Once Loved Twice Broken

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11 ~ Jelly Donuts & Christening

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



The last 24 hours have been the longest time I've spent away from Edward since we met. It almost feels like I have known him forever but it's been a much shorter time.

I didn't want to burden him with my moving so I left a note for Alice hanging out of the side of the mail box to give to him. Moving from my apartment into my new house was more tiresome then I'd had hoped.

While Renee helped me unpack, I noticed that I hadn't heard from Edward at all during the move. I know his classes keep him busy sometimes, but still not even a text.

After we finished all the moving and unpacking Renee left me to get settled in my new house.

It only took a few more hours for me to finally get everything in its place, I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something, but I can't think of what, and I am pooped.

I know Edward would call me soon enough, so I decide on taking a relaxing bath.

"I miss him so much." I sigh to myself as I gather some candles, oils and other bath assorted materials.

I set them down on the dresser, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Pushing my hair back from my face I get a good look at myself, with just a sapphire cotton towel wrapped around me I edge closer to the mirror and examine my reflection.

I always wonder what I would look like with a slight tan. My skin looks to pale, I need some sun. I pick at my locks of redish brown wavy hair trailing the sides of my face. Looking at my eyes I recall how his beautiful green eyes captivate me with one glance.

Thinking about how long Edward's hands have been absent from this body, how long it's been since has touched me. I slowly unwrap the towel and drop it to the floor. I feel very odd just staring at myself, naked. With only a slight curve at my waist line I resemble more of a stick figure than anything else. I don't really like what I see, but I try to see myself as Edward sees me, because I know he loves everything about me body, mind, and soul.

Running my fingers along my shoulders I guide them down my body, and put my hands on my hips, turning slowly to get a look from the back and the front. Giggling to myself I shake my ass, bubbled yet firm.

Oh yah!

Baby got back!

I think of our first encounter and how electrifying his kiss was. I giggle, again, at the memory of how unaware I was, that he he wanted so much, even then. I gaze back into the mirror, my fingers roaming back up my body. Snuggling myself, I realize his craving for me is intense. I recall my fondest memory of the times I had with him so far ...


It was merely a few days ago, yet it feels like forever, our first weekend alone together. The clouds hung low in the sky that day but it was pleasantly cool for the most part. When the day turned to night the humidity grew in the mountains, I remember that it was starting to rain and we were rushing to get back to the cabin before getting soaked. The rain started to pound harder and then lightning filled the sky, and we saw it strike the ground. I shrieked at the sight. Knowing we were still a ways out from the cabin. Edward took me by the hand leading me to the nearest cove, more like a mountain cave, and we hid in the darkness waiting for it to clear. We were both freezing, but he put his jacket around me to keep me warm. A loud crash of thunder roared from the sky. And I jumped into his arms, putting my head on his shoulder, to snuggle him. He slowly rubbed my back and I raised my head to his. We locked eyes, and he smiled at me. With another crash of thunder I jumped, and he pulled me in for a kiss. Lifting me off the ground, I wrapped my legs around him as he gripped me more tightly, squeezing me from behind, our kisses became more passionate. I held onto his broad shoulders, because he was my life boat, and I was scared to death. We parted slowly, but he held me firmly to him. The passion in his eyes was like nothing that I had ever seen before.


Dragging myself from a wonder day dream, I glance over at the clock and notice that it is 7:30 PM. Edward should have called by now. I'm not worried, he'll call.

As my mind drifts back to his passionate eyes, oh just thinking about him in any way always gets me so hot.

I look back into the mirror and slowly bring my hands to my tits. I stop for a minute and then close my eyes, seeing his face behind my lids, and imagining his hands the last time they were covering and rubbing on my tits. I grab at them roughly, twisting my nipples. They harden instantly. Opening my eyes to look at them I'm tempted by my own desire. I have never watched myself masturbate before. An urge takes me over and I am suddenly very interested in watching what my hands are doing to my nipples. It surprises me how erotic it is, and I continue.

Desperately needing to feel Edward's touch I close my eyes. Picturing the way his firm long hands trail over my body as he touches me.I fondle my tit in with one hand.

Edward's lips kissing and nibbling down my stomach.

I send my other hand sliding down to my cock garage. Teasing my clit, I imagine his perfect mouth on me sucking and licking ever inch. Oh the feeling of fullness he gives me being deep inside of me I slid two fingers into myself. Circling my fingers around inside my garage, my image of Edward fades. I pull out my fingers feeling slightly dirty yet very aroused.

I will call Edward after my bath.

I refocus on the matter at hand, my bath, grabbinging my bath time goodies I head into the bathroom. Setting my stuff on the side of the tub, I lean down and turn on the hot water. Adding some bath crystals, and bubbles I swirl my hand in the filling tub. When the water reaches the brim I turn it off and slip in.

Arching my neck to one side, I stretch my arms and legs out to relax and close my eyes.

An image of Edward and I in the hot tub immediately assaults me from within.

I don't know if it's the images of Edward in my mind and the warm water mixed with the cool air but instantly my nipple's are firm, again, and the erotic feeling comes back to me.

