Dreamers are believers

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Stormy dad died when she was four. When she's 16 she goes to stay with her grandparents. They tell her everything; stuff her mom never brought up. And while she's with them she meets a cute guy. Will this tear her apart from her mom? Read on....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dreamers are believers

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010



 “Storm Nicole Bumpass get over here now.” My dad said, I’m sixteen years old. 5’4; skinny; icy blue eyes and golden blonde/brown hair. My daddy died when I was four; momma was pregnant with my sister. And she remarried when I was five to the man I call my dad now. I don’t remember my last name. I have four siblings from them. But to start off Angel is my 12 years old sister with the same icy blue eyes and golden brown/blonde hair. Then Jake is 10, he has green eyes and brown hair. Momma has green eyes, and dad has brown hair. Erica is 8, same as Jake. Colby is 6, same as them. And Nikki is 2; she has their green eyes and our hair color. Because it’s momma’s hair color.
I walked over to my dad who was holding Nikki, “Yes daddy?” “Can you take Nikki and put her down for her nap?” I nodded; and took Nikki. Momma was talking on the phone, and smiled when she saw me. She was off the phone when I entered in again. “Come sit down Stormy.” I did as I was told; and sat down, bringing my knees to my chest. “Yes momma?” “I was on the phone with your grandmother.” “But grandma dies four years ago.” “On your dad’s side.” My dad now mom has been dead for ten years. “And momma?” “She wants you and Angel to spend the upcoming summer with her, in Roxboro, North Carolina.” Angel came in and sat down. She looked at me; momma told her already I’m guessing. “Sure, I want to know information about daddy and his side of the family.” “School has two weeks left, and then the day after y’all will fly out to Raleigh, North Carolina and your grandma will be waiting for you girls.” We nodded; we have wanted to know more about our father but she won’t let us know anything for some reason.
I walked in my room and started packing. My long knee length hair was flowing me by the wind. We live in Malibu, California ever since momma married him that is. We use to live in South Carolina. So that way daddy could be close to his family; and momma hers. Angel walked in, “I want to know everything there is about daddy.” I nodded; “Me too sissy.” My room is amazing; for me anyways. I’m the head cheerleader of my high school squad and I’m only a sophomore; going to be a junior.
The next two weeks drove on and on. My best friends Madison and Ally were by my side as I was waiting to board the plane; “Send us emails and texts. Keep us in touch.” They said; I hugged them; “I will you girls are my best friends.” They smiled. “Last call for flight 456.” We hugged one more time and then I hugged momma, “we will call when we get there.” We sat together on the plane wondering what she looks like and what we will find out. We don’t even know how he died. Momma hates talking about him; so we don’t bring him up much anymore. There was a lady in her mid-50’s with a sign that has Stormy and Angel on it, we smiled and walked over there. She smiled at us, “You are my little Storm.” She said smiling at me and hugging me, and then looked at Angel. “And you are Angel. I haven’t seen you since you were born.” We smiled, she has our eyes. Her hair is blonde but with a mist of gray hair. “We need to get our bags.” I said, I didn’t know where to begin. “Why yes, y’all need your bags.” Y’all? Is this how everybody talks down here? We made it to the baggage claim and we grabbed our three bags. And found grandma’s little car. “Care to drive Stormy?” “Sure, you have to tell me where to turns and such.” “I know, and I will.” She handed me the keys; Angel rolled her eyes at us.
I did pretty good for it being my first time driving a truck like that. Her house is medium size; but you can feel the comfort and know that people once lived their lives there. I mean being a family; the love coming off of it. We got out and she showed us our room; we will be sharing it. I’m fine with it and so is she; we unpacked and went downstairs; our grandpa I guess. Is cooking dinner, “Hi, Stormy and Angel?” He asks, he had green eyes and dirty blonde hair. We nodded; “I’m your grandpa.” We smiled, and sat down beside grandma. “This is your father and you.” He was tall; green eyed, dirty blonde hair; and I was just a baby. Daddy was a handsome man, and he looked like he was nice and wonderful. “What is his last name?” “You mean your momma changed you gals’ last name?” “Yes ma’am.” “Summerland. Nicky Adam Summerland.”  Stormy Nicole Summerland sounds better than Stormy Nicole Bumpass. “He looked like he was amazing.” I said tracing my finger around the picture. “You were daddy’s little girl. He loved you so much; and you loved him. He was happy for having another girl on the way.” We smiled at her; she was a sweet woman.
