Dream girls

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: October 25, 2009

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Submitted: October 25, 2009



Amber started crying, Blake has just left for work, so that leaves Lyndsey and her one year old Saint Bernard to deal with Amber, but Lyndsey loves her so she isn’t complaining. “Amber, baby its okay. Auntie is coming soon, so is the rest of the family.” She sighed and rubbed her swelling stomach which is carrying a four month old fetus. She has a big family! Amber is four months and then their dad’s has a baby with another woman Karen and they had a daughter named Hope who is eleven months old. Brad is the third oldest who is sixteen now. Next is Nick, he’s looks just like Brad and their father, he is fourteen now. Next the middle girl Nicole, is twelve, her strawberry blonde hair is now down to her butt. Last but not least now is Izzy, she adores Lyndsey. She has knee length strawberry blonde hair she is now four. Lyndsey has her strawberry blonde hair down to her feet now, which means it is always up. Erica who hair was getting long is now down to her shoulders again. All of the Summerland’s have icy blue eyes. “Ding dong!” She placed Amber on her hips, and had one hand on her back to support her as she went to answer the door. “Momma!” Her mom and Izzy walked in the door, Izzy went straight to her knees and hugged her. “Hey, Izzy.” “Lynds. I miss you.” “When do you find out what you are having?” her mom asked. Erica came in at that carrying a sleeping Hope, and said “Two weeks!” “I knew I forgot something!” Erica put Hope in Amber’s play pin. “Lynds, it has been to long.” She said dramatically “Yeah since last night, way to long.” They laughed. Izzy walked up to Sasha, and patted her head. “Momma, she begins school next fall.” Lyndsey said in a trance. “Your lap top is buzzing.” She walked over to the lab top and placed Amber in her lap.
Big Jay: Is your mother there?
Lyndseyboo: yeah, and Erica
Big Jay: When isn’t she there? J.k
Lyndseyboo: what do you want?
Big Jay: put your mom on please
Lyndseyboo: Babe?
Big Jay: Karen wants Hope back
Lyndseyboo: why?
Big jay: she says because I miss her
Lyndseyboo: and you said?
Big Jay: Well Karen, I got custody. She would be scared to death of you
Lyndseyboo: speaking of Hope, she’s up. Talk to u later. Love you!
Lyndseyboo has singed off
“Lyndsey, Amber has Blake’s blue eyes, Abby’s curly golden brown hair.” Her mom said. “I know, she is going to be so pretty.” “What do you want, this baby to be?” “I really only wants girls, but for him a boy.”
October 23. Doctor’s office. 10:00 am.
“Lyndsey and Blake, the doctor will see you now.” The sectary said. Lyndsey squeezed Blake’s hand as they walk to their doctor’s room. She wrote down on the paper she had: Lyndsey Wakefield, 18, 120lbs. 5’4. Babies are healthy. Sex: Boy &Girl.
“She showed them the chart, Lyndsey eyes only went to the name “Uh, you misspelled my name. It’s L-y-n-d-s-e-y” “Opps, sorry.” “What is the sex of the baby?” Blake asked. “You mean babies?” she corrected. Babies? Lyndsey thought. “What do you mean babies?” Blake asked. “You’re having twins.” They looked at each other and smiled. “Well, what are they?” “A boy and a girl.” “Thanks you.” They walked out of the room and the office and hugged each others. “Twins!” They kissed. At that moment Erica and Jake came walking up pushing Amber in her stroller Erica passed it over to Lyndsey and asked “Well?” “You got to wait until tonight!” she smiled big. “See since we moved away from each other I can’t read your mind.” They laughed and walked on. “Erica and Jake, the Doctor will see you now.” She wrote down: Erica Wakefield.18. 120lbs. 5’4. Babies are healthy. Sex: girl, boy. “Well?” Erica asked. “You’re babies are doing fine.” “Babies?” “Yes, twins. Boy and Girl.” They walked off, he kissed her. “We’re having twins!” They screamed in the car. “No wonder I was 80lbs and now I gain 40lbs.”
October 23, Anna and Jay’s house. 7:00 pm
“They’re here!” Nicole announced while setting the table. Izzy took off toward the cars, “Lynds!” she picked Izzy up and hugged her. “What about Amber?” “Her daddy is getting her.” “Put her down” Blake said concerned Jake went up to Lyndsey grabbed Izzy and gave her a piggy back ride. “Erica!” “It’s been like forever.” “Yeah, nine hours.” She sighed. “At least I can almost fit his hoodie.” They walked up to the door, and Nicole hugged them “It’s been way to long.” “I know, girly.” “You got any dates this weekend?” Erica asked. “Boys? EW no.” “Good, you’ll stay with me on Friday” Lyndsey said, “And me Saturday.” Erica added. “Momma and daddy can I?” Nicole asked wide eyed. “What about me?” Izzy asked, “Sure” the girls said together. “Yes.” Momma and daddy said. Over dinner their mom asked “So, what are y’all having?” Blake and Lyndsey looked at each other “Twins.” “Kind of guessed that. “The sex?” Their dad asked. “Boy and Girl.” “I’ve never had that happened before.” Their mom stated. “Erica and Jake?” “Same as Lynds.”
December 25th. Lyndsey’s house. 2:00 pm

Lyndsey and Erica are cooking and cleaning for their family’s Christmas tradition but Lyndsey begged to have it at her house. When I say family I mean the whole gang. The girls are now six months pregnant, and with twins so they’re huge. “Picked out any names yet?” Erica asked while putting the cookies in the oven. “Yup. You?” “Yeah, what are they?” Lyndsey pulled out a piece of paper and found a pink pen and wrote: Ericka Lynn Wakefield.Austin Jake Wakefield. “Aw, I liked how you spelled that name, differently.” Erica said. Now she found a purple pen and wrote: Lindsey Nicole Wakefield. Jake came in and pulled out the blue pen and wrote: Aint thought of it yet.. But going for Cameron (Cam) Jay Wakefield. “Aw, I like both of them.” Lyndsey and Blake said, Lyndsey tore off what Erica and Jake wrote and put it in her pocket. Erica did the same. “I like Brent or Kevin. Or Bruce.” “I like Josh” Jake said. “Me too.” Lyndsey added. “Joshua Cameron Wakefield” “Be back at three, we got to get ready.” They left, Erica waddle out though. Lyndsey loves her hair being down to her feet, but Blake keeps telling her to cut it. She brushed all that hair, and curled it. She left it down, found a red dress that still fit her. And then she put on her Christmas-y toe socks. Blake wore blue jeans, and a Red polo. Erica came in wearing the same outfit as Lyndsey. Jake wore a green polo. The door bell rang. “I’ll get it; you go finish getting Amber ready.” Erica and her put Amber in a pretty Christmas dress put a green bow in her head. “Hard to believe she is six months old.” “I know.” “Lynds!” Izzy ran up to her. They enjoyed their dinner and quality time together.

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