The Quarterback Dilemma

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012




Friday March 3rd

It took The Girlfriend to crack me. I have been waiting a month for certain things to become public. The waiting has almost driven me crazy and now finally, it has happened. Someone other than The Quarterback and myself has become involved. She walked up to me today, all swishy blonde ponytail and wide lip-glossed smile. I knew the moment I saw her that the secret was out. She had never even looked at me before, and now here she was, walking up to me about to speak. For a split second I actually considered making a run for it, cartoon style.

“Hey,” she said.

I just peered at her from under my fringe. Stu stood next to me paralyzed with amazement.

“So… my boyfriend’s been texting you.”

I stayed glued to the spot and Stu turned his look of amazement on me.

“He left his phone at mine last night. Apparently, he likes the way you …,” she choked back the tears.” He likes the way you …” She couldn’t finish her sentence.

I left her standing there. What could I do? I actually did that cartoon run I had been contemplating and left her standing there next to Stu who was still frozen with shock.

Yup, a pretty dramatic moment, and I think everyone who was there would agree.


Saturday March 4th

Speaking as the biggest coward who ever graced the halls of John Howard High, thank God it’s the weekend.

This morning I woke to … a new world. One in which the whole of the school knows The Quarterback was unfaithful to his perfect girlfriend with me – the weird English chick with the fringe. At least I have had a month to absorb this information; everyone else must be in a state of confusion and turmoil.

How can I be so light hearted? I guess I am kind of relieved, in a strange sort of way. I have been expecting this humiliation for so long, it’s a relief that it’s finally happened.

The only thing I am really concerned about is Stu. He must hate me. I have lied to him and evaded him for a month. When he told me he was gay it must have taken so much courage and how have I repaid him? By messing around with a male bimbo who has made his life a misery. I decided to keep my head down last night, but today I have to do something, the longer I leave it the worse it will seem. I am so tempted to stay under the duvet and pretend none of it ever happened, but all this was of my own making and I have to take personal responsibility and make amends. That’s what Mum would have told me to do.

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