Unwilling Heroes(Rewritten)

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War between angels and two humans are stuck in between. Can they survive? No one said being a hero was optional

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unwilling Heroes(Rewritten)

Submitted: April 10, 2010

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Submitted: April 10, 2010



Unwilling Heroes

Angel n. 1. a an attendant or messenger of God. b a conventional representation of this in human form with wings. c an attendant spirit (evil Angel; guardian Angel). d a member of the lowest order of the nine fold celestial hierarchy. 2a. a very virtuous. b an obliging person (be an Angel answer the door) 3 a messenger or bringer of something (Angel of death; Angel of mercy). 
Demon n. 1a. An evil spirit or devil especially one thought to possess a person. B. the personification of evil passion 2a. a malignant supernatural being; the Devil. 3. (Often attributed.) a forceful, fierce, or skilful performer. (a Demon on the tennis court; a Demon player). 4 a cruel or destructive person. 5(also daemon) a an inner or attendant ; a genius (the Demon of creativityb. a divinity or supernatural being in ancient Greece.
Evil 1. Morally bad; wicked. 2 harmful or tending to harm, esp. intentionally or characteristically. 3. Disagreeable unpleasant (has an evil temper). 4. Unlucky; causing misfortune (evil days).
Hero n. 1a a person noted or admired for courage, outstanding achievements, etc. (Newton, a hero of science). b a great warrior. 2 the chief male character in a poem, play, story, etc. 3 Gk Antiq. a man of super human qualities, favoured by the gods; a demigod.
Special thanks to everyone who helped me put my thoughts together so I could complete the first draft. Thanks to those who helped me discuss character issues and plot issues and of course those willing to help me out.
Thanks Miss G and Pru.
To first time readers open you mind to anything and enjoy.
 “He’s dead. It’s done.” Three [XS2] said in a gruff voice. Three, rubbed his pale brown eyes and covered his rugged face. His jaw quivered as he wept silently. He turned away from the ten other Angels and wiped his face with his white robes.
Six[XS3]  burst into tears and wailed loudly before she dropped to the floor flat. Her long blonde hair spread on the hard ground. She beat her fists into the ground, with each slammed fist she shook the very ground they all stood on. The pristine white Earth beneath her shook and began to crumble. Her crystal white wings, massive blankets of feathers and sinew reaching across seven times the length of her body, trembled over her body. Her wail was so loud it stretched hundreds of kilometres and echoed on and on in the Heavenly plain they resided on.
One[XS4] , a two and a half meter tall male black winged Demon who’s wings were a full body larger than Six’s, stroked Two[XS5] ’s hair softly when he felt her arms snake around him. Two’s own wings were just as large as One’s only sunk short by a few centimetres. Physically they were the two oldest of both the Angels and the Demons. One’s features were gaunt, sharp and pulled back but his eyes were soft vast contrast to Two’s features which were soft and somewhat plump but her eyes were sharp, wide and alert, like a Viper watching out for fresh prey.
Demons Ten and Eight [XS6] sat next to each other with their backs to each other, their own black wings both under a meter small than both Six’s and One’s wings. Both Demons looked vacant, numb. Ten’s own black curly hair, dropped down and almost collected with impressive thickness at his shoulders. Ten’s green eyes stared blankly at nothing but unlike Eight’s, he always looked deep in thought even now in his blank state. Unlike Eight, Ten was clean cut and neat, even his eyebrows were cut in a downward shape and style. Eight like every part of his body was rough, bushy and completely unrefined. His hair, much like Ten’s were curly, folding and dropping low past his shoulder blades and ribs. Even though his robes and his chest hairs were visible and large. His beard were a black tower of hair reaching halfway down his chest.
Outside of Six’s wails were the sobs of both Seven and Nine[XS7] . Both Angels were as close nit as Nine and Seven but in terms to being mentally in tune with each both Seven and Nine were almost completely in sync. Even in their movements they were linked. Seven had the height advantage over Nine along with physical definition. Nine had completely unkempt hair which intertwined so roughly they formed thick brunette dreadlocks which rose out of her skull before thinning out enough to drop down again, Seven’s were precisely the same style but far thicker and a softer red.
Four[XS8] , a tall Angel rising over two meters in height with long rib length blonde hair, walked up to Three, an equally tall and heavier set Angel with darker skin tones than Four. Three raised his hand blocking him off, he pointed at Six and Four nodded. Four took a deep breath, hesitant of going near Six in her state.
“You know, he’s not actually dead.” Four said moving over Six, his own white wings floating over hers to void drowning her in his. His voice was soft, but not so much with emotion as his own natural softness. A softness that could be called feminine to those who didn’t know him. Those words of his  caught every Angel and Demon’s attention as those words were said right between Six’s many wails.  Six’s cries stopped immediately. She sat up, but her waist length blonde locks were enough to block her whole face. She sniffed behind her wall of blonde hair and took quivering breath. Her wings started tensing and rising up.
