Unwilling Heroes

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two best friends find their world thrown upside down when a powerful angel literally falls on their lap and accidentally give them amazing powers, but those powers are a key to something that will change the the universe forever. Because of it their on the run from both heaven and hell who have plans for them.

But their not the only one with plans. The girl who gave them their power wants to use it too.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unwilling Heroes

Submitted: January 23, 2009

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Submitted: January 23, 2009



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Carbon fibre slapped against Carbon fibre and wood slapped against wood in a four on four battle to score the winner. The eight sixteen year old girls played hard and ran as fast as their feet could carry them for the win. There was a lot on the line. Pride, honour and which four of the eight girls deserved to try out for the Olympic qualifiers at the end of the year. Laying between their epic battle for a life changing recommendation lay two beach chairs. The girls passed along side and through the solid chairs as if there were nothing there.

The hockey ball flew high in the air over the silhouette of a man dressed in a white hoody and thick white heavy set jeans. A whistle blew and the game paused. There was a untied groan from the group dressed in red. The tallest of them apologised silently before sprinting back to her position. The silhouette sitting in the opposite chair stretched his legs and spoke to the other.

“5 All next goal wins the game.”

“Yeah Pete. I know. Though what I don’t know is why they play till six. Who the hell plays till six? Three fine, Five Great! But Six?”

“it’s the game they want Gabe. Choice, It’s a beautiful thing.”

“Whatever Ville Greens to win 50 bucks”

“Fine but no cheating”


At that moment one of the Ville Green girls, a tall girl with a waist line un-suggestive of the age 16 swung back hard on her stick, raising it way above the legal waist level into a red Norse Ville east girl’s face. The impact was heavy and the thinner and shorter red head fell screaming to her knees. Peter and Gabriel didn’t budge. It wasn’t as though anyone could see them anyway. The whistle blew and the referee along with the red head’s doting mother ran over to the scene.

Gabriel sighed, sitting up. He pulled his hoody up over his head and rested his chin on his hands.

“You know, I feel sorry for Candice. No one else brought their mother to these matches.”

Candice was lifted to her feet and forced to let go of her face. Her eyes were red but there nothing there. No cut, no blood, no swelling, no bruise. Candice’s mother was pushed back for over fretting and the referee cleared the side of Candice’s head wiping her tears away.

Peter shook his collar to give his chest some air. He also shook the collar of the inner shirt he wore. The inside shirt was a sky blue long sleeve and the outer shirt was a navy blue short sleeve with the words: ‘What would Jesus do?’ on the front and the back was another sign: ‘trust me you don’t want to know.’

He raised his eye brow at the unfolding scene.

“Gabe? We’ve been watching people play for over 200 years and we’ve seen all sorts of hits. That was a hospitalising hit, worthy of a cut or at least some extreme swelling.” Peter said looking at Candice’s eye. “Elena isn’t a small girl too you know. So that hit should have been powerful.”

Gabriel rested back on his chair using his hoody as a pillow. “Point?” he asked.

“my ‘point is that you’ve already cheated”

“She was playing on your side. I’m surprised you didn’t try to help” Gabriel conceded.

“Well two reasons. Brother. One) We had just agreed on no cheating and two) We promised not to meddle with humans.”

“I did didn’t I? You’re right younger brother Petey. Let sit back and see who wins then”

Gabriel lifted his head and pulled his hoody back over it. Peter leant his shoulders over the edge of his beach chair, arching his body.

“I guess, but now their not going to sub Candice and she’ll be playing scared from now on.”

“So?” Gabriel his grin hidden behind his hood. “The bets not off yet.”

Sophia ran her fingers through her hair and lent back from her seat, but she wasn’t on a traditional couch, chair or stool. The white floor made up of white vapors floated up into and S shape and supported Sophia’s weight. It bent as she lent further back until she lay vertically. She yawned and played with her robe straightening it and pushing it between her legs and breasts.

She spread herself out on the supporting vapor which spread out into a thin but wide bed. Two wings grew slowly out of the skin of her shoulder blades.
Keeping them hidden was always a nuisance. It irritated her how often she found herself hiding them.

They weren’t clean but that was on purpose. All the angels around her kept their wings perfectly clean making them look like clones. They bored her and she avoided them at all costs. Two people though, she couldn’t avoid were her impeccably clean sisters. She always no matter what could not avoid them and they knew so well how to dig at her. They could drive her crazy without trying.

She spread her faded wings, stretching them as far as possible. The impressive wing span reached far knocking over books that lay on her hundreds of book cases. Her wings fluttered gently and a breeze pushed through the air flipping the pages and rattling desks.
Sophia wiped her face feeling the sweat that lined her features run.

It took a lot to make an angel sweat. And it was never from a book. Sophia wasn’t supposed to read it. It was against angel law. Especially if you’d never been to earth or lived as a human.

She had done neither but in her defense she wasn’t the only one, but at the same time, of the many that hadn’t she was by far the strongest and oldest. Sophia threw the forbidden book into the air and shut her eyes trying to relax. She’d read the book six times now. What was inside was amazing. The awesome truths, the misconceptions, the blatant lies, the convenient gaps.. She had an idea of where those came from. Who wrote them. She scowled and burst at laughing at how silly she was being by getting excited over a book.

Sophia threw over her robe into the air and her wings flapped only once. Everything in the room lifted in a gust of wind.

She flapped her wings again slightly harder and her desk broke off from the ground it was glued to, book shelves rose up and books floated as if weightless. Standing this time, she flapped faster. The bookcases exploded from the change of pressure and the books themselves shredded filling the air around Sophia. She sniffed herself and retched. “Shower” she thought out loud moving towards a path which grew from nothing leading to a cloud made water fall which formed in front of her eyes.

“After this. I go to save the world. Then He’ll come back to us all”

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