Dream girls

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Two twin sisters Lyndsey and Erica are trying to find out what theirs dreams are since they’re going to be entering the real world soon. Since tomorrow being their first day of being a senior at Granville Central High School in North Carolina. They’re also trying to deal with their father who has just left their mom and their siblings. So now Lyndsey and Erica’s mom has entered a depressed mood, and they got to take care of their little siblings while having the fact that they still have theirs own life. Will they give up their dreams for their family? ( I just started writing stories again, so hope you like it :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream girls

Submitted: October 25, 2009

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Submitted: October 25, 2009



“BEEP! BEEP!” Lyndsey alarm clock went buzzing off. She jumped out of bed and picked up one of her short shorts and threw on a baggy tee-shirt. She put her knee length strawberry blonde hair in a messy pony tail and grabbed her pumas. She ran down the stairs and took out the door with her six weeks old Saint Bernard puppy Sasha at her heals. She ran down C Street and saw her best guy bud, which she had a crush on Blake jogging to. “Blake! Want to jog together?” she asked coolly. ”Lynds!” he yelled and pulled her into a big bear hug. She looked into his beautiful baby blue eyes. Her eyes are icy blue, but she loves his better. “Ready for senior year?” he asked, “couldn’t have been better. Bet I could beat you to my house” she joked. “Okay, you’re on. And I’m not going easy on you even though you’re a girl.” “Fine with me!” and with that she took off.She beat him, of course! “Dang girl, and you’re shorter than me too.” He joked. Lyndsey and her twin sister are only 5’4, while Blake was 6’3. “Ugh! See ya at school!” She took off toward the steps and jumped in the shower.“Lynds, you were supposed to wake me up when you left.” Erica mumbled. “Opps forgot!” She found her pink Abercrombie & Fitch baby tee. And then her denim mini-skirt for Hollister. Her white American eagle leggings to go with her black Aerospatiale cami, with her brown rainbows. She put a purple headband in her hair. She grabbed her purple lab-top and shoved it in her baby blue Old Navy backpacked. Lyndsey is a total girly-girl. Erica found her ripped Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, and then a purple Hollister baby tee. To go with her brown rainbows. And brushed her mid back length strawberry blonde hair, and then put her favorite white headband on her head.
Lyndsey is the girly-girl and Erica is mixed with a tom-boy. They’re seventeen and the oldest of six kids. Brad is fifteen, 5’9, has spiky dirty blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. Nick is thirteen, he looks just like Brad but he’s 5’5. Nicole is eleven she has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. Icy blue eyes, she’s 4’8. Isabella is the youngest who is three; she has long butt length curly strawberry blonde hair, icy blue eyes. She’s 3’2.“Lynds. Erica, Brad, Nick, Nicole, Izzy! Breakfast is ready!” their mom Mrs. Anna Summerland yelled up the stairs. “Lynds! Up”! Izzy said. Lyndesy bent down and picked her. “So Erica and Lyndsey is this your last first day at home.” Brad teased. “Oh shut up!” they said in harmony. “Mommy! When do I go to school?” Izzy asked all wide eyes. “In two years, bells.” She answered. “Erica, walk me to the bus stop? Please!” Nicole pleaded. “No! I don’t want my big sister there” “But Nicky! It’s my first day of middle school!” she wined. “Okay! Nikki, I’ll go” Erica said all happily.
August 28th 8:00 Am. At the bus stop
“Lyndsey, look here comes your lover!” Erica pointed at a nicely cleaned up Blake. Lyndsey slapped her, and Brad laughed. “Oh, shut up!” they said in unison and then laughed. “Yo! Brad, you survived your freshman year!” Blake joked. “Yeah no help from you.” Lyndsey slipped into her dream land. Which felt like she was in it forever before Jake, Erica crushed yelled out” Earth to Lyndsey! Are you alive?!” she snapped out of it real quick. “Jakey!” She got up and hugged his neck. “I miss you!” “I missed you too.” The bus pulled up right then. Lyndsey got on first and then Erica followed her to the back of the bus. “Can you believe this? We can sit in the back of the bus!” Erica squealed! They sat together. Next stop beautiful Abby, Blake’s girlfriend got on and kissed Blake. She uses to be Lyndsey best friend, until freshman year anyways. “Erica-y! Lynds!” she faked a smile at Lyndsey. “Ugh! Hates her!” she mumbles.
The bus pulled to a stop at the high school. “Everyone off!” the evil bus driver screamed at the students. Everyone piled off the bus and walked casually through the front door. And that started the official school year. The best year of the girls life.
August 28th 8:45 am. In home room
“Good Morning class!” the coolest teacher ever Mr. Dunton sung-said. “Morning” the class repeated. “I don’t mind if ya’ll IM or text. But if ya’ll fail it’s your own fault.” “The assignment is up on the board, complete it and then do whatever” “senior year is here! Write a two page report about what you’re going to do after you finish this year. Don’t leave any detail out. Oh yeah, extra credit if you write a five page report about what you did over the summer.”
