I Thought It Would Be Perfect (short story)

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Told by the main character; Emmet Gosling

It was about five years ago. It wasn’t the best experience I’ve had, but the most important. I’ve learned so many things on how to live without the regular items you need to survive. It was a very emotional moment for us aboard the plane. We all thought we were safely landing in our destination, but no. That was not the case. I guess at this point in time in my life I am glad that I boarded that plane. I am glad I helped everyone out. I helped me out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mystery Man

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Please do not judge my writing.

I wrote this story for school and i just thought since the first few chapters are already completed then i could post it just for the hell of it.

This story is not my best writing, so please don't think i am a horrible writer just cause of this story. I did not put my full effort in this story. Please just settle for this story while my other one is on the go right now.

I just quickly skimmed through this chapter so beware because come errors might occur. My twitter is @avonalive.

I hope you enjoy. Also i will post the next chapter in a few days.

Please leave feedback.

Thank You!



Chapter 1

It all happened so fast. I can still hear the sound of the passengers screaming as the plane started to descend. I screamed along with them. My heart was beating out of my chest. My eyes bulged out of my skull. I was horrified.


It was a normal day in for the beginning of July, and I was in the airport on my way to the plane.

I was pushing and shoving my way through the crowded section of the airport.

In eight hours I would be in warm sunny Quebec visiting my family for the summer. I haven’t seen my family since last summer so I am extremely eager to spend my fourth summer with them; its sort of a family tradition.

At 7:34AM, I finally found the gate to my plane after what feels like 20 minutes of searching.

My plane wasn’t boarding until 7:45AM and taking flight until 8:10AM.

I scour the section of the plane gate for a few seconds until I spot a seating area to sit and wait, so I headed over there still pushing my way through the crowded air port dragging my luggage behind me.

A few minutes had passed since I seated myself when I heard a sigh and a grumble from the human sitting next to me.

I turn my head toward the left side of me, where the human sat. I noticed it was a man. A man with hard brown hair, beard and mustache wearing a blue old worn out plaid shirt with some cut bright blue jeans.

He smiled a me with his what seems to be 6 yellow, chipped teeth in his mouth. He seems like a man of mystery. I turn my head forwards once again.

"A great day for a flight, ain’t it?" he says with his cackly voice.

Is he talking to me? I wonder to myself. I roll my eyes to the left and notice there is no one else that he could possibly be talking to, he must be talking to me.

"Yes, I suppose so." I reply quite awkwardly. I shuffle my feet from boredom.

"Where are you headed?" I shift my head, feeling suddenly more comfortable around him. I see the position he is in; looks like he is comfortable himself. His right leg is crossed over his left.

"Quebec," I share my news firmly with him. "visiting the family for the summer." I add on, still very firm.

The mystery man shakes his head slightly.

"Oh, the family," he pauses as if he is getting ready to talk once again. "Now you listen here; you take good care of them, alright? Cause one day you wont have anyone to love in that family of yours." He leans back positioning his hands behind his head.

This man is suspicions.

Could he possibly be right? Why would this man suddenly come out to me and tell me that piece of information? That is not what strangers usually say to one another. Once again, this is a mystery.

"Alright um, who are you again?" This man is suddenly my worst nightmare.

I stare at this man in shock. I’ve never had this experience before in my entire life.

The man smiles a little while removing his hands from behind his head. He lets out a sigh.

"You’ll find out sooner or later." The man stands up out of his seat, breathing heavily and he began to head towards the plane gate I was headed for.

I shake my head, trying to forget the past 10 minutes that had just flew by. I get on my feet handling the luggage I am fixing in my hands and start walking my way over to gate 7E, the plane gate that is taking me to Quebec. I make my way over there, handing the lady in a uniform behind the counter my plane ticket and I walk through the doors.


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