I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - I will always believe no matter what happens

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“Good Morning Lexie-poo.” Daddy said he hadn’t left for work yet. “Morning daddy.” I said sitting down across from him and he winkled his nose at me. “Shower this morning please.” He said and my lip started to quiver. “Lexie I was kidding!” He said, it was to late the tears started coming “Michael!” Momma said coming over and hugging me “it’s okay Lexie.” She said “Go to work.” She demanded to daddy and he nodded “Have a good day baby girl!” He said which made me cry more. Momma sat across from me while I sipped away at my orange juice. I wasn’t hungry, I haven’t been for the past couple of days since I saw him sucking face with one of my best friends. We begin September 8th and it’s August 16th now. So it has been eight days since I lost my virginity to Ethan and I regret everything about it. “I’m going to take a shower now.” I said and she nodded “be careful sweetie.” She said I nodded and walked into my room. I had untouched plates in here, my bed was unmade, I had used tissues all over the floor. I had clothes all over the floor, my room was a disaster like my life. I found my blue jeans shorts and then the t-shirt from Cheerleading and then my bra and thong set and took a shower and brushed my teeth. I saw a pair of scissors for hair sitting on the counter, momma cuts her bangs by herself. Something in my mind just clicked. I walked over to the door and locked it and started cutting away. I cut my hair to my boobs and cut my bangs to the same length, I messed up on it but I didn’t care. It would need to be redone when someone notices what I did. I picked up the hair because it all fell in the sink and threw it away. I walked out and Maddie ran in she was waiting for the bathroom the whole time. My hair was in a sloppy pony-tail so you couldn’t notice the length of hair missing or so I thought. I forgot that our Yorkie puppy likes to pull out your hair bows so I was sitting on the floor and she pulled it out and took off with it. Riley came in and saw my hair, and you know how eight year olds like to tattle-tale on you. “Momma!” She said momma came running in didn’t even have to ask what her eyes flew directly to my hair. “Alexis Ann Blevins what did you do?!” She asked “I um cut my hair.” I said “I see that! You messed up big time! You have some down to your butt! We gotta get you in. Go put it back up.” She said she was mad but not that mad. “Hello?” “Yes I would like to make an appointment for my daughter. Alexis Blevins.” “Thank You Jacob.” “Uh-huh buh-bye.” She said. “In the car now.” She demanded, everybody was going because it was at the mall. Nobody said anything, nobody had to that is. The tension was thick and heavy during the drive. “I can not believe you Alexis. What made you think of cutting your hair? Your father and I raised you better than that. What was going through your head?” She said/asked me I didn’t know how to answer it. She calmed down though “Lexie, I’m sorry. But you can’t be acting like this. It’s your first crush, first love, first time, first broken heart. I understand that but you can’t cut your own hair.” She said I nodded “I’m sorry too momma.” I said and we were at the mall. I had on my Yankees hat to cover my hair. “Anybody else want a hair cut?” She asked nobody said anything. “Alexis?” A tall cute guy said, I bit my lip to stop the tears. Every guy reminds me of Ethan some how. “Yes Sir.” I said “Come this way, take off that wonderful hat.” He said I handed the hat to Savannah who rolled her eyes. He sat me down at the place to get it washed and washed it. Then led me to the chair to get it cut. “You messed it up big time.” He said “Yes sir I know.” I said “Broken heart, mad at parents?” He asked “broken heart.” I said “Next time come to me. Don’t cut it yourself.” He said “yes sir.” I said and he started cutting. He finished my hair in no time and I looked in the mirror. Up to my shoulders, bangs are a little shorter than that but it looked cute. “Thank You sir.” I said he nodded. “Kelsey your hair is still beautiful.” He said and momma smiled “Yes it is and no my hair is not getting cut.” She said he smiled as she paid. “Lex, it looks good.” Momma said I nodded and smiled at her. I actually smiled at somebody. Savannah put the hat on Riley and she smiled. We went shopping around the mall. I was walking with momma, Riley was with Savannah. Alexa was with Colleen and Bailey was with Lyndsey at different stores. We passed by the Baby “R” Us and for some strange reason I looked in at all the baby stuff. I have never done that before. I remember being forced to go in there to shop for baby showers but not just to look in on my own. Momma noticed where I was looking “Oh Hell No.” She said “What?” I asked “When were you supposed to begin?” She asked “three days ago.” I said “But I have been stressed.” I said she nodded and we walked to the food court where we were supposed to meet the girls at. On the way home momma pulled up to the drug store, got out and came back a brown bag and droved home. She walked to our bathroom and stuffed it in the cabinet. I think I know what she got and its for me.

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