Lyndsey began her report and about ten minutes later she was done with it. And she saw her dad’s name on the contact list; he has just left his family for his boss. And they’re expecting a baby in January.
Lyndseyboo: Hey daddy!
Big Jay: Hey princess, aren’t you suppose to be doing work?
Lyndseyboo: I finished it. I miss you.
Big Jay: Lyndseyboobear I miss you too.
Lyndseyboo: why did you leave then?
Big Jay: you won’t understand.
Lyndseyboo: I don’t know, I might surprise you.But whatever daddy.
Lyndseyboo has singed off.
Erica has just hit send on her report when she saw Lyndsey has singed off so quickly and then saw her daddy name on the list. “This can’t be good” she thought to herself.
Erica baby:hey daddy!
Big Jay: hey bud. You’re down with your work too?
Erica baby: Yup. It was easy, I miss you dad.
Big Jay: I know girly, I know.
Erica baby: I wish you could just come home.
Big Jay: But I can’t Karen needs me.
Erica baby: but we need you, mom’s needs you.
Erica baby has singed off.
“Bring, Bring” “Class you’re homework is to write a ten page report on what college you want to go to and why. It’s due tomorrow.
They walked out the door silent. And to top it off for Lyndsey she saw Abby and Blake making out. Erica saw where he gaze went and pulled her sister away. “He isn’t worth it.” “Yes he is. One day he is going to realize that he is meant to be with me!” and with that she took of to biology. Classes flew by quick, but Lyndsey was still stuck with the vision of Abby and Blake kissing. She just knew he will realize that she is more important than Abby, and that he wants to be with her forever.
August 28th 12:45 pm. In the café.
“Lyndsey, Erica over here!” Their best Friend Stephanie and Cyndi yelled. “Hey Steph! And Cyndi!” they said together. “We missed you guys” Stephanie and Cyndi are also twins, but they’re fraternal twins. “Yeah, same here. So Steph, jogging tomorrow. 5:30?” Lyndsey asked. “Oh yeah!” “Did your um, dad um, leave?” Cyndi asked boldly. “Yeah, that jerk!” Lyndsey stated. As soon as she said that her phone vibrated. One new message from Lindsey Jackson, read now? She clicked read now.
Oh my god! Blake and Abby broke up! Apparently Abby was seen kissing a nerd! And Blake lost his cool, and ended it with her, and said I quote “I liked another girl anyways, and I’m going to tell her how I feel now” UN quote! Just thought you would like to know!
She quickly typed away who is the girl? Sending. “You guys, Abby and Blake broke up!” “Really?! Who told you?” the three girls said together and then giggled.
Her phone vibrated again, “hold on I got a text.” One new message from Lindsey Jackson, read now? She clicked read now. Idk, but he did say the initials. I quote “L.S” UN quote. L.S? That could be anyone like Lynn Summerlyn, Lindsay Spike. Or even me! She quickly typed Thanks! Sending. “Lindsey Jackson. They broke up because he caught her kissing a nerd. And he lost his cool… But he said he liked another girl! The initials are L.S!” “Bring, Bring” the bell rang.
August 28th 3:01 pm. In study hall
Lyndsey felt her phone vibrate she pulled it out and hid it in her bag she opened it One new message from daddy, read now?She unwillingly hit read now. Lyndseyboopoo please IM me, I need to talk now, and it’s an open chat with you and Erica. She pulled out her lab-top and clicked the chat invite.
Lyndseyboo has just entered “Big Jay chat room”
Big Jay: girls, I’m divorced you mother, and I’m marrying Karen. I want you to take care of the other kids for me.
Lyndseyboo: Wut! Y?!
Erica baby: OMG!
Big Jay: girls, ya’ll got to understand I didn’t love Ur mother anymore I love Karen and the new baby now.
Lyndseyboo: So you don’t love us anymore?
Erica baby: but we need you daddy!
Big Jay:I do love ya’ll. I always will. Ya’ll are almost eighteen ya’ll don’t me anymore
Lyndseyboo has singed out
Big jay: bud? Talk to her for me please?
Erica baby: DADDY, SHE IS RIGHT. We all don’t need you. I HATE YOUR GUTS AS WELL! I hope you, Karen, and the new baby has a good life. We don’t need any of ya’ll.
Erica baby has singed out
Lyndsey phone vibrated again. One new message from Blake, read now? She clicked read now. I guess you heard we broke up. Get on IM please.
Lyndseyboo: yeah?
Blake-y: Can’t believe this.
Lyndseyboo: Yeah, I know
Blake-y: do you still have that crush on me?
Lyndsey froze. “How did he know?” she thought.