“Say that again.” Six said, anger laced in her every word, seething through her every breath. Her whole body quivered beneath her soft ivory white robes. Her fingers pressed on the crystal white floor that marked the territory between Heaven and Hell’s gates, the near endless road between the galaxy sized gates of Heaven and Hell, her fingers sunk into the white floor and it broke apart like a chisels through marble. The floor, being Heavenly in nature healed with the marble chippings rolling back around Six’s fingers which were still embedded in the floor. Four backtrack, his own wings dropping like that of a whining dog against Six’s voice. “Say that, again” Said Six, her voice raising.
“He said He is not dead.” Three said taking his hands away from his face before glaring at Six.
“What would you call shoving the Sword of Swords, into Him?” She yelled at both Four and Three, standing up. She pulled her hair completely back showing the tear stains streaked on her face.
“We both know it didn’t kill Him. So stop it. Please.” Five said for the first time. He’d been standing perfectly still with his arms crossed. He’d simple been staring at the ground the whole time since Three had flown in. Five was just a little shorter than Four but with paler skin and a stronger and squarer upper body. 
I must stop?” She screamed pulling the hair out of her face. Her irises were a solid blood red which almost glowed with the power which built up behind her eyes. “What did we just do? Think about it! What did we just do?”
“Don’t be a such a Human.” Whispered Two, her voice carried far enough for everyone to hear her clearly. “Fear.” Two whispered once again looking from person to person. She was the shortest of everyone of the group but her massively voluptuous curves beneath her white robes and her smooth features made her by far the most physically stunning members in the group and across both Heaven and Hell. Her dark skin separated more than half the members of the group, especially Five’s pasty skin. Two’s wings were black and ashy but all around her a trail of black ash and her wings were starting to show tiny bits of white. “I see it in all of you. I can feel it even within myself. It is a fear that I know I will never be able to talk away. The sad truth is what we have done is in fact a fearful thing. But the reason behind this was the right one. We did the right thing.”
“Says the devil herself.” Murmured Six.
One put and arm around Two when pitch black her eyes flared violently. He patted her jet black hair and turned her away from Six. “Trust me we had more to gain from his human death than now. And you know that.” One said, his own brown eyes flashing.
“I couldn’t care less about what positives you Demons would get out of it.” Five said moving behind six. “This was never about you Demons.”
“It’s about the humans.” Three cut in standing between Five and Two. The last thing he could handle was yet another Angelic war. Creatures imbued with the power to create whole galaxies and solar systems fighting brought levels of destruction that took thousands of years to recover from. “Everything we do, we do for the humans. That’s how it’s been since God created them. We were God’s first. They are God’s last.”
“We know. We know. But still He…” Six stammered. She couldn’t bring herself to say His name. She doubted anyone in the group could have.
“He would have fixed everything amongst us Angels. You know he would have. We are not the Angels we used to be. All of us are weak. Contaminated by the humans who cross over to our lands. You cannot deny it. We are creatures of God too. He understood that. He understood that we are the more powerful and in tune creatures of God. We are God’s true servants.”
“Do you hear yourself?” Three whispered. “’Our lands?’ ‘Contaminated by humans?’ Do you think wars, anger and retribution were started by the humans? Do you think it was some special invention brought upon us by them? Have you forgotten why Hell exists in the first place?”
Six scowled at Three harder than she did at One or even Two. There was absolutely no love to be lost between Three and Six. Six hated three more than the Devil herself. Her bright red eyes glared horridly at Three but her glare found itself unreturned, there was only love and pity in his eyes, which only infuriated her more than before. She reached out with one hand and out of the very air a white light formed. It came out in the form of billions of tiny dots which combined. The combined and stuttered on and off but eventually they solidified into the form of a small dagger. The blade was the purest of whites and sharp. Every Angel and Demon turned to her. There was a sense of worry and fear amongst all of them. Every one of them straightened themselves up, prepared for a fight.
To the group’s surprise she drove the dragger into her own left palm. She screamed, it was a loud piercing scream that forced everyone one of them to drop down to the floor and clench their ears.
“It hurts.” Nine yelled at the top of her voice and hitting her head against the ground.
“What’s happening?” Five yelled holding his own ears. He let go with one hand and saw blood on his palm. Fear struck at him and he simply gaped at it.
“It’s happening. It’s beginning.” Six yelled, but it came out as a suffocated scream. “This is what I was talking about. Look at this Gabriel. Look at this! Tell me how this is not because our disgusting love for ‘them’!”
The wound on her palm healed in the space of a few seconds, but the red blood which had come from it stuck to her fingers painting them red.
“This is just” Gabriel stopped there, he didn’t actually have an answer.
