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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



Another Baby

Was it possible? Jenny hadn't even considered the idea of another baby, but there she sat staring at the plus sign on a pregnancy test. She didn't care how or who at the time, all that mattered was that she was going to be a mommy again. She was overjoyed!

She ran and jumped in Scotty's lap and they just laughed and smiled and talked about the new baby and dreams they had for it. Jenny got out an old T-shirt and a permanent marker and wrote "What Baby?" On the front and "I'm pregnant!" on the back. She then walked downstairs and knocked on her mom's door.

Jenny's mom yelled "Come in!" and when she turned to see Jenny's shirt her jaw dropped. "No..." She said, "You're not, are you?". "Yep. I'm PREGNANT!!!" She squeeled! Her sister Missy walked in and had almost the same reaction to the news. With no one seeming to share in her joy, Jenny returned upstairs to find Scotty's comforting arms so she could feel happy about her baby without all the negative looks and stares from her family.

It was getting so hot outside, and of course Jenny's hormones were insane from the pregnancy, so one day she jumped up and grabbed the scissors. She ordered Scotty to follow her downstairs and once they got to the alley she handed him the scissors and asked him to just chop all her hair. "Just cut it right here," as she motioned to her chin line, "all the way across, I don't care if you mess up." Scotty did as she asked and her beautiful hair blew down the alley way. Jenny smiled a crooked smile and shook her hair as she pranced back upstairs to cool down in the air conditioning.

Her World Crashes

With the news of her pregnancy Jenny had to stop taking her anti-anxiety and depression medication, which was sure to make for an interesting 9 months. She regularly got into fights with everyone she knew over things that didn't even matter. For some reason this made some people believe she was on drugs and suicidal.

The couple decided they needed to move and instead of saving money, they chose to not pay their current rent and save that to move. So of course they were served with eviction papers. In the meantime, Jenny had owed her mom $80 and her mom was adamant she pay her immediately. All at the same time, Jenny learned that Scotty had never paid any money toward his court fines as he said he did, which just pissed her off more. So now they were being evicted, a large part of their money to move was gone to her mom, and they were fighting. Jenny broke into a horrible panic attack and texted Sharon. She threw her mom's movies and Cd's down the stairs and told Scott her anxiety was so bad she felt like she needed to be admitted to a mental institution.

Scotty went downstairs and gave Jenny's mom the money she wanted and told her Jenny was freaking out and said "She wants to go to rehab." Her mom thought Jenny was on drugs instead of what was really meant by that comment, but nothing would change her mind after that.

"Can someone take Zach for a week? I don't have any idea where we're moving or what's going on anymore". Mark arrived at the door as Jenny bawled like a baby on the couch holding her son in her arms. She said, "I'm not sure where we're going to live or how I'm going to make this work, but I will." He replied, "Well, I'll make sure you get to see bub no matter what." She gathered up some of his favorite things and sent them on their way.

Somehow her text to Sharon was misconstrued to say that she was giving Mark custody of Zachary. Jenny's mom told everyone she was on crack very bad and needed to go to rehab especially since she was pregnant and Scott told everyone that she was cutting herself again as well.

The next day when Jenny texted Mark, she asked for him to bring Zach over to see her, he said "yes, but you cannot take him out of the car, he's mine now." "WHAT?! YOU CAN'T KEEP MY SON FROM ME- THIS IS ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING MARK!". He didn't care her reason, he told her he thought she was on crack and cutting herself and it was not a safe place for him to be. So Jenny got a ride to her doctor an hour later and was checked for cuts and got a drug test- all negative.

Did that prove anything to anyone? No. The cops all refused to help her get her son back because Mark had joint custody. No lawyers would help without charging way more than she had. There was nothing she could do. No one would help her and Jenny feared she'd never see her baby boy again.

Jenny went to Mark's apartment again begging for her son back but this time she got some interesting information. He showed her a computer print-out of Scotty's Sexual Predator Registration for rape of a minor. How could he have not told her this? They had already talked about marriage and were having a baby! She allowed him around her child and slept next to him every night!

She immediately confronted him. Maybe she was naive or maybe he was a great liar but he convinced her that he was telling the truth when he told her this story:
"I was at a party when I was 18, there was a girl there that was 15, we hooked up, everything was fine. The next day her boyfriend found out and she called the cops so her man wouldn't dump her. That's all that happened, I swear!"
She really needed it to be true. She didn't want to be a single mom to two babies. She didn't want him to be the monster that paper showed him as. She needed his story to be real, so she believed it, but she still couldn't let his record stand between her and her son. She made him go stay with his aunt Toni and she continued begging for her son back and bothering all the local cops on a daily basis.

