Dreams aren't a waste unless you're not a believer

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Lyndsey Summerland; dad has been out of the picture for 12 years. Her mom get cancer; and dies. So her and her sister are either force to live with their older enganged brother or their dad so they pick their dad. Things are really different in Okalhoma, it's not like Florida. She meets new people and everything. Will her life be this easy or will it take a turn for worst? I can't say anything else so you gotta read it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dreams aren't a waste unless you're not a believer

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Submitted: February 26, 2010



“Lyndsey we are so sorry to hear about your momma.” My aunt Abby said through the phone; we just got news that my momma’s cancer that she was battling for over four years has finally won, and she lost. “Yes we are too. But I guess life must go on.” “See ya in a week Lyndsey.” “Yeah, see ya.” I’m fifteen years old; and my mom has just passed on this morning; and my dad left us for another family when my little sister was two weeks old and she is now twelve years old. My older brother Bryan is in his old room; listening to his music, he was planning on getting married in two weeks. But he has to find daddy or he will have to keep me and Hope, and we don’t want to burden him. “Lynds, I got dad’s number. Do you want to call or do you want me to?” he asked, his icy blue eyes sparkling with wet tears. This is one thing I know about my brother it take a lot to make my big brother cry. I hugged him, tears forming in my icy blue eyes. Hope, Bryan, and I all have icy blue eyes from our momma and strawberry blonde hair from our dad. We live in Spring Hill, Florida and there is no telling where our father lives. Bryan and his fiancé Eva lives in Roxboro, North Carolina. Bryan is twenty one years old; he was a mistake and I was planned, while Hope was a miracle baby girl; the last chance to keep the family together which as you can tell didn’t work.
“Hope, come here please.” She came in; you could tell that she has been crying. Her eyes are all puffy and her face is red; she sat on his bed and Bryan dialed dad’s number and I pressed talk. “Hello, Summerland resident, Karen speaking.” “Is Ryan Summerland there?” “Yes he is. Hold on and I will get him. But whom may I say is calling?” “Please let me speak to him ma’am.” “Yes, okay I’m getting him now.” Karen must be his new wife or something; he has only called me on my tenth birthday since he left twelve years ago. “Ryan speaking who is this?” “It’s Lyndsey daddy.” He drew quiet, “Lyndsey whom?” “You’re daughter. Lyndsey Nicole Summerland.” “Oh hey Lynds, what do you need baby girl?” “My mother is dead.” I didn’t wanna play his games; I wanted to get this over with and I don’t want Bryan to be stuck with us. “How did she die?” “She had cancer, and it won.” “Ah I see, you can come live with me then.” He doesn’t believe Hope is his daughter. “What about Hope, daddy?” “She can live with her father.” “You’re her father.”  “How can you prove it?” “She has your dimples when ya’ll smile.” He laughed, “I guess she is my daughter then. Well when is the funeral?” “Next week.” “I will be there next Monday. Be ready to move after the funeral.” “Yes sir, we will be.” “Bye Lynds.” “Bye daddy.” He isn’t one to say I love you, and right now neither am I. Because the last main words I said to my mom was “Why don’t you go ahead and die.” I was mad because I couldn’t go hang with my best friend, we always argued about something, but we made up right before she died but still I can’t get that out of my head she died that night. “So Lynds, is he going to take y’all in?” “Yes he is.” I felt my tears coming so I blinked my eyes really quickly and he pulled me and Hope into a hug. “Momma is in heaven watching over us.” I semi-smiled; we all packed the house. Most of momma’s stuff is put in a storage unit, and the house will be Bryan after this semester in college.
I woke up, and I slowly put my contacts in and stepped into my bathroom and took a shower and then got dress in my black skirt and black shirt, and I straightened my wavy hair and left it down. I was wearing the necklace my momma gave me when I was five years old; a heart shape necklace. I found my black flip-flops and walked into the kitchen, where Bryan was making breakfast. Hope was wearing the same outfit as me; we look like twins, but I’m taller than her. I did a half smile at her, and she rolled her eyes as I hugged her; “Hope-y, we will get through this. I won’t leave your side.” She looked up at me, “Promise me?” “I promise you.” We went to the funeral and then people were at the home saying how sorry they were about momma dying and us having to move to wherever our dad was. We didn’t know what to do so we just nodded; grandma hugged us every second she could.
Everyone left and a moving truck came in and then a Blue SUV pulled up and out stepped two movers and a man in his late 30s. Daddy was 37, and the man has baby blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair so it was daddy. Bryan open the door and the men nodded at whatever he said and went to go start moving as daddy walked into the kitchen and smiled at us. “Lyndsey you look beautiful.” I nodded and hugged him, he turned to Hope; “Ah Hope, you look just like me almost.” She smiled and hugged him; since she is one of the biggest talker I know, she started talking; “So dad where do you live? And is all right if we call you daddy?” “Yes I am your daddy, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.” While talk about where the tornados were, but hey we get to meet the rest of our family. Bryan smiled at me and hugged me; “Lyndseyloo I’m a phone call away, call me if you need anything. And Eva and I love you don’t forget that.” I wiped away my tears, “I won’t and I know. I love y’all to.” He hugged Hope and I’m guessing told her the same thing. He hugged daddy and then walked to his car, “The movers already left, do y’all wanna stay tonight here?” I was close to crying, “No sir, I don’t want to be here as long as I don’t have too.” He nodded; and we both sat in the back seat and started the long way to our new home.