“Its punishment” Two whispered. “There’s nothing we can do about it now. It’s happened. It’s only a part of the sacrifice we made. We hurt Him, and now…” Two paused staring out at nothing in particular. Her own blue eyes glistened and she blinked back two tears. “we all know pain.”
“No Lucifer. It’s because we made a mistake.” Six argued.
“No, we followed God’s will. We saved them and sacrificed ourselves to do so.” Five said breathing fast. He was staring at the ground so hard the white floor slowly started to blacken and embers started to form. “Right Gabriel?”
Three put a comforting arm around Five. “Of course. It’s what I honestly believe.”
“Of course, believe the killer. Believe the one who drove the sword into him.” Six yelled sarcastically. “And what about you, Four?” She said yelling at the both Ten and Eight and both Seven and Nine. Nine and Seven both turned to her, the two women stared widely at Six but no words came out of them. Six scowled and turned to Ten and Eight, both Demons scowled back. Allot more of their own wings had peeled and some of its original white had started to return they started to look more like the Angels now than they did before.
“You’re insane.” Ten said simply. Seven merely grunted in agreement and glared.
“Typical.” Sighed Six.
“Don’t do that.” Gabriel said.
“Do what Gabriel?” Six asked.
“Talk down to the younger Angels. You’re a younger Angel yourself.” Gabriel said. There was an air of supremacy in his tone. It was alien to Gabriel. Two actually burst out laughing from it.
“You know you’re not going to get past the fact that. We bleed… Like Humans! And now we feel pain! What sacrifice brought the blood Gabriel or should I ask Lucifer?” she said turning to Two. Gabriel covered his mouth with his hand and stroked his beard slowly. Six’s red eyes watered and two tears rolled down her cheeks. “You don’t know do you?” She whispered. “None of you know.”
“It’s not about knowing.” Seven whispered staring at nothing in particular. Nine raised her head as if she’d just been called. She stroked Seven’s hair pulling her long red locks absently. Her own turquoise eyes looked blank and distant.
“It’s about believing. It’s always been about believing.”
“No,” Six said shaking her head, “No, NO! It is about knowing. Angels know. We just have to look at ourselves. We just have to open our eyes and know God is within us. Only humans are stupid enough to question that fact.”
“Believing is knowing. You talk of not being human but your words-” One said.
“Shut up.” Six yelled.
“That’s it” Gabriel yelled. “This is getting nowhere. You’ve yelled at all of us okay?”
“I-” Six began.
“Oh come on!” Moaned Four loudly.
“Fine!” Six yelled sitting back down and pulling her head behind her face. “but tell me Gabriel. When you did it. Did He see it coming? Did he know.” Her voice quivered as she fought hard to swallow her emotions.
Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose and held the bridge of his nose for a minute before rubbing his face. “I contained my presence hard enough so it was at the level of a human, not even a typical human, lower, but still I felt his eyes on me all the way then-”
“Why didn’t he-” Ten began but Gabriel cut him off
“Stop me? I think it’s because even though he knew I was coming… He didn’t know”
“About the Sword of swords” Six threw in.
“About the sword of swords.”
“What did he say?” Lucifer asked.
“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”
Those words were met by a deep and heavy silence. “Even then?” Six whispered. “Even at the last moment.”
“You sure it was meant for us?” Lucifer asked.
“He looked right at me then looked to the sky. I’m certain it was meant for God, about us.” Gabriel said.
“It could have been for us about the humans.” Four ventured.
Gabriel scowled and stroked his forehead. “It crossed my mind.” He conceded.
“It’s actually worrying how possible it is. Considering what they did to Him on before we did a single thing.”
“I know killing all the humans crossed my mind. It’s not like it’s a undoable task.” Six muttered[XS9] . This was met by glares from every single Angel and Demon alike. “What do we tell all the natural [XS10] Angels?” Six said to break the glares.
“We tell them whatever we tell the humanized ones.” Gabriel replied, quite irritated. “This decision we made about everything will be told as fully as we can without inciting riots or outside of the group. Our every action is unanimous and it’s for the greater good. Demons will go back and follow the act of Demons and Angels will act like” Gabriel hesitated there. “Angels”
“Pfft…” said Five shaking his head. [XS11] 
“What now?” sighed Gabriel.
“As I much hate to admit it. I think she made a few good points[XS12] .” Five said pointing to Six. “We bleed and now we feel pain. What’s to say we won’t lose out powers next?”[XS13] 
“You don’t understand. It’s not about that. If we lose our abilities over time then so be it. We follow God’s will. His will was that we look after the humans. We do that by watching and rebuilding both Heaven and Hell. We remake Heaven and Hell to accommodate the Angels to the best of our ability, while we still have our abilities. Every decision that could possibly be needed to come up is brought up now. We will make every choice now and every choice will be unanimous. [XS14] Right now we have the oldest minds to come to being by God’s hands since the birth of the universe itself. Even if it takes hundreds of years we’ll play out everything and when it’s over we keep the complete truth of this whole incident to ourselves. No books. No confidants, nothing. Until the end of time.”