Lyndseyboo: what crush?
Blake-y: you know the crush you had on me since we were five.
Lyndseyboo: *hides* yes.
Blake-y: yes! Then it’s my treat to take you out this Friday!
Lyndseyboo: really?
Blake-y: oh yeah!
Lyndseyboo: class is almost over, see you in the hall.
Lyndseyboo has singed out
Erica ran into Jake in the hallway “Hey Erica, I know you have a crush on me, and I have one on you. Can we go out this Friday?” He boldly stated. “Uh… Sure!” they walked out hand in hand. Later that night Lyndsey and Erica were talking in Lyndsey room. “Should we tell the others?” Erica asked. “They do have the right to know. I mean after all he is their father too.” “Brad, Nick, Nikki, and Izzy come here please!” Erica yelled. They all came running in. “Yeah?” they asked in unison. “Dad divorce mom and he is marrying Karen. He wants us at the wedding, and for us two to take care of all of ya’ll.” Lyndsey said. “Dad also said she is more important than us and that we don’t need him, she needs him more than us.” Erica finished for Lyndsey. “What a jerk!” Brad said. “There is no way I’m going.” Nick and Nikki said. With that they stormed off. “So, daddy aint coming home?” Izzy asked wide eyed. They shook there head, and she ran into Lyndsey arms.
Later on that week Erica’s phone vibrated she took her phone out it read: One new message from daddy, read now? She clicked yes. Our wedding date is September 8th. Please all of ya’ll come.
She showed Lyndsey the text. “I got an idea!” “You do?” “We’ll go, all of us!” “Are you out of your mind?!” “You’ll see!” she sung and left. “Guys, we’re going to the wedding!” “Yeah, listen to Lyndsey we’re all going!” Erica went into her room and got out of lab-top. Lyndsey sent her an invite: Will you join Lyndsey’s chat? Yes or no? She clicked yes.
Sexy Brad has entered the chat
Nick dude has entered the chat
Princess Nikki has entered the chat
Erica baby has entered the chat
Lyndseyboo: ya’ll were going to the wedding!
Princess Nikki: why?!
Erica baby: to support daddy
Sexy brad: but we hate him
Nick dude: dude I’m in without question
Lyndseyboo: Nicole your going to dye your hair light brown
Princess Nikki: oh okay!
Lyndseyboo: Brad are you in?
Sexy Brad: yup, you obviously got a plan
Lyndseyboo: sure do, ya’ll dude can sign out now
Sexy brad has singed off
Nick dude has singed off
Lyndseyboo: hair salon/sept.8th 12:00 pm/be there
Lyndseyboo has singed off
Princess Nikki has singed off
Erica baby has singed off
September 8th 12:00 pm. Hair salon
“Miss are you sure your mother said your little sister can dye her hair?” the hair salon man asked. “Yes Sir” “Okay. Fine” And he did it. “Oh my gosh! I look good!” Nicole screamed. “Sir, can you cut my hair to the length of my boobs and dye it black please? And my sister here will have the same.” “I will?” she gave Erica a look “oh yeah I will!”
Erica and Lyndsey wore two short pink dresses with white leggings and brand new pink rainbows and white headbands. Nicole wore a yellow short dress with white leggings and a yellow head band. Izzy wore a little baby blue dress with kids white leggings, and she has her hair cut to where Erica’s and Lyndsey’s were. Brad and Nick were wearing matching suits.Their dad saw the boys first “Thanks ya’ll so much for coming, where are your sisters?” He asked. Nick pointed over where Lyndsey was holding Izzy and Erica has her arms wrapped around Nicole. “Lyndseyboopoo!What did you do to your hair?!” “We cut it and dyed it.” “I see that.” “Well you wanted us here. And we’re here.” And that was the end of that. During the party he called his kids over “Which one of ya’ll wants to go live with Karen, the new baby, and I in Myrtle Beach?” He asked. The kids glanced at each other, Brad spoke up” None of us, we’re staying with our mother. Like you were supposed to be there with us. Not with her.” “Ya’ll come on, momma needs us home now.” Erica added. “I love ya’ll” their dad Kevin added. “Yeah right” Lyndsey mumbled.They got in their mom’s van and Lyndsey drove home, everyone was silent the whole way home. “What did ya’ll do to your hair?!” Anna said in shocked. “We dyed it and cut it.” Lyndsey said. “I love it!!” she said all happily.
The months flew by like nothing has ever happened. Erica and Jake enjoyed their first date to the movies and out to eat. Lyndsey and Blake went skating and out for pizza. It’s now November 18th the day before the girls turn eighteen. They still haven’t talk to their dad or new step mom. And they are still trying to get their mom out of her funk. They will soon find out taking care of four siblings are hard work, and to go to school on top of that, it is even harder.
