Jin's War 2

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Continuation from Jin's war...

Set six months after coming to terms with their abilities. The six make plans to leave home and make saving the world their full time hobby. As they prepare for the second largest tournament to come before.... (You'll have to read)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jin's War 2

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008



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It’s last day of school. IT’S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! It was a great moment for Drake. He was on cloud nine. It was also almost time for them to choose three people between them. Three of the strongest to take part in the first event. Drake, Page and Kazuya still hadn’t met the person in charge of them. Because of it they relied on Carcer’s teachings which they received via Naya, Jin and Kama.

Though, it was mostly through Naya who now was the most talkative of their group. They’d all learned most of their skill though the street fighting styles of Jin and Kama. Kama had kept a gun that he’d bought from unknown channels. Naya had stolen one from her parents but everyone had agreed never to use them unless they were about to die(Naya's dad would kill her if she ever used it). A near death experience hadhiteach of them at least once over the last six months. As they met more and morefrightening people and monsters.

In the distance a car hooted andthe sounds of the city floated into the hall room Drake sat in. Drake blinked when something bounced off his head. Drake knew what it meant. It meant he’d lost focus on his work. Drake refocused and endured through the last page’s of his final exam. He looked around and saw Jin, Kama and Naya writing fast and hard. Jin winked when he looked up to Drake. Drake nodded in appreciation and carried on writing. Drake slapped his head so he could focus more. After he’d gotten his disastrous midterm results they’d all chipped in to help him get a high pass. It was important, Jin stated, that they pass and pass well. They’d helped Page and Kazuya too but Drake was by far the worst case. Drake wrote on and didn’t stop choosing to work his mind to the breaking point.

An hour passed and a bell rang. Relieved Drake’s pen went down. Drake rubbed the sleep and exhaustion from his eyes when they took his paper away. By the end of the exam Jin had fallen sleep and so had Kama. They’d finished a while ago leaving Drake behind.

They were geniuses so Drake didn’t take it to heart. It didn't take a genius to know they had done well. It was amazing how good they were. They normally didn’t care about school untilsix months ago when thierlives had changed forever.

The idea of leaving school and maybe avoiding college became real when Drake’s paper was taken away. Finally someone shook Kama awake and everyone got up and left.

“Yeeha!” Drake shouted as people came up to him and signed his shirt that he’d packed. He signed other school shirts and waved good bye to friends and other people he knew. It was already full of signatures but there were a few he’d missed.

Naya’s shirt was fullof messages to the point that she had to use her spare shirt. Drake waited with Kama and Jin as Naya said goodbye to what seemed like the whole school. Even the teachers hadgiven their good-byes. Naya pointed at them out to their home room teacher. Who came up to them and shook their hands.

“I loved the increase in attendance and grades from all of you. I didn’t know it was possible at all.”

“Yes sir.” Kama said bowing

“Thank you sir” Drake said bowing

“We’ll always do our best sir” Jin said standing up straight and shaking his hand, there was only a limit to how polite Jin could be.

“Well I wish you all the best.” He said and left. Halfway up the road the group bumped into Kazuya and Page. They were walking together closer then anyone expected to ever see. It was as if they were dating. When they saw Drake’s, Jin’s, Kama’s and Naya’s faces they separated. Kama laughed, which was something he’d been doing a lot off lately. Drake felt warm inside as he grinned sheepishly at them. He felt like this moment had the chances of lasting forever.

Until Jin broke it.

“Okay guys you know what you all told you’re care-takers so say good bye and make sure that you didn’t say that we all left together. Remember we all went our separate way so that way any of the survivors wont have to deal with difficult questions”

Everyone agreed and they divided like as they went they’re separate ways. Drake lived close so he only had to walk. Jin and Page did the same but broke away from Drake in different directions. The lone walk was an exciting one, Drake realized as he got closer and closer to home. He knew his mother would be home along with his brother. They had all said how proud they were that Drake had found work and a potential scholarship to in America. They were worried about his English though. He’d given them a post box of a house and told them to drop off any mail there. He said hello to the shop owner on the first floor who grinned oddly at Drake. He stepped around the counter and shook Drake’s hand. Drake nodded and moved up to his floor. He opened to see darkness.

His heart sank as when he got inside. He flicked on a light and an explosion of sound hit him. His whole family burst out of the different corners of the kitchen and the living room. Drake nearly had a heart attack as he fell backwards.

“Surprise!” They all shouted.

Drake was dumbstruck

“Did you think that the only person in our family to explore the world would leave without a proper goodbye.” Drake's father said when he appeared from behind the crowd. Jin and Page were there too. They smiled sheepishly and they waved.

