Once Loved Twice Broken

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Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot

be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat.

If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve

man, but it would deteriorate the cat.

~Mark Twain~

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 ~ New Mysteries

Submitted: February 08, 2010

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Submitted: February 08, 2010



It’s the first day of my freshman year in college. It’s a new school in a new town, in a completely new state where the only person I know is my mother. This morning I got up earlier than usual to make myself look presentable. I was so busy getting ready I didn't have time to eat breakfast. I drove the fifteen minutes to school, with my stereo blaring, and pulled into the parking lot for students.

As I look through the glass doors of the office I see an old, dark haired receptionist sitting there with a huge smile on her face. I enter the office and she asks if I’m Isabella Swan. I want to correct her and say, “just Bella Swan”, but I nod and explain to her that my schedule is missing a few classes, she tells me she will fix it before my first class lets out. On my way to class, noticing I’m the only person in the hallways, my nerves are in full force.

I never really thought what happened next would ever happen, as I arrive at my classroom and walk through the door, my sight fell upon a dark haired man with mysterious green eyes sitting in the corner. He’s glaring at me as if he had just seen his life flash before his eyes. My whole entire body froze, I couldn't believe it.

I feel as though I’m looking at my future. I show myself to a seat. As I sit down I gaze to the back of the room where those mysterious eyes meet mine, and I melt into my seat. Throughout those forty five minutes I keepp looking over my shoulder, slightly, to see if he' looking at me, but every time I peek he’s looking out the window. The final time I peek his green eyes meet mine and my stomach is filled with butterflies. My first day went by pretty fast, much to my dismay.

As the days of not seeing him turned to weeks, I start to wonder if I’m the cause of the mysterious green eyed man disappearing from the face of the earth, even if I had only seen him for forty five minutes one day.

My days started to drag out, and getting longer and longer, though I had made lots of new friends. After my last class I’m always greeted by my bouncy friend Alice. Every time I turn a corner Alice is there, it’s kind of creepy, but comforting now that I know her. Who I find out is the sister of the mysterious green eyes.

One afternoon as we were walking out the doors to the student parking lot Alice gasped!

"Oh shit, Edward Masen!" She says with surprise.

"Would you ladies like to come to a party tonight?" There was the man with the mysterious green eyes. He had a crooked smile on his face

I’m so glad I finally got to hear the name that matched the mysterious green eyes. I couldn't help but stare at how mysterious and sexy he is.

"Hmm … Bella? Earth to Bella!" Alice said, waving her hand in my face.

"Oh… huh, What?" I couldn't think about anything, but how his eyes feel like they’re melting me into the ground.

"So this is the beautiful Isabella I have been hearing so much about?"

"Its Bella, thank you very much!" I correct him with a giggly school girl tone.

"Oh she's feisty, I like that!" He says as his crooked smile turns into a full grin.

"We will be there, Edward." Said Alice, "What time?"

He turns toward a group of guys leaning against a barrier who had taken his attention,

"Our house eight pm Alice." he states as he heads towards the group of guys.

I have never seen a man walk so sexually frustrated in my life. As he reached the group he turns around and shots me a quick smile, "Bella cupcake, don't even think of bringing a date, I have plans for you and me!"

As I drive home I can’t help but over analyze the last thing he said to me. He has ‘plans for the two of us'. He doesn't even know me, and frankly I just found out what his name is.

What could be his plans be?

Now that I know his name I remember hearing rumors about Edward Mason and all his 'lady friends', as they call them. I’m sure not going to end up being one of them. I pull into the parking lot of my apartment building gather all my things and head for the building door. I notice there’s a sticky note hanging out of my mail box that reads;

Please stop by the office, you have a package.


I know my mother isn’t going to send me anything, and my father, Charlie, isn’t speaking to me after what had happened. As I stroll down the hallway I wonder if maybe, just maybe, it’s from Jake. I round the corner and see immediately what is sitting on the desk; red roses surrounded by baby's breath in a crystal vase with a small envelope attached.

Victoria the apartment manager came in from the other room and with a snotty look on her face, "Miss Swan these just arrived for you".

"Wow these are beautiful, I can't imagine who they would be from." I feel a little giddy and very curious.

Victoria leans over, grabs the envelope and opens it up. As she did I think to myself whatever is written in that card is no business of hers, but I am sure not going to piss off Victoria. I had seen her pissed before and it was as if the whole world stopped when she was mad. I gently lean over her to see what the card reads:

The desire of the man is for the woman,

but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.

There’s no signature, and I have no idea who would send me flowers. The quote is one with which I’m not familiar. I thank Victoria, grab the card and the roses and head to my apartment. My mind is completely in awe of who could have sent me these beautiful roses with such a puzzling quote.

I hear the phone ring while, fumbling with the roses and my books, trying to open my door. It must be Alice calling to make sure I’m not going to flake out on her plans of us going to Edward's party tonight. I almost fall over my own feet trying to put down the roses and my books, and get to the phone.


"What are you wearing tonight? You have to look hot. Do you need me to come over and pick your outfit out?"

I sigh.

"Bella, I'm on my way," was the last thing I heard as Alice hung up the phone.

Since Alice is on her way over I jump in the shower. God I hope she doesn't put me in anything pink!

Ooh, baby don't you know I suffer? Oh, baby can you hear me moan? You caught me.... I sing to myself in the shower.

"You're damn right I caught you!" Alice shouted through the closed bathroom door.

"Shit Alice you scared the hell of me," I choke out.

"Hurry up! You have to look like ‘sex on the Masen's doorstep’," she giggles as I hear her walk away.

I finish rinsing my hair out and cut off the water. Stepping out into my big electric blue towel and head to my bedroom. When I enter my bedroom, I see that Alice is already skimming through my closet for something for me to wear.

I notice on my chair she has a few pink items slightly hung over the arm. "Alice, NO PINK! What the fuck is sex on Mason's doorstep?" I dry myself off and slip on my comfy shorts and a baby tee ‘till Alice decides what I'm going to wear.

Alice turns and points to my comfy outfit. "Why no pink? You're wearing it right now!"

I shrug my shoulders. I like pink but I just don't want to wear pink to Edward's party tonight I thought she would pick something dark and dangerous for me to wear. Whatever it is that she picks out I want it to make him do a double take when I walk into the room. Wait -do I? I do! But all of the rumors! Still, he is so mysterious; the way he had been there one day and then disappeared for a while, just showed right back up again outside of school. What is he, Spiderman?

I giggle to myself as I notice Alice holding out a bright blue satiny dress and a spiked pair of black heels for me to put on. Once I’m dressed she sits me down and pulls half of my hair into a spiral ponytail with a purple blue flower intertwined into one of the spirals. Once she finishes my makeup, we’re ready to go. The anticipation I feel in the pit of my stomach is unnerving. To make matters worse, Alice is wearing her pink with black lace dress which is sending the wrong signal for the reason I’m going to the party. I’m going to the party to have fun; not get laid as soon as I step in the door. The reason why Alice has gotten so dressed up for a party at her own house is beyond me! We head out of my apartment towards my car and Alice yanks my arm.

"We're taking mine Bella"

I can’t understand why Alice never lets me drive. Maybe it’s because I drive like a crazy person.

"Yes, Its because you drive like a crazy person," She says, speaking my thoughts aloud.

"I'm no worse than you are, Alice!" I say as I wink at her.

We climb into her brand new Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB; she’s been bragging about the car for the past three weeks, which is the only reason I know what the car is.

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