“Ya’ll time for school!” Lyndsey yelled while pulling her mid back length strawberry blonde hair in a pony tail. The girls hair grew back quit and so did the color. Lyndsey was dress in her new baby blue fall dress, with white leggings. And her high heals. Erica came down in her new blue jeans, a pink A&F baby tee. Her hair is all curly. She has on her brown rainbows. “Nicole and Nick! Ya’ll are going to miss your bus!” They ran out the doors. And barely caught the bus, as Lyndsey has predicted. “Izzy, take care of momma, okay?” She asked. Izzy giggled and nodded. “Okay, ready to go?” Erica asked all eager to see Jake. They walked out laughing about a joke that Cyndi told them yesterday. “Blake!” Lyndsey screamed and kissed him, “Lynds!” He returned the favor. “Where is Jake?” Erica asked and next thing she know someone was kissing her. Brad saw his newly found girlfriend Katie “Hey Katie!” she waved and walked over to Lyndsey, Stephanie, Erica, and Cyndi. “Hey girls!” “Katie!” they said. Brad, Jake, and Blake were talking about football and basketball now. Lyndsey phone vibrated so she got it out of her bag and looked: One new message from Abby Hills, read now? She clicked read now. Tell Blakeypoo that I’m preggros for me please. She thought to her self, how is this possible? She gotta be kidding.
November 18th 8:45 am. Homeroom
“Class writes a five sentence paragraph about what you’re going to do after high school, its due in ten minutes.” Mr. Duton said. Lyndsey pulled out her notebook and started writing: After high school I want to go to college. The college I want to go to is Yale. The summer after high school I’m taking my family to Paris for the summer. I want to be a successful photographer and run a business with Erica. Or if anything else I want to buy a home in Nashville, Tennessee and do my life long dream and be a country singer, who knows? She got out her lab-top after she finished it and IM Erica.
Erica wrote: Let me think after high school I’m going to go to Yale. That is if I get in anyways. If not then I’m going to do my life long dream about be a country singer with my sister. My goals in my life after high school is to start a family after college, do my job, and be a good mother. If nothing else I’ll just go live with my sister and become a free loader off of her.
Lyndseyboo: hey!
Erica baby: you see that our farther is online
Lyndseyboo: yeah, want me to send an invite to him?
Erica baby: Yes let’s have some fun!
Big Jay has entered the chat, Big Jay cant view the previous conversation between Erica baby and Lyndseyboo
Big Jay: hey girls
Lyndseyboo: Hey
Erica baby: hi
Big Jay: Karen and I want you to come stay the weekend with us for your birthday please think about it
Erica baby: okay
Lyndseyboo: Sure, it sounds like fun
Big Jay: Really?
Erica baby: yup
Lyndseyboo: the bell is about to ring.
Erica baby: see you in two days then.
Lyndseyboo and Erica baby has singed off
Lyndsey’s phone vibrated she took it out and looked at it: One new message from Lindsey Jackson, read now? She clicked read now. Abby is pregnant! And it’s Blake’s.She is four months. Just thought you would want to know. Byes! So she wasn’t lying” Lyndsey thought to her self. And in the next class she picked out her phone and fwd the message to Blake. About five minutes later her phone vibrated: One new message from Blake, Read now? She clicked yes. It was only a one night stand. She got me drunk, I swear. I would never have done it, if I was sober and she knew that. Please forgive me. She hit Reply and wrote: yeah, I know I’ll stay dating you knowing that some other girl is having your baby. I can’t do that, it’s over. I’m sorry; you need to be with her, I’ll give you your jacket back tomorrow. Sending. She had to blink her eyes to stop the tears from coming; no way is she going to focus. Her phone vibrated, one new message from Blake, Read now? She clicked read now. Lyndseyboopoo don’t do this. I’m still going to give you your present. I still love you. And I always will, not Abby. She put her phone away and copied the notes on the board.
November 18th 12:30. The café
“L-Y-N-D-S-E-Y!” Erica yelled when she saw Lyndsey entered the cafeteria. Lyndsey walked over toward them, and sat down. They just blew her off for a few so they could finish what they were saying then the turned toward her and stared at her. “What?” she asked softly. “When were you going to tell us you broke up with Blake, because Abby is pregnant because of making him drink?” Cyndi asked. Lyndsey just put her head down, “I don’t feel good, and mom is on her way.” And that was all the girls needed to know that she wasn’t going to talk about it. Erica just looked at her sister with love and concerned.Lyndsey walked out the cafeteria with so much on her mind, which did make her not feel good so she didn’t lie to her mom.
