solitude dream

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hey guys please post your views on my novel and help me develope it.
this is about the reality of truth binding with fantasy.
listening with open ears.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - solitude dream

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




IN the Everlasting green pasture which in term we refer as World passes with FACTS and FUN. But this as always not been the case of everyone’s life.

To the privileged its always having the best in life to the rest it’s a one way journey, where one lives the moment he is in. The world is like a big box of puzzle where each one takes time to solve it.

Walking in the lonely street of Arcade rin stops to look at the bakery shop .The pastry chef tries to amuse the crowd of children who are rounding their eyes and mouth drooling on the lovely cakes and cookies shown on the display .

Rin looked at the kids and her mind wandered to her younger days. She remembered coming with her mother to the same shop and looking into it.”How things change so quickly” ,one day you remember you are kid with innocent smile playing around like the loosely scattered clouds and the next thing you could notice is this of reality.

“Life is changeable and so are the people” sighed Rin as she quickly moved from the shop to avoid the memories of the hard hit reality. It his cloudy evening in the city of Arcade people rushed to get back to their house as it may rain soon.Rin rushed to her home which was not quiet far from the shop. Not soon enough the clouds bursted with rain which looked like the whole city of Arcade needs a shower.Rin made home half wet. She quickly changed her dress into her robes and dryed her hair.

She stood at the mirror closing her eyes and whispered gently “where are you” her sight of the shop wanders in her memory and slowly opening her god gifted purple eyes ”aaargh” she yelled and fall on to the ground.”ITS him its him,”

Clinging her hands in a twist she holds her breath and rolled her eyes to the every corner of the room. Then she rushed out of her room in desperation to see the white eyes which she saw in the mirror. For the first time she could feel her heart and mind are in phase to seek the source of her mysterious past.

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