2150 AD

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150 years into the futur an alien attack has wiped us out. Follow Jessica and thier small band of South African refugee as they fight for thier lives.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 2150 AD

Submitted: April 10, 2010

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Submitted: April 10, 2010



Director’s log[XS1] - Special entry one
Volunteer number- CD0001332
Its humanity’s two thousandth and fiftieth year [XS2] After Death and the Earth’s life has all but been extinguished from the inside out…
This destruction was never in any our of our intentions, the original goal was to observe this stunning and unique planet. We were supposed to be neutral observers brought only to watch such beauty from a distance. In the end, unable to just watch it die, we chose to help heal this bleeding planet’s beauty. We were trying to save this planet. This planet which was slowly imploding in on itself. The entire observer fleet made solely out of volunteers from across Dalkion’s galaxy had been watching this planet for six hundred and twenty five [XS3] metaclicks but even after all that time, we still couldn’t understand the actions and behaviors of the dominating species [XS4] of this planet. They had somehow [XS5] set in motion, with what looked like full knowledge of the consequences, a chain reaction t[XS6] hat could end absolutely all life on the planet, turning it into its sister planet, known on this planet as Venus.
In response to what our research found, we sent a full report to the main citadel of Dalkion Z. It took sixty two point five metaclicks for them to come to a decision and return a response. ‘Evacuate most of the smaller, weaker and less intelligent species of this planet.’ Considering the situation [XS7] none of the members in the observer fleet fought the decision and soon the evacuation program commenced.
I remember now[XS8] , hating how long the response had taken from the Citadel. For over three thousand different types of their local races had crossed over to extinction, more races than my own planet has recorded in ten billion meta clicks. More races then our species had ever recorded on a single planet iin one time. In hind sight its funny how such a trivial thing could upset me, considering all that’s happened to this one planet. Considering that the extinction rate on planet had been so much larger over the course of our stay.  
Six hundred and fifty meta clicks since our arrival and our first attempt to aid the planet commenced with finding a suitable planet with the same type of atmosphere, it was decided that Dalkion Z, my own home planet, would be a suitable host for the time being until they could find more suitable planets. There were many other planets that would also welcome such beauty with open arms. It would be the Earth’s only valuable contribution to the universe.
The question had been raised by myself and other volunteers. What if this isn’t ours to take? Wasn’t it the role of observers to only observe and not take part no matter what? Shouldn’t we rather let this planet die and use its death to teach others of the consequences of certain actions?
Those were the questions raised by many but the program continued as planned. The united observer group carefully removed a great number of the planet’s local smaller and less significant races before moving to their more well known races. [XS9] The dominant species had not noticed. We were deep into our evacuation plan when the dominate species eventually took notice.
They blamed each other. They finally took a deeper notice of their own dying planet. They fought amongst themselves at first by non violent means. They united and marched on their buildings of power and citadels.
The group knew that we as observers had to stop. We were effecting too much change upon them so we waited and waited and we watched as time passed and their buildings spread over the planet and grew in size and height. As their cultivated lands grew, the previous owners of those lands started to perish. The more immobile races [XS10] or ‘vegetation’ were carelessly and mercilessly cut down.
I had just finished my evacuation report when we received a memo stating from main citadel that ‘Things were growing out of their hands and that the news of the planet had started to become very public amongst other sentient planets’. We had to speed things up and we had to take action or the BlackStar electorate of the universe would make colonizing, or as we smarter races knew as attacking, the planet legal.
Suddenly my own and everyone else’s objective had changed. Our combined objective now to discover what was killing this planet. I reported that the certain levels of gasses within the planet, the same gases that made their sister planet, Venus, inhabitable were beyond dangerously high. It seemed to only be a question of time before the Earth would meet the same fate. The citadel immediately sent volunteer researchers to other planets to find out if anyone knew of a solution or would be willing to help.
The answer came back sooner than we had expected from a race more volatile, cunning and dangerous than any other I’d ever come across, but their solution was a good one. Their solution, it appeared, was the only one. They had on their planet a race of creature that could be tamed and kept and were the best solution because they like the creatures that had been so carelessly cut down could balance the planet’s atmosphere.
And so Anorak, the head representative and counselor of both the planet and the Blackstar Directorate, sent one of his sons and a container holding enough of these atmosphere balancing creatures to save this planet within one hundred and fifty metaclicks. With my knowledge of the planet and their over all culture I suggested they go to a land where there was not a large population or military force, a land of peace. A place of diversity, I gave them several ideal locations. They ignored my suggestions and headed into the heart of the most dangerous locations, citing that their own research had proved that land as the leaders among the divided nations with the most ‘power’.
The most alarming thing happened. The dominating species of the planet sent thousands of their weapons and machines into the skies for attack. They shockingly took down the ship which was flown by Anorak’s son. The observers, myself included, watched in silent shock as the ship crash landed releasing the atmosphere balancing creatures without a trainer.
The result was a massacre, the creatures of earth continued their attack with gusto against the creatures now known as the Sorkhens. The Sorkhen took to the planet’s soft soil with amazing vigor and dug into the ground beneath. In my desperation I must admit I had not truly considered how the Sorkhen would react to a planet hundred of times more temperate than their own. There was a war between the dominant species and the Sorkhen, the supposed saviors of the planet. The Sorkhen took million upon millions [XS11] of lives of the dominant species now known as the human race. The Sorkhen and the humans fought killing and dying constantly. Eventually the humans won out at the cost of a large portion of their lands.
I watched, conflicted, as the humans celebrated and rejoiced over destroying their only hope at survival.
Director’s log- Special entry two
Volunteer number- CD0001332
The death of Anorak’s son had never been considered. As far as our planet’s head citadel and the fleet were concerned the humans would not have attacked with such gusto. Though, at the same time, no one had considered the ship to be destroyed they way it was. No one could have also imagined Anorak’s wrath either.
Only one metaclick later our observer fleet was brought under heavy attack. I gave the order for all fleets to evacuate themselves. My main ship did not manage to escape. We were gunned down and our ship was forced to land on the planet earth. The damage to the ship was extensive and we have lost many a researcher. We made to escape but were forced back into a retreating position by the following invasion force that has attacked the earth with a vigor of their own commonly known with Anorak’s people, though it isn’t actually his people he is using. He appears to have… Those are meaningless speculations, whether or not he is using his own people is irrelevant. I fear I may be falling into the human trend.
Director’s log- Special entry three
Volunteer number- CD0001332
We have been here in hiding for four human years. The year is now twenty-one fifty-four AD. We have received no response from the Dalkion Z and are forced to either wait for a rescue which I know will not come or make our escape. We are now finished effecting repairs and escape appears to be within grasp. Only a human encampment has stopped here. Our need to research and observe has stopped our escape. We only hope that our curiosity does not lead to our downfall as it has to many a researcher.