She no longer spoke to her family at all. Her mom still believed she was on drugs and wouldn't have anything to do with her. She felt lost and alone. She sat outside listeing to the radio and writing in her journal. She cried and she cried and she begged God to relieve her pain. Mandy, her little sister, came outside and said, "awww go on and write your little suicide note, no one cares..". What if she had been writing a suicide note? How would she have felt if those were her last words to her sister? Jenny thought for a moment of the idea and then as she passed by again told her mom, "You need to keep that little bitch of yours in check before I fuck her up!" They left without care that Jenny, not being on her anti-depressants could have been heading upstairs to commit suicide, of course she wasn't, but how would they have known?

Melody called a week after he first took Zachary. Melody babysat Jenny and her little sister when they were kids and had always been a close family friend. She was also Kara's mom, Jenny's best friend. She used her friends at the local police station to go with her and Jenny to talk to Mark. Jenny got lucky and was able to talk Mark into letting her hold Zach and the cop said that since they had joint custody there was nothing he could do, whoever had him in their arms, got to leave with him.

Jenny got her pride and joy back after a long a stressful week.

Time To Move On

Back together again, mother and son still had to find a new and bigger place to live. With Melody and Kara's help they got a 2 bedroom trailer in a very small town a few miles away. Jenny allowed Scotty to come back to live with them under the condition he register as a sex offender and follow all the laws of his probation. She honestly believed his story and wanted to help him better his life.

Her dad stopped by to visit out of the blue and surprised both of them by just loaning her his car one day in the first week of August! "Now take good care of it and get some money coming in to take care of those babies, when you get the money to get your own car, I'll come back to pick it up", he said. They were in shock. Jenny couldn't believe he cared enough but was so happy that he did! They both began working part time cleaning houses for very little money and kept putting in applications everywhere they could.

Scotty surprised his girlfriend one night with a tattoo gun and some ink and asked her, as he did a lot, if she would marry him. She laughed and said "Of course I will, I love you Honey!" He said, "Okay, do you want a tattoo wedding band?" and sure enough, they tattooed wedding rings on themselves that night and were officially engaged. On August 20th 2008 they went to the courthouse and were married by a judge in front of her son Zachary and her new father in law.

On September 1st there was a knock on the front door very early in the morning. Jenny got up groggy and still half asleep and stumbled to her door. She opened it to see a police officer. "Can I help you?", she asked. "Is Scott Evans here?" She told the officer, "No he's at work, I'm his wife, can I help you?". "You're his Wife?" Replied the cop. "Yes I am." Well, he isn't registered as a sex offender ar this address and we know he's here, can we look around please?".

Jenny thought Scotty was already gone with his dad for the day, of course she was half asleep when she crawled out of bed, so that would explain why he came walking out of the bedroom as the cops walked in the living room. The scene ended with Scotty in handcuffs crying and Jenny calling his dad crying and the cops yelling at both of them to shut up.

After they took him off to county jail, the police sat down with Jenny and explained to her about Scotty's criminal record. More than once had he violated his sex offender registration information and had even more charges than just the one rape of a minor, which turned out was a 14 year old girl when he was 19. She was in shock.

She decided to go to his Aunt Toni's house to pick up her laundry. They had taken it over there to wash the week before and was sure Toni wouldn't mind if she finished drying it and took it home. Well apparently she did mind. She started bitching about "Who the hell is messing with my dryer?" "I am Toni, I'm just drying my laundry that was still in your washer from last time." "Did you ask?!" Well, no it's my laundry and it's sitting her getting moldy..." Ok fine, Sorry Toni, Next time I'll ask first, Sorry,."
"No, there won't BE a next time" ...
So Jenny gathered up all hers and her sons things and put them by the front door. She picked up her son and walked toward Toni.
Jenny: "Look, Toni, I'm sorry I touched your dryer, I was wrong and I apologize."
Toni: "Fuck off, get out of here, fuck you bitch"
Jenny "Toni, I'm just trying to apologize to you!"
Then Toni put her hand on Zachary's back and pushed hard enough to push both Jenny and Zachary back 3 feet. Jenny turned around and said "Don't put your hands on my kid fucking CUNT!"
Toni smacked Jenny in the back of the head and called her a bitch. She then proceeded to order her out of her house and to never return. Not a problem, she didn't plan to do so.

She went home and made some phone calls gathering intelligence and information. She learned the motorcycle they rode on when they first met back up was a friend's and he never sold it to pay any fines. He has never owned any house in any town and doesn't even rent a house in the town he said he did. He didn't even own any vehicle and had not had any contact with either of his daughters in years. Everything he told her, everything she knew about him, everything, it was all lies.

She was done with his pedophile ass and his fat psychotic family.

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