Life Changing Moment

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Life After

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Part Three: Life After

The wreck played out in her head, as much as Lizzie could remember herself, detail for detail. The only thing she could think about was that there had to be a reason for all of this. As a result of the things that had happened in her life, she had come to believe that everything happened for a reason. So then what was the reason for this?

She thought about her family. They had all been very close before this happened, but now…it seemed like they were all even closer. She had never heard her father cry before so as she remembered hearing him cry over her as she lay in the emergency room, she realized it did something for her. Really, what it did was confirm something she already knew. He loved her as his own daughter, not his step-daughter. Every time her mom left her, she would give her a kiss on the cheek or the forehead and tell her she loved her. That was really something she needed. As for her grandfather, she had never really been as close to him as she was her grandmother, but she could already tell that their relationship was growing stronger with every minute they spent together. She thought about her sister after that. The two of them hadn’t been the closest either. They didn’t have similar tastes in things. But she just knew that this would definitely bring them closer than ever.

That was one purpose of the wreck, bringing her family closer together, making them all realize that it could be so easy to lose one another. But there was another reason for the accident, one of the bigger ones, and she knew it was for her.

Lizzie had never really been a patient person. She always wanted things to happen right away. When she wouldn’t understand things immediately or get things right, she would easily get frustrated.

Thinking about all this made her realize something. Before the accident, the thought of not graduating college on time would have driven her insane, but as she thought about it now…she felt at peace.

It was undeniable that she and her sister had been saved that day because of God, that there had been an angel inside the car with her to comfort her through the difficult time. The car had even been turned one hundred eighty degrees instead of rolling like it should have. There had been the hands of angels on it.

The peace she had inside her turned into understanding. If God had saved them that day, then they had a reason, a purpose for being here. She might not know what it was right away, but she could trust that God would take care of her from that point on and that he always had been protecting her.

So if God could save her from dying in a car crash, she knew that he would take care of all her problems that she’d encounter with school, her living arrangements, and financial needs that had arisen from this whole ordeal.

She made sure to write down everything she was thinking, everything she was feeling. At times, she wasn’t sure she could heal from this. This was something she didn’t want to forget. During the night, she could still hear the sounds of her sister screaming in her head.

She knew that she was far from getting past this. She would have to spend about two months just sitting around to let her ribs heal, but there was no telling how many months she’d have to wait to heal emotionally. Though she still had many doubts, there was still one thing she was sure about. God would be by her side, holding her hand, through it all, and that was good considering the life change she would soon go through.


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