Chapter 1: 9th Grade Hallow

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*+Chapter One: My Doom+*
We sit in the small white painted room, it only has one window.
The window does not open and it’s so tiny that a person couldn’t try squeezing through it.
I sit in my chair and wait for the bell to announce that algebra will be over.
After the bell rings I slump to lunch. I sit down at my table with all the other people that don’t eat.
I don’t know if they don’t eat because the food here is bad or because they’re trying to lose weight, or maybe they’re just never hungry at this time.
I sit and wait for Bryce to join the table and talk about his relationship with Joel.
He sits down at the table.
We say our greetings to each other and he begins. I listen. As I am listening I glance over to see two girls snicker and point in my direction.
I ignore them and continue listening to Bryce, I start to zone out and after awhile I notice a pause and look at him. "Um I think I’m gonna go outside" I say while standing up collecting my things. I head outside with Bryce behind me. We stand outside for awhile in silence.
I decide to take the opportunity to talk to Mitchel.
I say Hi, he reply’s with a murmured Hi and then shifts to the right, away from me.
Two of his friends walk up and stare at me I look down at my shoes, stitched and torn piece’s of trash.
I looked back up to notice that the big one stopped looking at me but the little one kept starring.
"What?" I rasp out. "Nothing just I didn’t think Mitchel talked to ugly people" I was shocked by what he said. I mean I know I’m not attractive but that doesn’t mean people have to point it out, especially in front of me.
I walk away not knowing how to react to the insult. I walk up to Bryce. "Iwascalledugly" I squish the words together.
"What?" I sigh; I didn’t want to repeat what I said because there were groups of people all around us.
"Eye’s are funny" I excused. Bryce gave me a stern look; I think he noticed that I didn’t say the same thing.
"No that’s not what you said; you said something about how you look."
How did he possible catch that? "Are you saying I look weird?" Ha! I turned the tables on him.
"No! Absolutely not! It just sounded like you said something about your looks."
"Hey look there’s Renee!" I shouted excitedly, pointing out towards our friend Renee sitting at a table with some more of our friends.
I made my way over to Renee and the others. I sat down and looked around at Joel, and Kelsey.
I could see Bryce starring into Joel’s eye. The sight made me sick; I’m up for gay pride as long as people aren’t being gay in front of me.
I have a problem with any thing concerning liking someone in front of me, aka public display of affection (pda)
The bell rings and we all groan and move on to our next class.
My next class is English. My teacher Mr. Walsh hands out our book report forms, we write a report on all the pages we read during "Reading Time."
I kind of enjoy reading time because it’s silent, all but the grumbling sound coming from empty and overly-filled stomachs.
After English school is out and I race to my sister’s car so we can get off school property as soon as possible. This way her and my cousin can light a cigarette.
My sister and cousin attend the school too; my sister is a Junior and just like me, my cousin is a Freshman.
My sister Kristen and cousin Miranda light up their cigarettes while I sit in back and wish I could press one of the cherry’s into my skin.
I gaze out the window and notice my sister’s music is turned down low, which means she is talking. I look at her in the rear-view mirror to see if she is talking to me. She’s not.
After we drop my cousin off we go home. When we arrive I head off to my room. I close and lock the door, locking it the old fashion way with a chair under the knob.
I sit in the floor and do my homework, when I’m done my step-mom, Tonya, knocks on the door. "Come eat." She sounded mad. Gulp.
Sitting down at the kitchen with beads of sweat running down my back and all I can think is ‘what did I do this time?’
Kristen glances at me, I glance at our younger brother Lee, and he glances at our younger sister Peyton.
If you were to be watching this it would look like children in the movies from the 80's getting in trouble.
Tonya starts to speak "Bailey your grounded." Pause. Gulp. "Do you know why?" She asks with such a serious expression and such a rough booming voice I’m terrified to blink. I shake my head no. "You forgot to make your bed" I let a sigh of relief out; I thought it’d be something worse that I’d get hit over.
I look over to Kristen; does she feel no pity for me?
I shake my head yes. After I take three bites I head to my room, I don’t mind if I’m grounded because I don’t do anything anyways, that’s why I think she grounds me because she knows it doesn’t hurt me.
Peyton comes to my door and taps on it. I open the door and look at her. "Sorry" she says, Six year olds; they feel like everything is their fault and I feel guilty about that.
"Don’t be, you didn’t do anything" I say waiting for her to leave so I can return to my tornado of a mess.
I sit on the floor next to my bed, I get angry at the events of the day, like that boy calling me ugly, and the two girl’s snickering. I reach for the blade that’s hidden under my bed, far, very far back where no one would think of looking.
Unless that’s exactly what they were looking for. I hold the blade to my wrist and with a quick swipe I make a line on my wrist, I sit there for awhile and glare at it, no blood. I get angrier and slice again, and again.
I continue to do this until there are four lines of blood pushing through my skin and reaching the surface.
I hear walking so I push the blade under my bed as fast as I can and then I wipe the blood off with a shirt lying on the ground close to me.
Kristen walks in. Great. "What you doing?" she asks. I look up at her like she just asked "where’s the bathroom?"
I shrug and make a face "Nothing as usual" I shift my body away from her. I wait a moment; she leaves.
I lay down on my bed and wonder what my life would be like if I had more friends and if I could go out and do things, and never be grounded for something so stupid like forgetting to make my bed. ‘I bet Lee didn’t make his bed’ I think to myself.
He never does, and he never gets grounded, and he always gets to go down to his friend’s house and skateboard.
Who knew that a ten year old could be so talented at skateboarding.
I sit in my room and look out my window and watch Lee skate down the drive way, Kristen leaving in her car, and Peyton playing outside with a friend.
Am I the only one in this family without a life?
I want to ask Kristen to get me out of what I like to call "groundation"
This obviously means being grounded.
I don’t think Kristen would though because then she might get grounded too.
I wouldn’t want her to get grounded too, because she would be mad at me for causing her to be unable to see her boyfriend.
I get up and peek out my door; when we're grounded we're not suppose to come out of our rooms, unless we're getting something to eat or drink, or have to go to the bathroom. But for me that can’t be an excuse because there’s a door in my room connected to the bathroom.
I could say I was getting something to eat or drink but then that’d go into to much detail, like what I was getting and all that.
I shut the door and pace my room several times before I decide there is nothing I can do about this, unless..

Submitted: September 25, 2010

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