We were sitting out on the porch; country music playing. “How did he die?” I asked her. “He was driving home from picking you up from day-care. And a semi-truck was going full speed ahead, and the driver didn’t see y’all. The way the car was, he was gonna hit your side. So your daddy turned the wheel and gave up his life so you could live.” I had tears sliding down my face; my daddy is a hero. He gave up his life so I could live. I must of really meant the world to him then. “Stormy he loved you; and did anything for you. He wanted you to be safe.” Grandma said I wiped away my tears and nodded; this is tough. But I should have seen it coming; “I’m surprised your mom let you come here.” Grandpa said reading a poetry book. “Why is that Grandpa?” Angel asks, she was listening with open ears. “She has never let y’all come before. We asked every summer, and she always said no. She doesn’t want y’all to know the truth.” “TONY!” grandma said, we were giggling. “What, I made them laugh.” Grandma shook her head no, “We’re tired so we’re gonna go to bed.” “Okay, good-night girls.” “Good-night.” We walked up to our room and their was a picture of two twin girls, a man and a woman that looked like momma and I’m guessing daddy.
I don’t have a twin sister, or nobody ever told me I did anyways. I waited until Angel was asleep and grab the picture and walked down stairs and outside, “Grandma who is this of?” She turned beat red, “You weren’t supposed to see that.” She nodded for me to sit down; I did and brought my knees to my chest. “She’s your twin sister. Lyndsey Hope.” “How come, I haven’t met her or nobody talks about her?” I said, this was all spinning around in my head. “She’s lives with your aunt. Your mom couldn’t handle three girls after losing your daddy. And then she fell in love with a millionaire and he didn’t want three girls, so your mom blocked her out of her life.” “Can I meet her?” “Tomorrow.” I nodded; and kissed her cheek. I wasn’t ready for bed, and I needed to go and clear my mind. “Way to go Ann, she won’t ever let them come back now.” Grandpa said, “Well they needed to know. I mean come on they don’t have his last name anymore!” Angel woke me up at eight; she was in short shorts, and a t-shirt that has the logo of Hollister on it. I found my black short shorts, and paired it with my pink cami, and brushed my hair and left it down. I didn’t feel like putting it up; it needed to be down. I put my contacts in and we walked down stairs. “Are y’all hungry?” Grandma asks, Angel nods, and she puts bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice, sausages on our plates.
“Grandma are you trying to make us fat?” Angel jokes, “Yup. You girls need meat on your bones.” I smiled; I couldn’t get Lyndsey off my mind.  We ate; did the dishes and the got in the car. Grandpa didn’t want me to drive. He didn’t trust my driving; we rolled our eyes, but Angel was on his side of course. She prefers it when adults drive.
We made it to a bigger house; and kids were running and playing and adults were watching with three teenagers sitting at the pool talking. A girl my height walked over to grandma and hugged her. “I love you Grams.” She smiled, “Lyndsey this is Stormy.” Lyndsey turned to me and smiled, but our eyes caught and we just locked eyes for a few. “Storms, she looks like you.” “Because I’m here twin.” She said smiling. Angel had a weird look on her face. Grandma explained and she understood. Her hair was my length, so we were identical twins. She liked the same music I did; and she loves to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch. I meet my uncles and aunts, they were so happy to see me. “So how is momma?” “Ah, she’s fine.” She rolled her eyes, “I’m sorry that she didn’t want you.” “Nah, don’t be it’s okay.”
We were at the mall and a cute boy our age came over and smiled at Lyndsey, “Now Lynds, you never told me you had a twin.” “Blake this is Storm. Storm Blake.” “As in like a ‘Storm is coming’?” “Yes, it’s a weird name, but I love it.” He smiled at me, “It’s a nice name, how long are you here for?” “A month.” He smiled at me again, “If you can could we go out on a date Friday?” “I don’t know. I have to see.” He smiled, “Lynds, has my number.” He walked off and she smiled at me, “You can date him.” She said, “Did you date him?” “Nope, he’s my best friend.” I smiled at her, “Gramps won’t mind no would Grams.”
We came home and grandma smiled when I told her the news! So I called him; and he’s picking me up at seven Friday! I can’t wait I got a date with a hot boy! Angel rolled her eyes; my step-dad said I can’t date until I’m 17. I don’t care; he won’t know so it won’t hurt him. And Angel won’t tell him; she knows she will get hurt if she does. And she isn’t going to risk it.  She loves me, and wants me to be happy. And I know I will be. And grandma told us everything we needed to know about daddy. And I don’t want to leave. So now I’m catching up on 12 years of Lyndsey’s life. She’s teaching me to be a country girl; I just laugh at her when she tries to teach me.
I would my favorite pair of jeans, and her Dixie Girl shirt. And my hair was in two braids. And I had make-up on and the locket daddy gave me. Plus I was wearing my rainbows. She rolled her eyes at me, “You are a prep.” I just smiled at her, and went to text Maddie she is so happy that I have a date!  “Remember he will try to work on making you a North Carolina girl as well.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay got it!” I said, I sat down on the couch waiting for seven o’clock to come!

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