 [XS1] [XS1]What’s important to me about this log entry is that the reader (eventually if not immediately) realize that this is a vocal log. What I know for sure as the writer is that this is a mix between a video diary and a presentation. He’s talking to his computer expressing himself professionally in case other read this data.
 [XS2] [XS2]2150 AD, 150 years into the future. To far… maybe, though the elements within the story demand that the time be moved on. The timing is hard to keep straight in a fast evolving world. I wonder how other science fiction writers do it.
 [XS3] [XS3]Meta click is 1,25 years they’ve been watching the earth for 500 years.
 [XS4] [XS4]They don’t know who we are only that we run shit and we’re technically content beings though they don’t understand much about us.
 [XS5] [XS5] [XS5]As advanced as all the species that have volunteered to observe (Nature channel style) they have never witnessed such stupidity and they’re struggling to understand what’s happening.
 [XS6] [XS6]Global warming yay!
 [XS7] [XS7]The volunteers are sensitive to life. As sensitive as human nature conservatists. Perhaps more so as they plan on a mass evacuation.
 [XS8] [XS8]He’s digressing here. Kinda of a reminder of the fact that it’s a personal diary not a story for the reader. This is info the reader gets that the characters don’t, not yet anyway. It’s a trade off because there’s obviously a lifetime of information the reader never ever gets.
 [XS9] [XS9]Makes alien abduction sound so much more reasonable doesn’t it?
 [XS10] [XS10]Trees, perhaps I went too far with this one.
I can see I tried to fix it by calling adding the word vegatation
 [XS11] [XS11]Later one I wonder if the reader realizes much later on that this number, when they realize that the Earth’s population is absolutely massive isn’t actually tat big.

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