As soon as Lyndsey got home she locked herself in her room, and started bawling. About what seemed like forever her mom knocked at her door. “Lynn, Can I come?” She asked eagerly. She slowly got up and unlocked and opened the door. “I heard what happened today baby girl.” And with that Lyndsey started crying her mom pulled her close to her chest and gave her the shoulder she needed. “Baby, I know I haven’t been the type of mom, I’m supposed to be. But I’m going to work on it. This has been hard on me, girly that’s all.” “Momma, it has been hard on all of us and we needed you.”“I know, and I’m stepping up to my plate.” “Thanks, momma” She hugged her daughter. “Now go get back together with Blake, he is going to need you, more than ever now.” “You think he will take me back?” she asked. Her blue eyes are sparkling from crying. “How about you ask me yourself.” Blake suggested he was standing in her door way. Her mom walked out of the room with that. Lyndsey ran up to him and hugged him and kissed his cheek. “Baby, I know it was hard for you, but it’s hard for me. With you by my side I know I can make it…” She cut him off by kissing him. They walked hand in hand down the stairs past Sasha and Buddy their Saint Bernard’s. “Lyndseyboo! Mommy is back to normal!” Izzy screamed. “Bella!” her mom said, taking her hand and leading her outside with the others. Erica hugged Lyndsey’s neck and whispered “I’m glad ya’ll are back together.” “Me to sissy, me too.” They giggled. They ate dinner as a family including Blake and Jake of course! “Mom, can I go out with Katie this weekend?” Brad asked. “What about Lynds and Erica party? Nicole asked wide eyed. “Forgot, but Sunday night?” “I don’t see why not.” “Thanks, mom!” “Momma, can I go out with this hot seventh grader named Chris?” Nicole asked. “Sure!” “Momma, this will be her first date!” Erica and Lyndsey screamed. “Will ya’ll help me get ready?” she asked them. “It will be our treat!” and then they busted off laughing. “Bye Izzy” Blake and Jake said to Izzy who is getting ready for bed. “Bye!” “Good Night, Izzy-bitty!” Brad and Nick said together. “Love you, Izzy” Nicole said. Izzy ran into Lyndsey arms and hugged her tight “Love you sissy!” “Love you Izzy” “Night, Izzy!” Erica said. Erica walked Jake to his car, “I enjoyed eating with your family tonight, babe.” “Thanks, baby. I love you.” “I love you more.” They had a great good night kiss.
Lyndsey and Blake walked to his car he had his arm around her waist holding her tight. “Love you Lyndseyboopoo.” “Love you jakeyboopoo.” They kissed. She backed up to the porch where Erica was standing waiting for her. “Tomorrow, we’ll be eighteen!” She screamed. The house phone rang; their mom picked it up” Hello, Summerland and Summerlynn resident, Anna speaking” “Hey Anna!” “Oh, hi Jay, who you want to talk to?” she asked with the tone of hurry up I don’t want to talk to you tone. “Lyndsey and Erica.” “Girls! It’s for you!” “Who is it, momma?” “Your father.” Erica groaned. “Hi, daddy?” “Girls, happy almost birthday!” him and Karen said. “Thanks” “Want to come down this weekend?” Karen asked. “Sorry, we got plans” Lyndsey said bitterly. “Oh okay.” She sounded hurt. “We are having a girl and a boy!” she said all happily. “Cool.” “Well we got a ton of homework to do…” and with that Lyndsey hung up. “What he want?” Nicole asked, “For us to go down there.” “You did say no, right?” Nick asked. “Duh!” they said and walked off.
November 19th. 6:00 am. Lyndsey’s room
Lyndsey grabbed her favorite Abercrombie & Fitch ripped jeans, and paired it with a hot pink Hollister baby-tee. She pulled out her pink Aeropostale socks and grabbed her Sperry’s. She brushed her hair, and pulled half of it. She found her American eagle hoodie, or should she say Blake’s. She grabbed her bag, and tip toed into Erica’s room. “Lyndsey! Go away, lets me sleep.” She mumbled. “Okay fine. But we’re eighteen today!” she squealed! “Ugh! Let me sleep ‘till seven?” With that Lyndsey walked off toward the kitchen. “Morning! Lynn!” Her mom gave her a big hug. “Thanks, momma! I can’t believe I’m an adult as of today!”“Me either baby doll, me either.” “Does this mean your going to leave me” Izzy rubbed her sleepy eyes; Lyndsey picked her up and swung her around in circles. “Izzy, not ‘till I graduate.” “That is in like six months!” Nicole exclaimed.“I know, isn’t it great?” Brad joked. “Not funny, I’m going to miss all of ya’ll” Nicole said. “So you’re not staying with Lynds?” Nick asked. The girls looked at each others and busted out laughing. “Of course we are kiddo!” “Ding dong!” the door bell rang. Erica walked over in the same jeans as Lyndsey but she is wearing a plain white cami with Jake’s Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie on top of it. “Happy Birthday babe!” Jake said, Blake followed him in and went up to Lyndsey “Happy birthday, babe! Love the hoodie I own one just like that.” She kissed him. “Now that the whole gang, is here I have something I have to say.” “What is it girly?” “I’m going to stay the weekend with dad and Karen.” “Are you nuts?” Brad asked. “You’re not going alone!” Her mother said. “I’m not going.” The rest of the kids yelled. “If it’s okay with you and my parents and Jay, I’ll go. But stay in a different room.” Blake offered. Lyndsey’s eyes sparkled with that. “That is a good idea, Blake.” “It’s okay with me.” “Great, I’ll go call my mom and dad now” He stepped out the door, and dialed. “I’m going to go call daddy now!” “Daddy?” “Yes” “Can Blake, come with me? But he will stay in the guest room.” “Sure!” Karen said. “Thanks, love you daddy!” and with that she hung up.“They said yes!” They both said together. “Lyndsey, this will be perfect!” “Sissy, don’t leave me!” Izzy screamed, “You want to go then?” “Yes, I don’t want you to go, and me to stay.” With that Izzy started to cry. “Izzy-bitty don’t cry.” She tickled her, and Izzy started laughing.