We pulled up into a huge brick house; and the moving trucks were there and they were empty and a woman in her mid-thirties was waiting, she kissed daddy’s lips and smiled at us. “You must be Lyndsey and you must be Hope?” We nodded; and she smiled again, “I’m Karen your new step-mom; y’all will be so happy here. And y’all will just love it.” We nodded; “Do y’all mind sharing a room?” daddy asked us, “No sir we don’t.” “Okay, good. There is a baby on the way, and we only have two open rooms left.” “Until Bradley goes off to college in the fall.” Karen said she led us to our room; and smiled “Brad is my son he’s 18, Drake is 15 (my son) Nicole is 13 (our daughter) Kelly is 8, Savannah is 6, and Bruce is 3, and this baby will be a girl.” We nodded; “I will let y’all unpack, and don’t worry we won’t hate y’all.” We nodded and un-packed by the time it was dinner time.
I was told to sit next to Drake who has blue eyes and brown hair; “Hey I’m Drake as you already know. I’m sorry about your mom.” “I’m Lyndsey, you should know that too. And it’s okay.” He smiled and we ate in silent after that. “Lyndsey, you will begin school in two days.” Karen said to me, and then she looked at Hope, we nodded. “Y’all will love the school; and Lyndsey the high school is easy and fun.” Drake said, I nodded; “There is a lot of cute boys for you.” Karen said smiling; “Yea, especially Drake’s friend Blake.” Nicole said smiling at me, she is nice even though she is what really tore up my family. Dinner ended and we walked up to our room; and Bryan has called me about twenty times; I answered as he called me yet again; “Lynds you okay?” He sounded worried; “Yeah sorry. Dinner time and no phones were allowed.” “Ah, its okay. How are things going?” “They are going.” “Ha-ha I bet; anyways tell Hope that we love her. And we miss y’all.” “I love y’all and miss y’all too!” and I hung up as I walked out to my balcony and sat down and brought my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them and stared up at the stars. I was day-dreaming and I felt someone standing behind me and it was Karen. I wonder what she want; I thought to myself as she pulls up the lounge chair and sits next to me; and she just looks at the stars.
“You’re momma is watching you. She won’t miss a second of your life. And now she isn’t hurting.” She said, I nodded; “It feels like you’re crushed; hurt; sad; mad at her for dying; you’re blaming yourself; you miss her like crazy.” I looked at her, “I lost my mom when I was your age. By a drunk driver. I know I’m just your step-mom I wont and I’m not gonna replace your mom. She will always be your mom. And I’m here for you Lyndsey.” I actually smiled and hugged her; “thanks.” “I’m always here for you.” “How far along are you?” “Three months pregnant; trust me when I’m in my night clothes you can tell.” I smiled at her; “I’m offering now to help out. I love babies!” “Good; someone is finally offering to help out. And I’m gonna hold you to it.” “Fine by me.” I hugged her again and then looked at the stars again, daddy came out and she left. “You love Stars?” “Yes sir I do.” “I wanted to name you Starlet, and call you Starr or Starry. But your momma wanted to name you Lyndsey.” I smiled at him; “I love that name daddy.” He smiled and hugged me. “And she means it she will hold you to what you said.” I smiled; “I mean it daddy.” He smiled again and we walked into the room where Drake and this boy was; “Lyndsey this is Blake.” He said smiling, “Hey I’m Blake.” Duh! “I’m Lyndsey.” He smiled at me and they walked out of the room; daddy looked at me. “He’s a nice boy. I approve of him.” I rolled my eyes and hugged him. Hope smiles at me and laughs. Don’t let me fool you I do miss my momma like crazy but she always told us don’t grieve over dead people for they don’t want to be grieved over; just don’t go turning wild if someone dies; just have some respect for them. So sure I miss her; but I’m not gonna be sad all the time until it has been awhile. She wouldn’t want us to do that so I’m not going to do that. I get to start a whole new life here; nobody knows me so I can begin all over. “Lynds, can I come in?” Drake asks me, he was standing in the doorway wearing gym shorts and a A&F shirt with his bare tan feet. I nodded; and Hope walks out to the hallway, “You know if you stick with me then you will be popular.” “Oh really, you’re popular?” he smiles at me, “Yup. Blake & I walk to the bus stop everyday together so in two days you will get to know him better.” “Okay, as long as y’all won’t turn me into a tom boy I’m fine with it.” He smiles and nods; “Dude no you won’t!” “Lynds you just said dude!” I roll my eyes and hits him with my pillow and he throws it at me. We’re laughing and having a pillow fight until daddy comes in and tells us that it is bed time. “Night Lynds see ya tomorrow.” Drake said smiling as he walks off; daddy comes over and kisses the top of my head; “Night Lynds, sleep tight.” “I will daddy, love you.” “Love you too baby girl.”

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