Recalling how Edward takes my body in his strong arms, and how his manhood fills me completely. I feel an electric surge go through me and I shiver, causing the water to splatter outside the tub.

With another shiver, I stand up turning my bath into a shower. Maybe this will help my little problem. I pull the tub plug and drain half the water. Then I reach for the shower head turning the warm water back on. I change the setting on the head to full stream, and begin washing away some of the bubbles from my bath. I prop my foot on the side of the tub stretching out my leg …

Edward licking and kissing my thigh.

I inch the shower head closer to my center. My eyes pop open practically bulging out of my head … it seems no matter how hard I try my body is telling me I want more. Giving in I let the Edward in my head take over I follow his commands.

'Open up wide for me baby.'

I out stretch my legs as wide as they will go, leaning my right leg on the ledge of the tub.

'Ah..baby right there.'

I take a deep breath and close my eyes imagining Edward touching me. Licking every inch of my body. I take one tit in my hand, and hold the shower head so it beats down on my clit with the other.

The heavy pulsating of the water engulfs my pussy. Instantly I feel the toe curling pleasure about to burst out of me when I hear the door bell.



I pause.

Maybe whoever it is will go away.

I take a breath, closing my eyes, and there it is again.


I turn off the water this time.

"Ms. Swan, Ms. Isabella Swan?" a male voice says.

Who in the hell calls me Ms. Swan?

I pull the plug and the water begins to drain out. I step out grabbing the towel to wrap it around me. I head into my room as I call out "I'm coming!" drying off as quickly as possible and throwing on the first thing I can find.

I wrap the towel around my wet hair and stroll downstairs to stand at the front door.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"Officer Quil Ataera of the Seattle PD." he states, "Are you Ms. Isabella Swan, Ma'am?"

I open the door part way … and I see him.

Edward is standing in front of the brier bushes at the end of the walk way. In the near distance behind him, Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rose all smile with delight. The spark of concern that was there a second ago sweeps away.

My eyes drift back to Edward and his steaming green eyes. I've missed them so much. He's moved to the top of the stairs waving the Officer aside. He kisses my lips, my eyes, my cheeks and chin, everything.

"I love you, Bella" he declares grabbing my face and passionately kissing me, even more.

Our wet tongues meeting as one, I wrap my arms around his neck and take in his sweet scent, forgetting everyone that is standing around us waiting. His warmth is so refreshing. I have loved him from the moment our eyes met in class.

My decision to move was the right one, this will be good for us.

Loving the missed attention from him I squeeze him closer to me, but he slowly pulls away. Cupping my face in his lengthy hands, he gazes into my eyes and I see a hurt and scared little boy starring back at me.

Didn't he get my letter? I question myself.

I see slight movement out of my periphal vision, I look and the officer is coming back towards us.

"Is she", pointing to me the officer questions, "the missing woman?"

Never breaking sight of me he replies, "Yes, Officer! Thank you very much. Please let Officer Uley know your services are no longer needed."

Edward quickly gives a head nod of accomplishment to everyone else. I can see Alice wink at me before climbing into Edwards SUV and driving off.

I grab Edward by the hand and walk back into the house. Locking us in I lead him to the stairs when he abruptly stops, jolting my body back to him.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" he states with glossed over eyes.

I'm stunned and surprised by his statement.

Is he crying?

Obviously, he didn't get my letter!

What the hell Alice.

Instead of trying to explain, and draw out his concern over what is apparently a massive misunderstanding, I apologize. However I will be talking to Alice about it later.

"Edward I'm so very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt or scare you. We are together now and that's all that matters. … I love you!"

He scoops me up into his strong firm arms, deeply kissing me as he walks through the living room into the kitchen. He lightly sets me on the marble counter top.

I squeak from the coldness of the marble on my the back of my thighs.

Edward leans in giving me a peck on the forehead.

"Are you hungry?" he asks.

"No not really.'" I reply as my stomach gurgles out.

Edward chuckles and begins searching from cupboard to cupboard, prying open the frig to find not a shred of eatable food only a few beers and a box of animal crackers. Glancing at with a raised eye brow, I shrug my shoulders and hop of the counter.

"I just moved in. There's a quaint coffee and donut shop around the block." I explain.

"Donuts!" he scolds.

I shrug, jumping off the counter and walking away to go change my clothes.

"Hey at least their jelly filled," I shoot back at him from over my shoulder winking devilishly.

I'm such a tease.

I'm startled as the chase begins. He jumps over the island counter top, running after me, like the cat chasing a mouse. I run up the stairs taking two at a time and turn around to see him a foot away. Never stopping I jog backwards towards my room when I stick my tongue at him. He bolts at me like a bat outta hell. Catching me he flings me over his shoulder like I'm a two year old, smacking my ass, as he high tails it into my room.

Playfully tossing me on the bed, he climbs on top of me, placing his knees on either side of my hips. Slowly he raises my shirt and begins licking and sucking on my tummy. Moving upward as he continues to raise my shirt, my stomach growls again and he stops. Placing his lips on mine, he softly kisses me. Climbing off he pulls me with him.

Mumh, I was looking forward to playing.

I pout like a child.