School went great. They got a lot of birthday wishes, from everyone. Abby was in pain! This was good for Lyndsey. Erica got an A on her final for English.Cyndi and Stephanie both gave them gift cards to the preppy stores. Now it’s their birthday dinner, which means more gifts!
Their mom cooked tacos, French fries, brownies, strawberry cheese cake, fruits, corn, and her specialty: spaghetti tacos. Blake and Jake was there, when aren’t they? “Mrs. Summerlyn I love these!” Jake said putting another brownie on his plate. “I’m glad you like them.” “Momma, I’m glad you’re back to normal.” Nicole said. “Nicole!” Lyndsey screeched. “It’s okay, I am too.” “Erica and Lyndsey! Make up time! Date got moved to today. Since you won’t be here Lyndsey” Nicole screeched. “Excuse us” They walked into Nicole’s room. Lyndsey started fixing her hair and make up while Erica went to her closet. Lyndsey went to her room to get her curling iron. She slowly did every piece of her hair, so now it’s super curly. Lyndsey grabbed her emo hair spray and squirted her hair. “What’s the outfit?” “Baby blue short skirt, white leggings, pink baby tee with the words: My sisters are hot, but I’m hotter, brown rainbows, and to top it off her blue jeans jacket.” “Love it!” She put on some light pink eye shadow, hot pink lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, she handed her Lyndsey’s diamond earrings, and squirted her Aeorpostale perfume on her.“You look stunning.” They said and then high five each others.“Blake, will you drive me to the movies?” Nicole asked. He nodded and picked up his keys, “I’ll be back, Lynds.”
November 19th 8:01 pm. The girls living room
Nicole came running through the doors with tears on her face and ran straight to the room. Blake walked in and said “That punk stood her up!” “Oh my god.” The girls ran up the steps.“Lyndsey, I haven’t been stood up before, have you?” Erica asked. Lyndsey went into her mind to her memories; she was eleven just like Nicole. “Yes, Jake stood me up. Remember?” Jake ducked as Erica threw him a pillow which hit Blake. “So, you’ll go in?” “Yeah.” She tried the door, and of course it was locked. She pulled out driver license and opened the door. “How you do that?” She pulled Nicole into her lap and held her tight, while she was crying. “I know how it feels.” “No you don’t. You’re perfect.” “I was your age, remember that night? Of course not that was seven years ago. But I was going on my first date with Jake. I waited four hours at the school dance for him. Even when it ended I wasn’t going to let daddy take me home. I knew he was going to be there. I cried for two weeks straight, Nikki. It hurts right now I know. It feels like he ripped your heart out and he stepped on it, and broke it into pieces. But you got something I didn’t have.” “What that?” “Two big sisters who can beat the snot out of him. Just kidding, not unless you want us to. But we’re gonna be here for you. We’re going to send the dude home. Us three will go to the store and buy junk food, then to Movie Gallery and get five movies. Two girly. Two comedies, one horror! How does that sound?” “Thanks, perfect.” She ran down stairs and hugged Blake, “You can now, go find him and beat some sense into him.” She giggled. “Lynds?” “Go talk to him, it going to be a girl’s night in.” “Can I join?” “Until your bed time, Bells.” Nicole said. The girls kissed their boy friends. “I’m driving” their mom said. They all got in the car and drove to the only grocery store in Creedmoor, Food Lion. The girls ran in the store. Izzy spotted Abby who is now four months, so she is starting to show. They got ice cream, chips, cookies, candy, sodas, pop corn, and any other junk food they could find. Their mom pulled out her debit card. “Lyndsey!” Cyndi and Stephanie said. “Hey!” “Sisters night in?” “Yeah, got to run, see ya’ll Sunday night!” When they got home, Lyndsey changed into her pj’s bottoms, which has the Abercrombie & Fitch symbols on it, and her new Hollister tank top. Erica did the same, but her pj’s was baby blue not pink. Nicole got