synopsis of my novel "It's about time"

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please please please tell me what you think about my synopsis and my novel? im in desperate need of comments and opinions on what to fix lol cheers

Chapter 1 (v.1) - synopsis of my novel "It's about time"

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Charlotte Smitth is a high profile painter whose in need of a drastic change in her life; She's needing some time for herself and to be back with the people she knows.

Jake Treloar is the owner of the expanded Farming industry in the town where they both grew up. Where they both fell in love. Fate has brought them back together through unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately, they both have many admirers, who take matters into their own hands. You can try and change fate but this love story shows in the end, Fate always wins and the bad always get what they deserve.

Charlotte Smitth returns to her old hometown in Victoria after living the high life in London for the past two years studying her art and painting. Distraught circumstances with a man overseas had found her wishing to be back in the neighborhood of her family and friends anyway.

Upon receiving news of her dear Pa's death she makes a mad dash for home. In her absence for the past few years, the town she's returning to has grown very much and there are new personalities and new situations she finds herself in that test her courage and her person.

Charlotte finds none other than Jake Treloar, her prince charming from years before, had been trusted to handle all of her affairs. Jake is now the owner of his family business. He'd always been too handsome for his own good, but this man is grown-up sexy, rich and charismatic who she could tell, was used to getting what he wanted. What he wants and what hes always wanted are the same thing; Charlotte Smitth.

Charlotte puts in every effort possible to display her independence, and to impress her man next door, her high school sweetheart, but is shattered to find an onslaught of mistakes and as much as she's tried keeping her past behind her, admirers from around town and from her life overseas constantly confront her and test her scruples.

Marco a man who constantly harassed her in London has found his way over to her again, know knowing shes the lucky receiver of her Pa's estate, cars and money and would do anything for her to marry him including threatening and harassing until someone gives in.

Over time Charlotte turns herself from nice, quiet and polite girl to fiery, confident and intelligent woman who isn't afraid to turn down from a fight. This is her land her money and her friends that are involved by this stage and nothing Marco can say or do will change that.

Marco, being the unscrupulous and horrible person that he is, does everything in his power to cause as much trouble for her as possible and the plot thickens when both Jake and Charlottes admirers meet up in their own time, plotting to tear them apart for themselves.

Whilst scared and unsure, Charlotte seeks out Jakes help and protection, and when the two single, fiery and attracted characters are in the one house together, things start to heat up. They have all the time in the world, and still cant get enough of each other.

Each think that the other has a partner, as a result of a lie told from the start. This was Charlottes doing as Jake scares her physically and she doesn't feel ready to face that idea yet. By this stage, so much has happened they've not had the chance to clear the tension between them instead letting it come out through their passionate affair.

Charlotte is the first to admit that she is in fact single and Jake has a hard time with that as he's felt so guilty about being so attracted to her and loses his cool. Things are up in the air and such a mess by the time Jake is locked in the shed with Marco; who by now is crazy in love with Charlotte and will do anything in his power to have her, even if it means taking her away. He holds a gun at Jakes head for hours on end until Charlotte finally goes searching for him, ready to apologize at what she's lied about. Willing to come clean as she realizes how much shes in love with him.

Upon finding the two in such an awful state, she sweet talks Marco into dropping the gun and telling him she's been apart of his scheme since day one and it was about time he made the necessary moves for her. She takes over the gun and holds it towards Jake.

Marco thinks she's talking to him when she says softly, starring right into Jakes eyes

“I love you my sweet. I'm so very very sorry for what I've done, I cant believe how much time I've wasted coming to my senses.. What's done is done. Thank you for going through all of this for me.” Jakes eyes begin to water, making the anger that was just showing compltely disappear, it was now placed wit such pride and such trust that she had enough confidence to turn the gun back on Marco and tell him to sit or she'll shoot.

Once the police arrive and find Tania hiding behind the door telling them that she'd been made to do it by Marco, they turn on each other as they're being shoved into the police car.

Jake is taken away in an ambulance to treat the wounds across his head from Marco, and Charlotte has to be treated for shock.

In the week that follow she hears nothing of Jake who she knows, has a mobile phone, and enough money to send someone around if he wanted to, and so carries on with her chores around her house. A for sale sign goes up on Jakes' house but its only sold with an acre of land. Typical, Charlotte thinks, its all he cares about is his money and his woman.

Shes angry by now, livid in fact that she'd made such a fool of herself in front of him and decides shes better off without him. She write him an abusive letter and puts it in his letter box.

Jake finds the letter the day he arrives to show people through his house and excuses himself quickly, giving them free reign to look through it themselves and races over to Charlottes' place.

Although hes faced with a bitter and angry Charlotte (proving her point at how much she really did love him) he explains hes selling his house so he can move in to her place. And keeping the land so they can join up with his brothers and they can build their empire.

No doubt they get married and live happily ever after.

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