Once Loved Twice Broken

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3 ~ Heartless Embrace

Submitted: February 08, 2010

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Submitted: February 08, 2010



As I take the empty bottle of tequila from my lips I see Rose and Alice heading over to me. I turn, slam the bottle on the bar and look back to see Rose with a huge smile on her face and one eye brow raised. Alice is giggling and clapping her hands.

Looking at Rose I ask, “What the hell are you so smiley about?”

"You just downed that whole damn bottle!” Rose exclaimed.

“Fuck yeah I did, its a party. So lets fucking party!” I said.

I grab Alice and Rose's hands and walk towards the glass doors that open to a patio area.

“Where are we going, Bella?” Alice asks.

“I'm ready to shake my ass,” I say to Alice, as I side bumping her hip with mine.

I hear Rose yell back inside to turn the music up. With the music suddenly louder now, I grab Alice's hand again and start dancing. I know I want to get Edward's attention, and I hope this will do it. Grabbing Rose I sandwich myself in between her and Alice, slowly and seductively moving our bodies together bumping and grinding on one another. For a split second I look back into the house to see if he's watching but he’s not anywhere in my sights.

I begin to look away when I notice a guy coming towards me with four glasses and a bottle of what I can only guess it more liquor. He sits the glasses and bottle on the patio table and gestures for us to come over.

“Bella have you met James?” Rose askes.

“Nah, Ummmm....I don't think so,” I studder out.

“Rose I don't think Edward.....” starts Alice.

Rose snaps out, “Shut up Alice! Its not like she's with Edward.”

“Ladies ladies, I just wanted to have a drink with three beautiful women. No harm meant.” James says as he pours us all a glass and hands them to us.

“There will be harm done if you don't watch yourself, James.” Alice says as she points to Edward. Who is now standing by the door frame gazing out.

“He just fucks girls and throws them away. I can give her more.” James testifies.

I gasp!

I know the rumors about him are bad but he seems harmless. I am feeling warm and open now so maybe this would be a good time to ask Alice about....The rumors.

I pull Alice off to the side where I can ask her, in private.

“Is it true? Does he just use them?” I asks Alice.

“You have to understand Bella. He has never had a serious girlfriend. No one can seem to keep up with him.” She says. “I don't think he intentionally does it, but I know some of them just want to brag about being with him. Others try to keep up and just can't. He needs girl like you to bring him around. He's my brother, no matter how much I love him he can be a dick. Just be careful Bella.”

Not a minute after Alice stop talking, did James arrive at my side. With a smile on his face, putting his arm around my waist. I don't really know why, but James gives me the creeps. There is something about him. I feel very unsafe around him.

I finish my drink quickly, wishing someone would save me from his grasp. I feel a sudden pull, and then there is no longer an arm around me waist. A strong hand is holding on to mine dragging me away from James and the patio.

“Masen don't be such a bitch!” James yells and everyone freezes in silence.

Edward stops in his tracks, thrusting me into him.

“What the fuck did you just say to me? Edward glares and questions, as he lets go of my hand and walks back over to James. “James let me make one thing crystal clear to you. If you so much as come a 100 feet of Bella again. You won't have any fucking legs to stand on. Got me asshole!”

I choke. Surprised by what Edward says.

Why is he trying to protect me from James. Edward released my hand, standing there with his fists balled up and the muscles in his arms bulging out, and his jaw clinched so tightly. I fear him, and at the same time I feel completely safe with him. When I look at him, I can’t help myself. He looks so sexy when he's mad.

“Now get out of our house,” Alice says as she points to the door.

Emmitt is now on the patio next to James escorting him out of their house. Edward winks at Alice and we head back into the house. He is walking so fast I can't keep up. We are heading to the staircase as I look back at Alice and she has the biggest shit-eaten grin on her face. I have a feeling she knows what is going to happen.

I stumble up the stairs almost falling a couple of times from how whoozy the alcohol has made me. As we approach the top of the landing and round the corner Edward pushes me against the wall and leans both his hands on either side of me, closing me in.

“You are so eatable Bella.” Edward whispers to me.

I am speechless.

He is so close to my face I can smell his sweet warm breath on my skin, though he smells of Jack Daniels. I want him, but I know from my conversation with Alice I have to play it cool. Act like he isn't my main priority, but be able to keep up. Whatever the hell that means. I wish he would just rip my clothes off already and take me!

“What are you waiting for?” I tell him.

I slip my dress off letting it fall to the floor. Revealing myself topless and in nothing but my silky thong.

His mouth drops open to the floor.

“Fuck me!” Edward exclaims.

“Oh … does daddy likey!?!” I say as I wink at him.