in her Hollister’s shorts, and pink tank-top. They all had their hair in messy pony tails. They laughed, cried, giggled, got mad, sang to the songs they knew. They ended up sleeping in the living room, Sasha was in between Lyndsey and Erica, Izzy slept on the other side of Lyndsey, and Nicole slept on the other side of Erica with Buddy. At 4:30 Lyndsey phone vibrated. She answered it, “Hello?” “Lynds, call Blake, ya’ll need to come now to make it by ten.” “I’m calling him now.” “‘Bye.” She dialed Blake’s number “hey, I’m on my way now.” They hung up, she packed her clothes in her book bag, grabbed her ipod. “Crap, I don’t have time to change.” So she braided her hair in two, slipped on her flip-flops.” Packed Izzy’s bag, braided her hair. She wrote her mom a note. Picked Izzy up and carried her out the door. Blake pulled up and they got in the car. He handed her a neatly wrapped gift. “I forgot to give it to you last night.”“Thanks.” She slowly un-wrapped it, It was a tiny, silver necklace with a silver key on it; in grave on it was key to Blake’s heart. She slowly un-clasped it and put it on. “It’s perfect, I love it.” They made it there at eight-thirty. Karen who was eight months pregnant, greeted them at the door, she hugged Lyndsey who was carrying a sleeping Izzy. “Nice to meet you, Blake.” “My two girls and her boyfriend.” Their dad said coming down the steps. He told the maid to take their bags up to their room. “Here your present, and give Erica hers please.” She took it and set it with her bags, “If you don’t mind I want to open it, with Erica.” “Not at all.” Blake took her to the beach at ten thirty that night. They walked hand in hand, he let her get ahead of him, he bent down on his knees, and called “Lyndsey!” she turned around and gasped, “Will you Lyndsey Hope Summerland, marry me? And become Mrs. Lyndsey Hope Wakefield.” She was wordless, which doesn’t happen often. “Yes!” he put the ring on her and she kissed him. “What about Abby?” she asked. “Well I got a job, an apartment, so I’m going to fight to get custody, which is why I’ve been nice to her.” “Okay, I love this ring, and I love you!” “Lyndsey, I thought ya’ll were lost!” Izzy said dramatically they were walking into the living room, holding hands. “Girly, I think this is it. The baby is due, in about two weeks anyways! J-A-Y! THIS IS IT THE BABY IS COMING!!!” Karen screamed.Five hours later, Karen is holding an eight pounds 9 ounce. 15 in. baby girl name: Hope Love Summerland. “She is so pretty!” Lyndsey said softly.
Later on when they went home, Lyndsey and Erica was in Lyndsey’s room holding the gift “1…2…3 open!” Izzy said. They un-wrapped it, in side was two car keys and a picture of a pink mustang for Lyndsey and a baby blue one for Erica. And a note it read: Girls, I love ya’ll so much, and this is for you. Every kid will get a car for their eighteen birthdays, keep it a secret. In side of the car is your real gift, it’s a sign with your names on it, it’s your saving bonds. It holds over twenty-five millions dollars in it, ya’ll can now access it.
The months went by quick Abby due date was yesterday, Blake is by her side while she is in labor. Lyndsey and Erica are in the waiting room. Their graduation is in three weeks! Erica and Jake are now engaged as well.
“Abby, she is so pretty.” Lyndsey cooed over the beautiful blonde hair, blue eye baby girl. “Thanks, Blake can name her.” “Amber Nicole Wakefield.” “Love it.” Two weeks later in court. “I now grant Mr. Wakefield full custody of Amber. That is all, If Abby is seen any where near her, she will be put in jail. Court is dismiss.” The judge said. Blake walked over grabbed Amber’s car seat and diaper bag, and walked out the door, he was greeted by Lyndsey. “So?” “I’m walking out with her aren’t I?” “Well Blake-y I’m pregnant.” “But I thought I used a condom, I mean I did.” “It must of Broke. Because the doctor said I am.” “Wow, what are we going to do?” “keep it.” They walk out hand in hand, while Lyndsey was holding the car seat.
Graduation day: June 11th 8:00 am. Their house.