"Go get dressed you need to eat." he says as I turn to get my clothes he smacks my ass, again. I jump and squeal.

"Ah yeah!" he exclaims.

Giggle like a school girl loving his attention, I grab my jeans, jacket, and converse tennies out of my closet, and sit on the bed and change.

It has amazed me since I first layed eyes on Edward. No matter what he does or what I'm doing he never takes his eyes off of me. Like he's scared to miss something that I may do. Its unnerving at times because it feels as if I'm always being watched.

I do however adore the fact that he loves me enough to constantly want to watch over me.

Looking into his eyes, I notice they have changed color. They are a slightly bluer shade of green today, which I have never seen before.

"Huh." I mumble to myself quietly hoping he doesn't notice.

I lean down to put my converse on, capturing one more quick glance up at his bluish green eyes, and I see him with that devilishly crooked smile on his face.

I'm like an M & M melting in his hand.

"What?" he asks.

"Nothing," I say shaking my head. I feel silly asking why his eyes are a different color today.

Done tying my shoes I grab my jacket off the bed. While sliding it on I see that he's shaking his head.

"What?" I ask him.

He chuckles in his velvety sounding voice, and I teasling smack his arm.

"Oh nothing Baby," he says.

Son of a … gun, he does want to play, Huh.

OK I can play.

I lean in to his ear and whisper "Game on Masen!", grab his Johnson in my hand gently squeezing and nibble on his ear lobe.

I scurry out of the room and all I hear is a "Fuck me!" coming from my room as I descend the stairs.

I know exactly what he wants and even though I'm in dire need of him inside me, touching me, teasing him is more exciting at the moment.

So on the way out the door I, "oops.... dropped my keys"

Knowing full well Edward being the gentleman he is will bend down to pick them up.

I move forward closer to him., so as he comes back up he will graze over my lower area's with his eyes.

Just as planned he begins to stand back up and holts at my lower half as I giggle with excitement.

He looks up at me, "Ah...Bella you're not playing fair!" standing straight up now.

I look at him and he has a huge smile on his face. He kisses my lips not once but twice licking my bottom lip for entrance. When suddenly I'm lost in his sweet musk aroma and berry taste. His velvet tongue on my lips leaves me in a daze and I part my lips welcoming his tongue to explore and assault my mouth. We explore each other as if this was the first time again.

I have missed him in the last 24 hours.

I lock my hands in his, soft as silk, brown hair. Edward begins to caress my tits with his firm hands.

"Oo, Edward" I groan out needing more.

"Baby you feel so fucking good" he moans, licking down my jaw line and onto my neck.

All of the sudden we are surprised by a 'gurgle grumble gurgle grumble' noise coming from my stomach.

"You-Need-To-Eat-Bella." he says sinking his perfect teeth into my neck.

Little does he know I do plan to eat...just not food.

I'm going to swallow him whole and eat him right up.

Feeling him slowly pull away I regain my sense of self and take a deep breath.

We make our way down the walk way and to my truck. Unlocking the door I could have sworn he said 'I will be the death of him' but I can't be sure.

I start the engine, and Edward throws his arm over my shoulder rest. We off on our way to the donut shop.

Taking all of about 5 minutes to get there, I pull in lot and park.

Entering the donut shop I know what I want a jelly filled strawberry donut and a cappachino.

We order our food and not even a minute later we sit down in a comfy booth and begin to eat.

Eating my donut a naughty yummy thought hits me.

Edward covered in strawberry jelly!

He's the sexiest man I've ever seen but some how he makes certain foods look so much more yummier, especially when you add them onto him.

Instead of finishing up my donut and cappachino, I start to play with the last of my food.

Dipping my finger into the side of the donut and scoping out some jelly, I gracily offer for Edward to lick it off.

But he shakes his head 'no'.


Raising my finger to my lips I gloss on a little coat of strawberry jelly before I suck my finger into my mouth.

Locking my eyes on his I suck my finger swirling my tongue around it to make sure all the jelly is off as I pull my finger out.

I want to giggle at the eye bugging expression on Edward's face, but I hold my poker face firm.

Sucking so hard on the tip of my finger my cheeks sink in and as I pull all the way out it makes a 'popping' sound.

Edward readjust himself in his booth with a grunt and groan.

I'm such a tease, Alice would be so proud right now.

Before putting the last piece of donut in the wrapper I stretch my arms up which makes my tits pop to attention and while bringing my arms down, I stop and use my pinkie finger to wipe a little bit of jelly off the corner of my lips, all the while licking off the rest. Then my tongue darts out to scoop the rest off my finger.

Edward's eye move back and forth from my tits to my lips steady watching as I tease him.

"Um..." he starts to say but clears his throat..."Are you done with that?" pointing to the rest of my donut.

I giggle out, "I have only just begun!" as I slide out of the booth, donut and coffee in hand to trash them.

I want to pick up a few donuts to take home so I file back into what is now a line, when Edward grabs my hand and pulls me outside.

Leading me around the corner of the shop he pushes me up against the cold brick building and assaults me with his lips.

"Bella ..."

"I ..."

"can't ..."

"stand …"

is all he says before I could feel....


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