Edward scopes me up in his arms and races to the end of the hallway. Kicking open the door, he enters the room and stands me up. Slamming the door shut behind us. I grab him my the shirt and guide him to the bed. I hope this is his room. More forcefully than I should I push at his chest and he falls onto the bed.

He sits up and I know he is wanting this as much as I am. Looking into his sexy eyes, I am completely turned on. I want him so much I reach out and take him. Lifting his head to mine, eyes locked and lips waiting he takes my head in his hands and begins kissing me. His lips are perfection. The feel of his tongue in my mouth strong and passionate, the taste of him. Yum.

Not able to hold back, and remembering what Alice told me earlier, I undo his belt and slide his pants off, boxers and all. Taking his cock in my hands I begin to rhythmically move up and down the shaft, crossing over the head a few times. Unable to wait I climb onto his crotch, and give him a lap dance. I shamelessly grind myself into his naked cock.

His lips find their way to my neck and collarbone. He pulls my ass closer to him, and I can feel his hard cock against my thighs. Tilting my head back in ecstasy, I can’t wait to feel his stiff hardness even closer to me …inside of me. My body is craving him. I lean forward brushing my breasts against his face. His hand drifts under my silk thong. Using two fingers he pushes them inside of me with a thrust, while massaging my clit softly. He fingers me like I've never been fingered before.

Uncontrollably, I rip off his shirt and pull his bare chest to mine. I have a tit fetish, and anything touching on my tits drives me fucking crazy. I move them up and down his chest, I love the feeling of our bare skin as we writher against each other. He starts licking them and making a circle pattern with his tongue. This almost sends me over the edge, but I control myself. I can’t give him too much. I don’t want him to know how much I want this, and that I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

I know he realizes how sloppy wet I am. Removing his fingers from me, I feel my thong being moved down my thighs and I help him to take them off completely. I place myself back on his lap. He positions his cock at the garage of my pussy, and thrusts inside of me. Pumping in and out of me, slowly at first and then speeding up.

Passion taking over he grabs my ass and flips me around so I am now on my knees facing away from him. He thrusts his cock inside me again harder now, and more aggressive. He wants me, and I want him to take me. It feels like his cock is a telescope, one size outside of me, but now that he's inside of me … he’s fuller, and longer, and stronger. I feel it in my stomach. I grab onto the foot board for dear life as he pumps harder and harder. I can feel and hear his balls slapping against my thighs. The fullness growing even more, as he thrusts deeper and deeper into me.

He grabs my hair, ripping my head back. Making my back bow and my tits thrust out, I want him to touch them. I release a loud moaning cry from this. I can’t take it anymore I need to feel the release. I can sense he’s close too. A soft grunt escapes this lips almost like he doesn’t want me to know how much he is enjoying himself. A few more hard thrusts and we are there, both of us letting go together, his massive load filling me fully. As our juices mix together, I can feel the trickle on my thigh and hold back my desire to reach down and taste what we have created. My whole body is quivering with convulsions. He pants and falls down next to me on the bed.

I catch my breath while climbing off the bed. Calmly, I dart my eyes around to find my clothes. When I spot them I put on my dress, and thank him graciously for letting me release myself on him. I need a bathroom and to get home, quickly.

I blow him a kiss and grab at the door-knob opening it … to leave.

"Oh … sweet baby girl leaving so soon," He whispers to me from the bed.

I am stuned by his statement. Did he expect me to stay? Damn it, I want to stay and do this all night long with him.

I can't. I won't.

I have to play it cool. Act like I don't care …but I do.

Say something dummy.

"Gotta go Edward, I had fun though!" I say as I open the door and leave his room.

After a quick trip in the hallway the bathroom, I walk down the hall, around the corner and descend the stairs.

I know I have to get out of here. I want to go home, but … oh crap, I didn’t drive. I stop at the bottom step and realize Alice and Jasper are no where to be found.

Frankly no one is in the living room any longer, or anywhere down stairs for that matter. I hadn’t realized how long we were up there.

I walk over to the bar hoping to find a bottle of water in the small frig I noticed earlier. To my surprise the whole frig is stocked with bottle water. I grab one and turn to see a note on the counter with a set of keys.

Baby Girl,

Alice will be unable to take you home.

Here are the keys to my car.

Enjoy the ride!

Edward Masen

What the … how the hell … when did he do this?

How am I supposed to know which car is his? Just keep hitting the lock button on the remote, like one of those old guys at Walmart who's wife is trailing behind in frustration.

I grab the keys and head out the front door.

‘beep, beep’

Hot damn! Mercedes-Benz SUV … more space to pay in.

Bad Bella, I can't think like that right now. Not after what just happened.

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