A party was held and people either congratulated Drake or warned him of the west. He was given a Buddha with the words ‘don’t lose you’re self down there’. I also got a whole bunch of other gifts. Clothes, shoes, money and cards. Drake rubbed his eyes as he thought about how much he had to save from this tournament. They cheered as they looked at him rubbing his eyes

“Look at hat he’s missing us already.” Someone shouted.

His brother hugged him and Drake stared at Page and Jin. Jin’s expression was blank whereas Page looked like she was about to cry herself, which was something that didn’t help at all. It only made things worse. They got even worse when Drake’s mother hugged him too joined by his father. Someone shoved a camera onto Jin and Jin took a picture.

Jin took a bunch of pictures, he was even in a few along with Page. Seeing as they were considered Drake's only friends. Finally it started to get late and everyone walked Drake with his bags to the train station. They thought he was to take a train to the airport.

Jin said good bye and so did Page. They all faded from sight before Drake got to the station. Drake was overwhelmed with bags now and his passport. He didn't know he had this many clothes until now.

He gave his family one last hug and got on the train. With an impressively quick incantation he walked forwards and came out to the inside of the Fukuoka Airport , just on the other side of the tickets check. He dropped his bags and walked up to customs where he got his passport stamped before going through a portal to JFK, an American airport.

It was huge! Far bigger than the picture he’d seen and busier than Drake had thought possible. Suddenly Kama was there with two duffel bags, Naya appeared with two expensive golden roller bags. Jin came with one bag and so did Page. Kazuya came with 3 full bags. He looked at Page and Jin.

“Wow guys it’s only a year! Why so much stuff!” Kazuya said laughing.

“You’re right what were we thinking?” Jin replied sarcastically.

They all walked up to American customs and got their passports checked before leaving with their stuff. Outside the airport they all stood waiting with all their bags. They were in America now. New York wasn’t what they’d expected at all. It was much bigger than they’d imagined. Jin flagged a taxi but it didn’t work. Page tried this time and a taxi stopped. They got inside and stood as they waited for Jin's direction.

“Where are we headed?” Drakes asked.

“[Madison avenue.]” Jin said in a clear English accent.

“Hey where are we actually going?” Page asked. The driver stared at Page. It was probably weird to see a white woman speaking such fluent Japanese.

“A pen pal’s house.” Jin answered

“Is he like us?” Drake asked

“Not but he’d like to help us in every way. On one condition.”

“What condition?” Drake asked getting suspisous

“Six months and you wait till now to tell us?” Drake exclaimed

“It’s nothing. Naya just needs to help him out”

“With what” Naya asked surprised

“You’ll see.”

The cab driver stopped outside madison square garden.

“[Here we go]” He said tapping on his meter.

“[Thank you]” Drake said in an awful English accent.

“[No prob that’ll be 20 dollars]”

“shit we didn’t change our money!” Page said in a panic. Naya pulled out the money and an extra 5 dollars.

“[Thank you]” Her accent was much better than Drake’s but not as good as Jin’s. The cab left and they were all standing out outside a large and beautiful park that would have put their park to shame. They were still around flats but this looked more like hotel rooms.

“[Hey over here!]” shouted an alien American voice.

Everyoneturned to see a youngish man in a wheel chair. It came as a surprise for Darke to see someone in a wheelchair, there weren’t many in Drake’s area. The man in front of them looked like the surfers in the movies Drake had seen. His hair was long, blond and gave him a look that said that he lived to have fun.

“This is David Thomas. But I think he prefers being called Dave.”

“[Thank you for you help]” Drake managed to say with extreme difficulty. Kama and Page just bowed whereas Naya greeted with a hand shake. To Drake’s surprise Kazuya hugged him. Saying thank you about five times.

“[what’s with him?]” Dave asked laughing

“[He’s an idiot. Anyway where is this place you had for us?]”

“[Oh yeah. It a loft big enough for all of you and me if that’s okay.]”

“He want’s to stay with us?” Naya asked.

“What?” Drake said.

“Was this that condition?” Kama asked.

“No but it the least we can do since he’ll be the one paying rent if we help him.”

“What is the condition?” Naya asked bringing Jin back to the subject.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jin asked pointing at the wheel chair.

There was a moment of silence where they all stood around Dave and he waited excitedly. Naya rolled her eyes.

“Okay I’m fine with it. Everyone else?”

“We’re okay it’ll probably help.”

“[Okay you can stay with us.]”

“[Great!]” Dave said clapping his hands. “[There’s just one thing. The place is not exactly wheel chair friendly so can you help me out.]”

“He want’s you-” Jin started

“I know what he said.” Naya said as she took of her gloves. She stood behind Dave. She took off his jacket. Then his jersey.

“[Whoa shouldn’t you take me to dinner first?]” Dave laughed. Jin laughed too as he stared at the scowling Naya. Dave had him only a vest on now as she took that off too.

“[I’ve never done something like this before so it might not work but if it does it might sting.]” Naya said as she put her hand on his chest.

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