I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Believe no matter what

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Submitted: January 06, 2011



I woke up and put on my gym shorts and the t-shirt and pulled my hair into a sloppy pony-tail and found my pumas. I walked down-stairs and smiled Ethan was at the end of the driveway waiting for me. “I run in the field mainly.” I said “well give the dirt road a chance.” He said and I smiled at him. “Lexie?” He said “yeah?” I asked “You look beautiful.” He said and I could feel myself blushing “enough chit-chat and let’s go running!” I said sprinting ahead and running away from him. Before I knew it he caught up though and smiled at me. I turned between Colbie’s house and ours and ran in the fields and he followed me. We made it to where this creek was with a rope and everything it was beautiful especially early morning. I laid down on the grass and he followed my example and smiled at me. “Cheater.” He said I smiled “No way. Girls start first.” I said “Not when you can run.” He said and I smiled. Yes I beat my boyfriend on running, so I can run faster than him. I normally do run faster than guys anyways that is just how I am. We walked back to the house and I saw that momma and daddy were awake and in the kitchen. At least they were dressed and sitting at the table. We walked in and they smiled at us “Momma and daddy this is Ethan.” I said “It’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Blevins.” He said “Mike.” Daddy said “Kelsey.” Momma said and daddy kissed momma’s cheek “Bye Lex. Nice meeting you Ethan.” He said “you too sir.” Daddy walked out the door to go to work. “Can I get you two anything?” Momma asked us “No ma’am.” We said and she nodded. “Nobody else is up but that is normal. You can make yourselves at home in the living room.” Momma said we nodded and walked in there. He saw baby’s pictures up to my most recent picture of me and smiled. “Lexie, you were so cute.” He said and I rolled my eyes at him “sure I was.” I said and he smiled we sat down and turned the TV on and Riley came down fully dressed. “Morning Lexie and dude I don’t know.” She said “Riley!” I said “What it’s the truth?” she said and Ethan smiled. “I’m Ethan, and you must be Riley?” He asked and she blushed “Um yeah. Excuse me will ya?” She said and she ran into the kitchen where momma was. “Riley is 8, Bailey is 10, Alexa is 12, Maddie is 14.” I said and he nodded. Bailey came down dressed and smiled at us. “Ethan this is Bailey, Bailey this is Ethan.” I said “Nice to meet you.” She said walking into the kitchen. Alexa and Maddie came down together “Maddie & Alexa this is Ethan.” I said and they smiled. We’re all outside enjoying the warm weather. He knows who everybody is now and Riley is finally warming up to him. She is the shyest one of us. “I can’t wait to meet your family.” I said “Oh trust me yes you can. My family is crazy.” He said “I’m sure they can’t be that bad.” I said “I have three full blooded sisters and two half blooded brothers there and a half blooded sister it’s a crazy house until my sister and I leave.” He said I felt a pain in my stomach because he won’t be here forever. We ate dinner with my family and then he left “I will see you tomorrow.” He said “Okay bye.” I said “Alex, we need to talk to you.” Daddy said I nodded and walked into their bedroom. “He is a nice guy for you. But don’t get too serious. Summer romances won’t last.” Daddy said “You’re not telling them that.” I said referring to my sisters. “They are dating a local guy you’re not.” Momma said “this isn’t fair! Nothing will come between us!” I said and stormed out the door “Alexis Ann we are not done with you!” Daddy said “Well I’m done listening!” I yelled running out the door and running down the dirt road away from everybody. When I made it home it was nine o’clock so I just made my way up to my room and locked my door and my windows. I pulled the covers up over my body so it would look like I’m really sleeping. Savannah, Lyndsey, and Colleen tried to come in but I acted like I was sleeping. Lyndsey finally did make her way in by unlocking my door and crawling in my bed with me. “I believe that ya’ll will work out.” Lyndsey said I smiled at her “Momma and daddy sure don’t.” I said “Trust me things will get better as the summer goes on.” She said and I smiled “stay with me?” I asked her and she smiled. We’re really close like Colleen and Savannah are really close. Savannah made her way in and we all curled up in my bed together and talked about our boyfriends. “I can’t believe you get to meet his family! I’m not even doing that yet!” Savannah said and I giggled. “You will enjoy it tomorrow.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at them. “Lexie, can I come in?” It was momma. Lyndsey and Savannah ran into my closet. “Why?” I asked “I want to talk to you Alexis.” She said I winced at that. “Fine.” I said “it’s unlock.” I said and she walked in and sat on my bed. “I’m sorry about early Lexie.” She said “okay.” I said “I really am Lex.” She said “Okay momma. I’m tired. Good-night.” I said “I love you Lexie-poo.” She said “Okay.” I said and she walked out and the girls came back in and we fell asleep with Lyndsey beside me and Savannah was curled up at our feet. We’re not tall or short we’re five four so there is enough room for her and us on the bed.

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