Hill Top Horror

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Hill Top was a peaceful town at one time. Not much happened around until that one summer day. Springfield scientist were working on a new drug. Something terrible happen and cause people to turn into zombies after being infected. Follow Dan and his fellow survivors as they attempt to make it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hill Top Horror

Submitted: July 28, 2009

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Submitted: July 28, 2009



Chapter 1

A gun shot rang out and echoed through the woods. Dan bolted up at the sound. “Why is there gun fire in town…” He mumbled out loud as he quickly rolled out of bed and rushed to his bedroom window. He could see that it was still night and the rain from the day before was still pouring. As he scanned the streets, he saw figures shambling down the empty street. They looked as if they were all moving as a pack; no one touched each other as they all kept pace.

“What the hell is going on here” He asked himself as he saw his neighbor Robert, a gun fanatic that lived three houses down, shot a woman in between the eyes. She dropped, but no one around her seemed phased by one of them being killed at random.

Dan hurried as he pulled on his gym outfit. As he laced his sneakers he heard rapid gunfire unlike the regular shots that he heard since the woman was killed. The firing ended and then a blood curling scream was heard, together with the sound of something ripping. Dan hurried to the window again in time to see Robert be attacked by a horde of people. Only a few people took bites out of him because before long he stood right back up. The pistol that Dan figured was now empty dropped out of Roberts hand and hit the ground. Robert joined the horde and simply walked down the street.

Dan watched and waited until the horde of people walked down the street. He was about to head outside when he saw the window in the Coles old house light up. He recalled the following day seeing someone moving stuff in, although he thought it was just being showed to someone, it seems that it was bought. A lady near his age, around twenty, came to the window. She looked frightened and looked directly at Dan and had a face that yelled out for help. He held up a figure to signal for her to wait and he left the window. He grabbed a baseball bat for his own defense; he did not want to get cornered by one of them people.

He peered out the door before opening it to see if the road was clear but there were a few stragglers on the road. Worrying for the lady across the street he did not want to leave her in danger. He left the safety of his home and ventured out of his door, but before he even hit the street there were groans approaching him. He tried to avoid the people as best he could, but by the time he reached her door they were already on his heels. They seemed to come from nowhere and were just at the stairs of the porch. He turned the door knob and it would not budge. The door was locked! He pounded a fist on the door and turn to swing the bat as he heard the people coming up behind him. His grip on the bat tightened as he spun his body around on one foot bringing the bat up with the momentum from the spin and hit one of the people right in the neck. The crack of the neck snapping could be felt through the bat and radiated up into his arm. The door behind him opened up and he felt a hand pull him in, remembering about the girl and kept himself from attacking her. When he came in as she slammed the door shut and locked it behind them.

The girl looked frightened but was unharmed. She was a fairly attractive woman with long raven hair and barely stood over five feet, only up to his shoulders. She looked as if she were crying because her eyes were red and moist.

“You’ll be okay now,” Dan said to comfort her.

“I’m going to be okay!? There is no being okay when people are shooting other people without hesitation!” She yelled at him frighten. She began to pace the entrance to her home. “I moved here to get away from all this violence and not even a day after I arrive this shit happens!”

Dan walked to her and placed a hand on her shoulder and she flinched at the touch then sighed. “We will be fine but you need to be quite we don’t want to alarm anymore of those things.” He looked out the window and saw only a few from the horde that had chased him to the door were still around. Closing the window curtains he turned to her and just now noticed she was still in her pajamas. “We can either stay here until dawn then try to make a brake for it or we go now. We have no idea if more will be here in the morning or less but it seems you are still ready for bed.”

She was trying to hide a yawn but it escaped her and she tried to play it off. “If we have just as much a chance in the morning, why not wait? If anything it will be daylight so we can actually see.” She looked at Dan and walked him to the living room. “You can sleep on the couch…” Just now she realized they have not introduced themselves. “Oh! My name is Kelly. Kelly Jones and you are?”

“Dan Smith.” He said as he put the baseball bat down next to the couch as he sat. As he untied his shoes he looked at her and smiled. “You don’t need to worry I will stay downstairs. Just tell me where the bathroom is and I’ll keep away from your room.”

“Well Dan Smith, there is one just through the kitchen,” she pointed down the hall towards the kitchen. “I’ll be heading to bed then good night.” Up the stairs she went followed by a door shutting seconds after she was at the top.

Dan took off his shirt and laid down on the couch trying to get comfortable. Once he finally got into a position he could sleep in the thought that the door in Kelly’s kitchen was not locked and ghouls could come in at any moment kept him awake. Finally, after what seemed to be hours, Dan got up and walked out just to find out that Kelly had to be the only person on the block without a kitchen door. Shaking his head at himself he looked out the kitchen window which peered over the hedge to her neighbor’s drive way and saw their truck parked. It sat four people and looked like it had plywood in the bed of it.

Dan turned away from the window but just as he looked away he saw the lights go on and the door slowly cracked open. He noticed they were the Johnsons, a family Dan never got to know just saw them when everyone was coming home from work. They started to leave the safety of their house and made way to the truck. No ghouls seemed to be in sight but the only area Dan could see was the spot where light left the house from the door. The wife opened the passenger door but the husband never got to his door before the ghouls were on them and the sound of ripping flesh was easily heard. The cry of the couple as their flesh was torn from the muscles holding it was bone chilling. The horde was slow but with the cover of night it seemed that humans just could not hope to stay alive. Dan waited for the Johnsons to rise like Robert did but even once the horde moved on their bodies lay motionless outside the truck.

Why were some people coming back from the dead and why were others just dying. That question kept Dan up the entire night as he worked on a plan. He wanted to get Kelly’s van, which he found was parked in her garage after looking around and the Johnsons’ truck, if he could, and make way to the local grocery store and hopefully hold out there. There would be food, drink, shelter, and enough room to hold more people if anyone else happened to be alive yet. The only problem with his plan was getting to the store without being attacked. Knowing that the ghouls were slow he hoped that the vehicles would get them to the store and able to close off the entrances before being swarmed upon.

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