The Nerve Of Tristan Hart

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As kids, Tristan Hart and Ghennysys Glenwood couldn't get along even if you paid them to. Their friendship consisted of constantly fighting and arguing over the smallest things, and surprisingly, it lasted for a solid 6 years. After 6 years of not seeing each other, they're all grown up and reunited as the Co-managers of a very successful company. Nothing has changed about their hot and cold relationship, except the the fact that they're dancing dangerously close to leaving their friendship, and entering a relationship.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Nerve Of Tristan Hart

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011




“Well, what seems to be the problem this time Ghennysys?” Carla asked, watching her daughter push the door open forcefully and shut it with a loud slam.


“Nothing.” Ghenn huffed as she plopped down on one of the bar seats with her arms crossed and a frown on her face. At just 11 years old, she had quite a temper and it was so much of a problem that Ghenn’s principal had Carla’s number on speed dial.


“You seem pretty upset over nothing hon. Talk to me.” Carla insisted and smiled as her daughter got a sour look on her face before she went into a frenzy, pacing the room and waving her hands in the air as she talked. She reminded her so much of her father, it was hilarious how flustered they both got when they were angry or frustrated.


“It’s that stupid… jerk next door, Tristan." she spat his name out as though it left a bad taste in her mouth. "He’s so… rude and arrogant and ugh!” Ghenn yelled and Carla smiled. Ever since Tristan and his mother moved here a few months ago, he and Ghenn had gotten into countless fights and the ending result would be this very thing happening now. Ghenn would go on a rant about Tristan and from the stories that Tristan’s mother would tell Carla, he would do the same.


“What did he do that’s got your panties in a twist?” Carla asked, earning a glare from her daughter, which she ignored.


“We were playing Truth Or Dare, and he dared me to climb the tallest tree in his backyard.” Carla arched an eyebrow at this but decided not to interrupt her story. “But obviously, I don’t have the proper apparel for climbing trees!" she pulled at her dress and pointed to her shoes. "So I told him no because I was wearing a dress, and he was all “well you’re also wearing sneakers with it” and I was all “ It doesn’t matter, I’m not going to climb that tree with a dress on” and then he had the nerve to say that I was a scaredy-cat! If I know one thing, I know for a fact that Ghennysys Jasey Rae Glenwood is not a scaredy-cat! So I punched him in the eye.” Ghenn said as if it was the most logical thing in the world.


“You did what?” Carla asked, authority ringing in her tone.


“Mom he insulted me!” Ghenn said in her defense.


“Ghennysys, that is no reason to put your hands on someone, I don’t care what the circumstances are! We’re going to walk next door and you’re going to apologize!” Carla walked past her frowning daughter with a frown of her own and opened the door.




Ghenn moved her feet grudgingly as they made their way next door to Tristan’s house.


Karen was a single mother to Tristan and she, without a job, was able to live such a luxurious life with a monthly check from her ex-husband. In her eyes, her former husband was an unloving bastard who basically paid her so that he didn’t have to have any place in his son’s life. Tristan didn’t seem to miss him, so Karen was fine with that just as long as her son was taken care of, and never without. Even though she was living a good life for a woman who didn’t work, she felt as though her degree in business was going to waste so she was thinking about starting her own business in interior decorating within the next year or so.


As she was thinking about what to make for supper, the door slammed loudly and she could hear her son pacing angrily around the den.


“Son, is there a problem?” she asked him and Tristan’s head snapped up and she could see a dark circle forming around her son’s eye. She walked back to the kitchen without a word, to make an ice pack and gave it to Tristan to put against his eye before she asked anymore questions.


Tristan slumped down on the couch with the ice pack on his eye. He was raging.


He couldn’t believe that he just got decked in the eye by a girl. He wouldn’t have hit her, a red behind would've been guaranteed if he had,but he definitely didn’t tolerate anyone hitting him unless it was his mother.His absent father even knew not to go there.


