attention \"Now like I asked before, what are you going to do now?\". I thought of what he said for quite a while thinking of ways to get rid of this dreadful curse before I do something, like killing someone. But my mind drew a blank, the only idea of getting rid of this ball and chain would to rip my soul and Rebecca's out and correct the problem of mixed souls. But that would be insane. Wouldn't it? Wouldn't that be suicide in a way. But that was my only idea and so I will ask my brother the next time I see him and I will fight back the claws of twisted fate and pursue the path of humanity.

As I walked out of my hut a large tremor occurred and something told me it wasn't a earthquake. I sprinted to the one closest to me, my last strand of humanity which held me away from the pit of darkness, Rebecca. I heard her scream just around the corner and I pushed myself to the limit and went around the corner only to be awaited by a forearm to the throat. I went flat on my back. Defeated. Before I even began to think. Then a unknown face appeared but instantly I knew what he was when I gazed into his dark blue eyes. A siren. His face was hidden with a thick black cloth and then I planned my next coarse of action. I shouted \"Anubis! I command you! Kill him!\" after that order I felt drained of life as if my body no longer existed and only my soul remained. I watched as a clown came out of nowhere and started thrusting a dagger, into the sirens stomach, repeatedly until the man laid limp in the clowns arms. It was almost ironic how his fear killed him. How it was so easy for the target to freeze under fear and how it led to his downfall. I then took my attention to the screams of another man and he was being eaten by killer cockroaches obviously my brothers handiwork. Obviously my brother had the same common sense that I have that these men have hostile intent. But before we could even exchange glances the scream from Rebecca's small but beautiful mouth erupted and echoed throughout the beach. We looked further down the Beach to see Rebecca's father, Jacque, grab his own daughter by the hair and drag her away away from us. We were weak from the previous battle and we could barely stand and we could not run and the last sight I saw of her that day was of her screaming in rage. My last tether of light was cut and I wanted blood. My name was no longer, the goody too shoes, Patrick O' Malley. My name. Is now. Siren Killer...

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