I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Believe or dream whatever you want

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Submitted: January 06, 2011



He was still staring at me “Daddy I’m still your little girl. This is just for one night daddy.” I said he nodded “uh huh. That is what they all say before long you will really be boy crazy like they are.” He said I nodded and sat down on the couch. The door bell rang and daddy answered it, it was Colleen’s date. “Hey Kevin.” Colleen said smiling at him “Hey Colleen. Mr. Blevins I will have her home by ten.” He said and daddy nodded “Have fun you two. Be safe.” He said “I will daddy. I love you.” She said walking out the door with Kevin. Not long after they left Savannah’s date arrives. Lucas smiles at her and then looked at daddy “Mr. Blevins she will be home by ten, and we will be safe.” Lucas said “that is what I like to hear.” Daddy said “Have fun and be safe.” He said “I will daddy, I love you.” She said kissing his cheek and they walked out. Kyle and Ethan arrived together but Kyle let Ethan go to the door first. “Hello Ethan.” Daddy said “Hello sir, don’t worry she will be home by ten tonight.” He said “Good, keep her safe.” He said “yes sir I will.” He said I got up and walked over to him and once he saw me he smiled. “I love you daddy.” I said walking away letting Kyle talk to him now. “We kind of rode together so you two don’t mind sitting in the back together?” Ethan asked me and Lyndsey. “We’re sisters, no we don’t.” We said together smiling at each other. We all started talking about the party the whole way there and then when we got out we went our separate ways. “You look beautiful Lexie, who did your make up?” He asked me taking my hand. “I did.” I said and he smiled at me. “You look beautiful, like always but still.” He said and I smiled at him “Thank You.” I said and we walked to where the music was and started dancing. After five songs we walked to the bonfire, I saw Lyndsey and Kyle, Lucas and Savannah, and Colleen and Kevin sitting down. “I didn’t know you could dance.” He said “I didn’t know you could either.” I said and he smiled at me. “You’re a great dancer.” He said “Thanks.” I said Colleen and Kevin walked over to us. “Hey Lex.” She said “Hey Colleen.” I said and then looked at Ethan, “Ethan this is my sister Colleen.” I said “Nice to met you Colleen.” He said and she smiled “Nice to meet you too. See you later Lex.” She said and I nodded and they walked away. “The girl with Lucas that is staring at us is Savannah.” I said and he smiled at her and she turned away. “She isn’t used to me going out on a date. Actually none of them are.” I said and he smiled at me “it’s okay. Want to go walking down the beach?” He asked me and I smiled at him “Sure why not?” I said With us being on the ocean with the breeze, and it’s night time it’s kind of chilly and I’m shaking since my dress is sleeveless. “Here take my jacket.” He said taking it off of him and placing it around my shoulders. I pulled it more on me so it wouldn’t fall off into the sand. We’re both walking barefooted on the sand. “I know this is only our second date but I really like you. And I wanted to know if you would like to be my girlfriend?” He asked me and I looked up at the stars and then back into his green eyes “I um would like that.” I said and he smiled at me. “I sent you a friend request on Facebook.” He said “I didn’t get on today but I will when I get home.” I said and he smiled at me and looked down at the time. It was nine o’clock “wanna walk home?” He asked and I smiled and nodded at him. We walked to the house and I was about to take the jacket off but he stopped me and smiled “Keep it.” He said I smiled “Okay. I had fun tonight.” I said he smiled “me too.” He said I watched as he walked away and walked inside. Momma, Maddie, Alexa, Bailey, and Riley were staring at me. “Who’s jacket?” Alexa asked me “Ethan’s.” I said and momma rolled her eyes at me. “Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?” Maddie asked and I ignored her question and walked into my room to get ready for bed and out of this dress and my make up. I wore my really short booty shorts and a blue cami and then the jacket over it. The girls arrived before ten and walked into my room and we locked my door. Colleen would knock later but right now it’s just Savannah, Lyndsey, and me. We’re lying on my bed and they smile at me. “So?” Lyndsey asked “So what?” I asked “Are you two together?” Savannah asked and Colleen came in “did I miss her answering the question?” She asked she had come in through the window. “Nope she hasn’t answered it yet.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at them “yes we’re together.” I said and they smiled “I’m together with Kevin.” Colleen said “I’m with Lucas now.” Savannah said “And I’m with Kyle.” Lyndsey said and we all smiled at each other. Not only did I have a friend request from him I had a relationship request from him and I accepted both. All of the girls at school liked my change relationship status. Everybody knows I don’t date and they are happy to find out that I have a boyfriend. Like tomorrow we’re going to go jogging and then he gets to meet my family and then Tuesday I get to meet his family, I’m worried about meeting his family even if he says I have nothing to worry about. I mean what if they don’t like me? Then I’m screwed right? I just don’t know about any of this I guess I gotta give it a try huh?

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