 [XS1]I add this prologue because I can see that too many people misunderstand the characters within my story and their misconceptions break away from the story itself. I hope with this prologue it gives them a chance to see the story for what it is and not for what it’s not.
 [XS2]I start with the Numbers of each Angel because I feel the reader has to think within the story which is something which will happen at multiple points of the story. 
 [XS3]Sophia. This draws a picture of the person Sophia becomes within this and the next book. She is brash, hard headed, passionate and outspoken and she wears her heart on her sleeve. My only real fear about showing her emotions here is that I run the risk of having people seeing through her immediately.
 [XS4]This is Luke. The companionate super Angel. Or rather the super Demon. He is the most powerful, he is the biggest. 
 [XS5]Lucifer, the devil herself. I hope I don’t get in trouble with
 [XS6]Chamuel and Raphael. The two trouble brothers
 [XS7]Sophia and Helena also like Chamuel and Raphael. 
 [XS8]Peter, Gabe’s younger. He looked up to Gabe and Peter. And I’d like to think you can see that.
 [XS9]This is an important issue early on. For those who click onto
 [XS10]Natural Angels. Hopefully this brings up a question of what’s the difference between Angels who start as humans and straight to Angel Angels.
 [XS11]An attempt to break preconceptions. On Angels. This says even Angels don’t believe what’s thought of Angels.
 [XS12]This is a mildly important scene because as alone as Sophia seems right now there is an element of dissent and that as crazy as she sounds people are still listening to every word she says.
 [XS13]This to be honest was a bluff on my part. I have no intention of making the Angels lose their powers but now that the idea is out there. The read is supposed to fester in this idea. Are they slowly but surely becoming human? The answer becomes mine and mine alone.
 [XS14]This is it. I don’t know if this was me thinking like a programmer and not like a writer or not. After all they sit down and create If/Then/ Else statements on pretty much the worlds and the universes reality as a whole. This is a big deal. It marks what the reader thinks they know about everything and separates it. Hopefully at this point I should have broken most preconceptions so the reader as read this with an open mind. I know I’m being naïve.

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