Dream Land

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Lyndsey and Starry are fifteen years old twin sisters. They were normal, until there parents spilt. There dad moves to New York, they move across the state. A lot of things happens. Then one night something bad happens. Will they still be able to handle what life throws at them? But no matter what they will always be close.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream Land

Submitted: January 01, 2010

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Submitted: January 01, 2010



Lyndsey’s Pov:
“Kids, we think it’s for the best if we get a divorce.” My mom and dad were saying to us kids. It was supposed to be a normal Friday night family meeting. Until they sprung this news on us.  I’m Lyndsey; I have strawberry blonde wavy butt length hair, mix with the best lips; nose; and killer icy blue eyes. I’m the second oldest, at the age of fifteen, my parents decided after 18 years of marriage it was all a waste. My older brother Trace who’s 17 will be left to be the man of the house. Since my dad was leaving to move from Raleigh, North Carolina to New York City, New York. With a new girl friend. Leaving six kids with their mother without a real reason why. My sister Star is my twin sister; we share everything together. We’re daddy’s little girls. Then there is Nikki who’s 13, Izzy is 11, and Alicia is 6. We all have our momma’s eyes. And our daddy hair color.
I just nodded when momma and daddy looked at me to see if I had a reaction. “Okay, whatever.” I said trying to keep my voice steady. Starry nodded in agreement. So did our little sisters, “Girls, just because I’m gonna be in NY, doesn’t mean I won’t always be here. I’m a phone call away.” We all faked smiled. The next two weeks daddy packed. Spent time with all of us. Now he’s leaving today, which breaks my heart. Summer is only four weeks away, so we gotta focus on school. “Bye daddy, we’ll miss you.” Starry and I said in unison. We hugged him then stood beside Trace, “Bye kids.” “Bye.” I walked into my room, picked up my cat Prince Charming and laid on my bed. “Well boy, how can anything get worst?” “Mom, said family meeting now,” Izzy said walking into my room. “Lynds, will it get better?” “Who knows?” She was looking at me for support and I turned her away. “Tracey, will it get better?” I asked my big brother. “I really don’t know girls.”
“What is it momma?” We asked, Starry and I was sitting on the couch with her cat Princess In-between us. “We’re moving to Roxboro, over the summer. To live with your new step-dad Adam, and his four boys and four girls.” She said smiling. Starry and I looked at each other in horror. Moving? To live with another man and his eight kids? We were packing our rooms; Starry came in and sat in my closet “You done with your room, Star?” I asked here, putting my radio in a box. “Yup, I don’t wanna move.” I wrote my initials L.N.S on the box and sat in the closet beside her, hugging her. “Me either, but us twins sticks together?” I asked, “Always and forever babe!” We were giggling now and Trace came in, “Adam is here, so we can meet him.” I groan, he helps me get up then I help her get up. A tall; skinny; muscular; brown hair- blue eyes man about in his mid 30s was in our living room. “Hi, you girls must be Lyndsey and Starlet.” He said looking at us two, trying to figure out who is who. “Actually is Star.” Starry said speaking up, he smiled, “So you’re Star?” She nodded, “And this must be the shy Lyndsey.” He tried shaking my hand but I turned away. “Ah.” He said, momma came in and smiled at everyone. “Girls, this is Adam.” “We have met.” We said together. I already hate him. “I have a daughter and son around your age.” He said smiling; we had to fake smile back. “How old are they?” Trace asked. “My oldest daughter is Brittany she’s 20. Then Brad is 18, Taylor is 16, Nick is 15, Lizzie is 13, Jake is 11, Savannah is 15, and Ashley is 6.” We forced a smile.
We ate dinner; watched a movie; and he’s so happy for us to be moving next week! All away across the state; pretty much anyways. What about my friends? “Lynds, are you asleep yet?” Starry asked me, “No.” I said sitting up in my bed, “I miss daddy.” “Me too. I wish he was still here not in New York with that tramp.” She crawled in my bed and under my covers, we have always done this since we were little if we couldn’t sleep or was upset. “I hear they have cute guys in Roxboro.” I giggled at her, she’s boy crazy; yet so am I. We’re both total girly-girls. I’m half- half though. We both fell asleep in no time; I guess my sister is always my comfort zone. She always knows what to say and when.” 
Starry’s Pov:
As much as I hated to say this I didn’t want to crawl out of Lyndsey’s bed when six AM came, but I had to get up. She’s my best friend. I can trust her more than anybody. I would be lost if she wasn’t my sister. I’m daddy’s little girl; but Lyndsey loves baseball so she got to go to the games. He knew I didn’t like baseball. Lyndsey & I have are identical twins. We keep our hair the same lengths, and have a lot of the same clothes. We have the same taste in everything. I walked into the kitchen and Trace was drinking OJ, “Hey, how’s my fallen Star?” He had always called me that. “In one of my funks.” “Ah, that time of month?” He hates being in the house with women. “Nope. And I’m glad.” “Good, I didn’t wanna talk about that.” Trace can be a pain sometimes, but then again I still love him. He’s an Opps baby. Momma was 15, daddy was 16; they were drunk at a friend’s party and bam, there goes sex. And few weeks later momma was pregnant. But they were dating then. Momma being a cheerleader and daddy a football player. Momma is 32 now, so daddy is 33. Life was so perfect growing up, who would think that they would spilt?
The next week came to quick. All week we moved boxes and everything into a big house. Yet Lyndsey and I still have to share a room; we’re okay with it though. His kids are all snobby like; expect they are nice. Which I hate, why do they seem to like it so much? I hate this so much! At least Lyndsey and I still have each others. Nothing will change that. Trace has been so helpful with us girls, letting us cry on his shoulder. He is torn up about it to, but he won’t show it. I guess it’s a guy thing; which I will never understand. Lyndsey and I had our room un-pack within that night. We locked ourselves in the room, “Starry, I’m more scared now than ever.” “I know, Lynds I am too.” We put our bed together, so that way we will always be close. Momma came in and smiled, “I like how you girls have this room set up. And I’m sorry for you having to share a room.” Adam added in, we just nodded.
Life will be different around here; with I got Lyndsey to back me up. We found our 8th grade middle school shirts and wore them with pink A&F pajamas bottoms. The shirt was gray; it had all of our names on it. We braided our hair in two. Using the same ribbons. We both wear contacts. Which we hate; but it’s better than glasses. Princess and Prince Charming loves their new cats’ bed. Trace saw us and smiled. “Lynds and Starry nice one.” Savannah came up and smiled at us, “I’m sorry about your parents, and you having to move here.” “But at least your dad is still living. My mom died four years ago. But I hope we become friends, even though I can tell you girls hate it here.” “I’m sorry, thanks, I think we will too.” We said together. She smiled and walked away. Brad came in, and smiled “Which one is which?” We just smiled. Adam came in too and he was confused. “Girls, until we really know each other can y’all please not dress alike?” “We always dress alike.” I said. And we walked out to the pool side. Tomorrow will be swimming and tanning day.

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