Fabled Enigma: The Blackwood Mysteries

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The Blackwood Mysteries are a series of I don't want to say short stories in case they end up going on a bit.

Stephanie, Clarissa, Nicole and Arianna are a coven of witches that have known each from birth. They have been through everything together; births, deaths, falling in love, heartbreak. Nothing breaks them apart. Until the return of one man; Jack Keller. He unknowingly brings with him a face from the girls past. One they'd rather didn't return.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fabled Enigma: The Blackwood Mysteries

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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After a couple of centuries, the coven moved from the outskirts of London to the beautiful growing city of Rome in Italy. The girls were escorted by the remaining member of the parents. Though they had no idea how he had survived as long as he had. Now a man in his fifties, George Morrison kept the girls close by. Always watching out for them. Especially one more than the other girls; Stephanie. He always had her fighting him every step of the way. She was as fiery as the element she controlled. However, to welcome the girls to their new society, George decided to throw an extravagant masquerade ball for in their honour. The theme was ironic in a way only the girls understood; Elements.

Each of the girls attended in the colours that went with the elements each controlled. Nicolette Richardson was dressed in a beautiful long sleeved gown of green with hints of brown delicately weaved into the skirts of the dress. Her dark hair arranged into curls  which were pinned to the top of her head. A mask similar to her gown pinned into her hair to keep it in place. Arianna Morganetti wore a strapless gown of white and the palest silver with pearls sewn into the bodice of the dress. Her golden hair in loose curls swirling in ringlets round her shoulders with her mask glittered with silver pinned into her golden locks. Dressed in a gown of beautiful shades of blue was Clarissa Morrison, with a capped sleeve of a bright blue silk. Her brunette hair was pinned into a bun at the top of her elegant neck. A mask with blue feathers was pinned into her hair. Lastly, Stephanie Hannigan trailed behind the girls, dressed in a gown of reds and oranges which made her skin a flawless pearl colour. Her red locks swept over one shoulder as the dress swept over the opposite. She held the mask to her face in defiance of the man who was throwing it.

Walking to a man served glasses of wine, Stephanie took one from the tray. She walked round the party introducing herself to other women but longed for it to be over. As she let the last of the liquid slide down her throat, cooling her from the inside, she noting a man with piercing blue eyes as he let them clash with her glittering green ones. His whole demeanor screamed at her, he was dangerous but there was nothing she loved more than a challenge. Little did she know then, how much it would cost her...

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