I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Haters are believers and lover are dreamers

Submitted: January 09, 2011

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Submitted: January 09, 2011



That boy has some balls. “What I want from you is your help along the way.” I said “You’re keeping the baby?” He asked me “Yes I am. Nothing you will say will talk me out of it.” I said “I kind of figured that. I’m not really ready to be a father and with me being in Oklahoma.” He said “How about you send money once a month for the baby?” I said “that will work out.” He said “Okay good.” I said “don’t worry I wont want to take the baby from you.” He said “Okay. That is all I really had to say. I will talk to you later.” I said “Lex?” He asked “What?” I said “Let me know the sex please.” He said “K.” I said hanging up. I curled up on my bed and let the tears come. I haven’t talked to him since that day I saw him kissing Lauren. Momma came in and rubbed my back. “Don’t cry Lexie. It’s not good for the baby.” She said “I know but I told Ethan.” I said “Lex, you will get stronger as each days passes.” She said “I know momma.” I said “Lexie what do you hope to have?” She asked me “honestly a little girl.” I said she smiled “Be careful for what you wish for. I got seven little girls.” She said “I’m sorry momma.” I said “I know you are. But I guess this is God telling us that we need a baby in the house. Better you than me. When the teachers are back in school next week we will sign you out and then sign you into the home schooling system.” She said “okay momma.” I said lying back down to fall asleep. The day they start school is the day of my first doctor’s appointment. I’m getting scared a little now, tomorrow we’re going to sign me out and sign me in. So I can begin school work. I know it will be hard but I can handle it. I have talked to Lauren and she didn’t sleep with him so I have nothing to worry about. I have been informed that it could be likely for me to have twins or more. I’m hoping I just have one but I’m not so sure about that. “How may I help you two?” The principal said she was at the front desk. “I would like to sign Alexis Blevins out of this school.” Momma said “Yes ma’am, we can do that. Can I ask why?” She said “She wants to be home schooled and we’re going to let her do that.” Momma said and she nodded. “Cheerleader and track player wants to be home schooled.” She said shaking her head. “We’re going to miss you here.” She said I nodded and we droved to the home schooling system. “How may I help you two?” we were asked “I would like to sign Alexis Blevins into the system.” Momma said and we did that. “Alexis you can sign up for classes tonight and be approved in no time.” She said “Thank you ma’am.” I said she smiled at us. I got home and created an account and momma made hers and I signed up for eight classes for this semester and that will be my junior year. The next day which is August 23rd I started my junior year and began working as much as I could do. I finished three module in each class by the 5th of September. Because I sleep, wake up and work on school work. By the 8th from staying up late on the 7th I finished my segment in the classes so I have half a credit. I also have a little baby bump! It’s so cute! I don’t think I’m having one baby but I still love the bump. I woke up on the 8th after three hours of sleep to puking my guts out. “Morning sickness Lexie.” Momma said as I walked into the living room. “I know momma and I hate it.” I said the girls nodded. “Have a good day at school!” I said and they smiled at me. “Have fun! Good luck!” they said and I smiled at them. We went to the doctor’s and I was told that I was having twins and we nodded and I got to see them on screen and I smiled at my babies. I knew right then that I was keeping them. We made it home and I looked into my room I had enough room for two cribs. “My study can become their room.” Momma said “I kind of want them in here.” I said “trust me Lexie no you don’t.” She said “okay.” I said. I worked on the other segment and finished it in two weeks so now all I need is eight more credits and then I’m done with high school. I’m going to do college online so I can get a good job. I woke up at four every morning did three assignments in each class. Was done by noon and then we worked on the office and then I went back to school work until midnight and went back to bed. So it’s my second month appointment in three days and I’m halfway done with my senior year. While Savannah and Lyndsey are only a month into their junior year. “Alexis, your babies are healthy and so are you. You just need more sleep.” She said “yes ma’am I understand.” I said “how much re you getting?” She asked “four hours.” I said “Alexis that isn’t good.” She said “yes ma’am I will get more.” I said she nodded. I’m ten weeks in and I was told that my diploma will be mailed to me and that I could begin my college career. And I did and I worked even harder on that getting only an hour of sleep. My body is going into over load I know. My boobs are swollen, my feet are, my back hurt. I look like I swallowed something round. But I’m enjoying every moment of it. I think I will be a good mother to my kids.

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