“That girl, the Glenwood girl, decked me in the eye.” Tristan said, looking ashamed of himself.


Karen figured that this was Ghenn’s doing before he even said a word. When they moved here, Karen feared that Tristan wouldn’t adapt to the new surroundings. They went from the bustling, busy streets of New York, to the calm, peaceful roads of Texas. School doesn’t start until for a few weeks, so she hoped Tristan would make more friends there. She was glad that he at least had one beforehand, that way Ghenn could take him under her wing and make him feel comfortable, if he let her that is.


She absolutely adored Ghennysys though! She was such a sweetheart around her but she knew that Ghenn could be downright stubborn and wild at times. Tristan’s current state proved that much. She enjoyed how free spirited, happy, and carefree Ghenn seemed. That girl could surely win people over with her charming, but wild personality. Though she hadn't known her for long, Karen already saw Ghenn as the daughter she never had, and never could have, for she was doomed with the news of not being able to have any more children, just a few weeks after Tristan was born.


“Well what did you do that provoked her to hit you?” Karen asked her son. She knew that he had a tendency to run his mouth a lot, that always seemed to be a problem with him.


“What makes you think that I did anything to her? That girl is crazy!” Tristan exclaimed and Karen gave him a pointed look.


“Because you’re you, and you have a big mouth.” Karen said and Tristan scoffed.


“Mom! Are you taking the enemy’s side?” Tristan asked with his eyes as wide as saucers. Karen smiled, thinking that her son could be so dramatic at times.


“I’m not taking anyone’s side, son. But you do have a big mouth and you know it. So what did you say to her?” she asked again and Tristan sighed angrily and told her the story of their Truth or Dare game but in the middle of his story, there was a knock on the door.


“One minute sweetie, I’ll go see who’s at the door. You keep that ice on your eye!” Karen instructed as she walked to the door.


She was surprised to see Carla standing on her doorstep with a frowning Ghennysys in tow. She smiled invitingly and beckoned them to come in, leading them to the den where Tristan sat.


“I’m sorry to come here unannounced but Ghennysys has something that she would like to say to Tristan.” Carla explained and gently pushed Ghenn towards Tristan.


Ghennysys dragged her feet the rest of the way to him and crossed her arms over her chest.


“Pick up your feet.” Carla snapped lightly and Ghennysys did so.


She stood in front of Tristan silently and rock back and forth on her heels.


“Well?” Tristan asked, frustration and wonder in his voice.


Ghennysys mumbled an incoherent apology to him and Tristan smirked in amusement and triumph.


“What was that?” Tristan asked and Ghennysys mumbled it again. She absolutely hated apologizing to people if she didn’t mean it and the fact that Tristan was only going to rub it in her face, made her loathe him even more than her young mind could understand.


“Excuse me, I didn’t catch that last part.” Tristan said and Ghenn stomped her foot in anger and irritation.


“I said I’m sorry for punching you in your stupid face!” Ghenn yelled.


“Ghennysys!” Carla yelled.


“Mom, I can’t give him a proper apology if I don’t mean it! I’m not sorry for punching him in the eye because he’s a jerk and he deserved it!” Ghennysys said.


“I did not! You’re the one that was being acting like a whiney little girl!” Tristan argued.


“Tristan.” Karen said, a warning in her voice.


“I’ll show you a whiney little girl!” Ghenn yelled and she gave him a swift kick to his leg .


Carla grabbed her daughter by her arm and looked at Karen with a look of apology.


“It’s okay. Tristan has a mouth on him and I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing in that situation. He purposefully does that to people, knowing what buttons to push to drive them mad.” Karen explained and Carla smiled.


“Well, Ghenn has quite a temper but hitting him was uncalled for.” She said and the ladies both laughed at the whole situation while Ghenn and Tristan glared at each other.


It was the beginning of a rocky, complicated friendship between the two kids, and as time passed, it only got worse.

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