I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - I believe you are an idiot

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



Two more weeks and I’m due. So it’s April 24th, Colleen is working on her last two months of school work. She is a senior this year, she has applied to New York State, Oklahoma City University, NC State, Florida state, and Washington State. The one she really wants to go to is New York State. She did the early admission thing to every one so if she didn’t get accepted in one she should get accepted in one at least. My daughters will be born just in time to see Colleen graduate. “Kevin and I are moving in together after we graduate.” Colleen said everybody was eating dinner. Daddy looked at her “Colleen Lynn Blevins.” Daddy said and she smiled “daddy I’m kidding. If me and my friends get into New York State we’re sharing a three bedroom apartment and splitting the rent and bills, near the campus that is why we went to all these colleges during spring break.” She said and daddy smiled at her. She is eighteen years old, daddy’s little girl is all grown up and I could tell that he was thinking that. His girlfriend at the time Kelly announced that she was pregnant when they were sixteen and then when he was seventeen he moved here and met momma. Kelly died giving child birth to Colleen so she has never met her birth mom but she has a picture of her in her room. “Phone for you.” Momma said bringing it to me “who is it?” I asked her “Evan.” She said I rolled my eyes, we have had three custody battles, when we were born, at five, at the age of eleven and he has lost every time. “Hello?” I asked “I hear you will be a mother next month.” He said “Yes sir. What do you want?” I asked “to know if I can see my grandchildren.” He said “No sir. I do not want you in my life or my children.” I said “Okay whatever. Let me speak to Savannah and Lyndsey.” He said I did as I was told and they rolled their eyes and hung up on him. “Can you help us with our assignment?” Lyndsey asked and I nodded and I did help them and with all their other classes. “Lexie poo come here please?” Colleen asked “what is it?” I asked “can you help me study for my SATs? It’s in two days and I’m scared.” She said. After we studied I smiled at her “You will do fine Coco.” I said she smiled at me “Thanks. This is my last summer here; I leave in August to whatever college I got in. I’m spending it making money at Daddy’s Dream with my sisters. The best summer yet. Last summer was just weird and I’m sorry that we pushed you into something you didn’t want to do.” Colleen said “Coco it’s okay I’m actually glad you three did. I mean I’m pregnant and all but I will have two little girls that will love me for me and not for another reason.” I said and she smiled at me. A week later and I have one week left and they found out their SATs score today and Colleen came home with a tear streaked face. The other two slowly slipped into the kitchen to do homework. “Coco how did it go?” Momma asked and she sobbed. “I gotta wait until daddy is home.” She said sobbing and right then daddy came in and she hugged him. “How did it go Coco?” Daddy asked her afraid of the answer. “I had the highest score in the school!” She said and momma rolled her eyes at Colleen. “That’s great! We’re celebrating next week when your father gets paid.” Momma said and she smiled at her. Daddy got paid Friday so we went out to eat Friday as a family at her favorite place. “Thank You momma and daddy.” Colleen said “you have earned it!” Momma said and we all talked about everything that we haven’t talked about yet. Next year Savannah and Lyndsey will be seniors, Maddie will be a freshman, Alexa will be a 7th grader, Bailey will be a 5th grader, and Riley will be a 3rd grader. We walked along the beach after dinner to relax and plus nobody wanted to go home just yet. Because we all know that the family will not stay a family for long. July 31st- August third we will be in California as a family vacation our last family vacation together. Ethan is okay with that he isn’t pushing that because he knows if we fought I could get full custody and not let him see them. Plus he is taking them to Oklahoma to see his mom but I told him I had to go for that and he understands. “Lexie-poo are you okay?” Momma asked me I was sitting on the rock wall dangling my feet over. “Yes ma’am I’m just scared of everything that is going to happen.” I said “I know you are Lexie. I was too and look at how my kids turned out.” She said and I smiled at her. “You’re right we did turn out pretty good didn’t we?” I asked and she smiled. “Colleen will be moving out, hopefully to New York and you will be moving out one day before September.” She said I nodded “What will we do?” She asked and I smiled. “Momma I feel like I need to do this on my own once I get the hang of it.” I said “I know you do Lexie. You’re doing something I didn’t do. I had your daddy with me. You will be alone, I am so proud of you. You’re going to raise them up to be wonderful young ladies I can already tell. You will meet another guy one day and fall madly in love with him and then have three more kids.” She said and I smiled at her only my mother would even say something like that about my life.

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