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Chapter 3 (v.1) - INAPPROPRIATE

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013




Inappropriate; it may be so.

But I can’t help it, these feelings I shan’t show.


I don’t know what, but there is something there.

It’s not love, it’s not lust, but there’s something in the air.

My feelings betray me with what I shouldn’t want.

To hide this however, I act nonchalant.


Your beauty, though not obvious, is undoubtedly there.

To notice, and realize, it is not fair.


To recognize, but hide, is a curse of its own.

When this started exactly, this is but unknown.


I notice a wall that you have built in order to hide.

But from behind there you shall not long reside.


It will take a person of complete patience and care.

To take the time to break it down and listen to what you have to share.


No one wants to be seen as vulnerable, exposed, at risk or weak.

But it’s rather I think that once is encountered, will reveal something unique.


But please don’t be afraid, we won’t judge; just let it happen.

I know you’ve been hurt but it won’t be, not ever, not again.


Who cares what ‘everyone’ thinks?  It’s not about them; it’s you.

It’s about what you want, and to get it, well you know what to do.


However my words are just a figment.  Only you can progress.

To get where you’re going and achieve such success.


Alas I know that my mind hath but fooled me.
You don’t want me, I know, it shall and can’t be.


But it’s ok, I don’t mind, the intention was lacking.

To move on, to get out, well I must get cracking.

I’ve come to terms with this and I’ve accepted the fact.

Where I’ve been, where I am, no I cannot go back.

The boundaries are there, the line I shan’t cross.

It was not meant to be, I knew this, and there is no loss.


I just wanted you to know how I felt, what I feel.

Although I’ve ignored it, I’ve come to terms that it’s real.

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