“Mom, I’m pregnant.” Erica said boldly. “Me too.” “I’m going to be a grandma! I’m so happy for you!” “Ding Dong!” “I’ll get it” Nicole said, when she got to the door she saw her dad, with a baby car seat. “It’s daddy!” Anna walked to the door and walked out to the door step with him. “What are you doing here?” she demanded, “Lyndsey and I had a talk and I realize I’m meant to be here with you and the kids.” “If you take me back that is.” “What is Hope doing here?” “Karen told me she wasn’t going to keep her if I leave.” “Well, I guess one of the girls room can be her room.” She smiled. He kissed her, all the kids was lined up at the door smiling.“Yes!” They high-five each other. Lyndsey noticed Amber was up, so she walked over and picked her up. Lyndsey and Erica hair are back to the length it use to be, they have it super curly. Amber was in a pink summery dress. “By the way, not only does Amber make you a grandpa, but they’re having a baby, as in Erica & Lyndsey.” “Daddy!” Nicole screamed and hugged his neck, as Erica took Hope, “Wow, my girls’ looks so pretty and grown up in their graduation robes.” “Thanks.” “When is the wedding?” “June 13th. It’s a double wedding.” “I thought it would be.”The principal said: “Erica Love Summerland” Erica walked up shook his hand and grabbed her diploma. She walked down the stage, “Lyndsey Hope Summerland” she walked up; shook has hand, and took her diploma with a smile. “Blake Austin Wakefield” He ran up there and grabbed it. “Jake Thomas Wakefield.” He jogged up there and got it. “Now will Lyndsey please come up and give her speech?” As Lyndsey walked up she actually got nervous “We are here to celebrate the mark of our freedom, we made it through twelve years of school, and we’re now ready to show what we learn out in the real world. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our friends and family. We’re going to prove how we have mature over the years, we’re going to shine, we won’t let ya’ll down.” With that the whole group applause and the class threw off their hat in the air. “Momma and daddy, can you watch Amber, so we can go to the party?” Lyndsey asked. “Yes. I got to get home and cook anyways.” Brad picked up Amber’s car seat to signal that he is ready “I’m proud of ya’ll” Brad, Nick, Nikki, and Izzy said.
Lyndsey and Erica hugged their mother’s neck and walked off to the graduation party. “Can you believe we’re getting married in two days?” Erica said, “Don’t forgot that we graduated” Lyndsey added. They laughed and caught up with Blake, Jake, Stephanie, and Cyndi. “Ya’ll ready?” Cyndi asked hyper. They linked arms and walked to where the other students were. “Please take care of Amber for me, tell her I love her.” Abby begged Lyndsey, “You know I’ll.” Lyndsey stated and then went back to her group. “Lyndsey you know you could have been popular?” Nick’s girlfriend’s brother said. “Yeah, I know. But I’m with my group, how could I leave my girls?” They all hugged and cried a little bit. The party went by quick, “Momma said ya’ll can come over tonight, and spend the night.” Erica told Stephanie and Cyndi, “Sure.” “Mom & dad are going on that trip anyways. Since we’re the youngest kids, and we’re leaving the nest.” They giggled. As soon as Lyndsey got home she picked up Amber who was just waking up. “Aw, Amber is so cute!” Cyndi stated, Erica walked into the room and found Hope in Nicole’s lap. “Can I take her?” Nicole nodded, so she picked up Hope and walked over to Stephanie. “Aw! She is drop dead beautiful.” Their mom came in and hugged Lyndsey, “Lynds, you make a good momma already to Amber” “Thanks mom. I hope I’m just as good with this baby.” She said rubbing her stomach. “Ya’ll are going to get fat!” Nick teased.They ate, and hung out. Now it’s time for the guys to say good-bye. “Do you want to keep Amber here, since she is asleep?” “Yeah, I got her.” They kissed and he walked off. “Oh my gosh! We’re getting married in two days!” The girls screamed!
Wedding day. June 13th.7:00 am. Erica’s room
“Lyndsey, we’re getting married!” Erica screamed. Amber starting crying at that. “She fell asleep about two hours ago, and now she up, thanks to you.” “But today is the biggest day of our lives!” “One of them anyways.” Nicole said, walking in. Izzy follows with Sasha and Buddy at her heals. “Lynds!” Nicole said and hugged Lyndsey’s neck, “Mommy, is up with Hope. Who won’t let me sleep!” Izzy complained to Lyndsey. The girls are finally getting married! To the guys of their dreams! “Lyndsey and Erica ya’ll can help get the girls ready!” Their mom came in all happily. Hope and Amber were in matching pink summery dress, with a big pink hair bow around their head, and pink little babies’ rainbows. Izzy wore a baby blue summery dress, with brand new brown rainbows, her hair was super curly, and she wore a blue headband. Nicole was dress in a pink flowery short dress, with the famous white leggings, brown rainbows, her hair was super curly as well, but she had half up. And with a baby blue color headband. Their mom wore a baby blue color dress, her hair was super curly. She had on white high heals, with a pink headband in her hair. The dudes wore tuxes. Lyndsey wore a knee length white dress, with lace at the bottom, and it was a spaghetti strap. White high heals, her diamonds earrings, her long knee length hair was curly, with her vial on top of it. Erica wore a white sparkly knee length dress, with white heals; her mid length hair was curly. They were ready to go! They said their I dos and now it’s the party. They had a blast at the party!

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