I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - You can dream all you want, I will believe

Submitted: January 11, 2011

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Submitted: January 11, 2011



My hair is down to my butt right now, it only took it nine months to get this long. I’m pretty sure after the girls are born I’m going to cut it again if I can’t handle my long hair and take care of the girls. I am due any day now while my sisters are cramming in study sessions, in three weeks it is their final exams and then they get to slack off a little bit. I woke up and I felt a sharp pain, it was three in the morning and I knew what it was. I was starting my labor process; I knew it was too early to do anything so I decided to watch some TV. The contractions were fifteen minutes apart right now. Around five o’clock daddy and momma started moving around getting ready for the day. Momma came down and smiled at me, I had already started the coffee pot when I heard them moving around. “Morning momma.” I said wincing at the pain. “Morning Lexie, you’re in labor aren’t you?” She asked me and I nodded. “How far apart?” She asked “twelve minutes.” I said “it could go on all day.” She said “yeah I know.” I said and I did because I have done a lot of reading about it. The girls left for school wishing me luck and everything and I smiled at them. I dozed back off and woke up at ten they left at seven so I had a three hour nap which felt good. I got up and walked to go pee because of having two babies on your battler you really had to pee constantly. I felt a cool liquid come gushing out and I knew what it was because after that a sharp pain came. “Momma!!!” I yelled and she came running. “Oh my.” She said helping me to the van and ran to get her purse and we took off driving to the hospital. “May I help you two?” The nurse asked “yes my daughter is in labor.” Momma said “fill these out and we will get with you as soon as we can.” She said and momma nodded, “you will be okay Lex.” Momma said I nodded and she handed the lady the paper work. Within half an hour later after biting back screams I was taken into my own room. My doctor came in and smiled at me. “Miss Blevins you are dilated 6cm you need to be dilated 10cm before it’s pushing time.” She said and I nodded the pain was getting worse; the concentrations were closer and closer together. It was noon now and I was only dilated to 7cm so momma turned the TV on for me. “How long did your labor last?” I asked and she smiled “awhile baby girl, it could go on for days. I was due on the 18th and grandma went into labor then but didn’t have me and Aunt Emma until the 19th almost 20th.” She said “OH god!” I said as another concentration came. I hate Ethan more than ever now! It was one thirty now and I was finally dilated 10cm and the doctor came in and smiled at me. “You are now ready, so how about we deliver your babies.” She said I nodded I was already tired and I knew the worse was yet to come. “Okay we will start in a couple of minutes.” She said getting everything ready for the birth of my daughters. She spread my knees open and looked at me “You ready?” She asked “yes.” I said and she went on from there. “We push on three! One. Two. Three push! One, two, three push! One, two, three push! One more big push on three! One, two, three! I see the head now come on! One, two, three push!” She said I was pushing the best I could and getting worn out by it. I heard a baby’s cries and she handed the baby over to the nurse to clean up. “One more eh?” She asked and we went through the same thing. After I had delivered the girls and they were clean I was handed the girls and their birth certificates. The one in my right arm has my icy blue eyes, my curly blonde hair, my nose, everything about me, she has dimples on her cheek and chin. She was born on May 8th, 2030 at 1:45 weighing three pounds and two ounces being twelve inches long, mother is Alexis Blevins and no father. “Alicia Hope Blevins.” I said to her and momma smiled. The other one looked just like her with only dimples on her cheek, born at 1:46 weighing three pounds two ounces, being twelve inches long. “Isabella Grace Blevins.” I said and I smiled at her. Daddy, Colleen, Savannah, Lyndsey, Maddie, Alexa, Bailey, and Riley came in around five o’clock. Alicia and Isabella were asleep and they smiled at them. “Daddy do you want to hold one?” I asked him “how about Alicia?” He asked I smiled at him and handed her over to him. Colleen and the girls took turn holding Isabella and smiling at her. “She is beautiful Lex.” They all said “they look just like all of you girls did as babies, just like me, just like Grandma, Grandma Lexie, Grandma Stormy, and Grandma Colie.” Momma said and we smiled at her. Savannah, Colleen, Bailey, Alexa, Riley, daddy, and momma went down to McDonald’s which is next door to eat dinner, Lyndsey stayed with me. “Lexie, I can’t believe you’re a mom. It seems like just yesterday we were teasing you about not dating.” She said I smiled. She took a picture of me and the girls and then on of us four together. “I love you Lyndseyloo, I love my girls so much and they aren’t even a day old.” I said “it’s natural I hear.” She said and we smiled at each other. “They will be a total momma’s girl.” Lyndsey said and I smiled “I’m hoping that too. I might be right too.”

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